Connected Car News: ENNOVI, GM, ATrack, Privacy4Cars, C2A & Worksp

In connected car news are ENNOVI, GM, ATrack, Privacy4Cars, C2A and Worksport.

It’s Not Nice to Share Car Data

According to the New York Times, Major automakers are sharing driving data from consumers with insurance firms, such as location speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration This raises noteworthy privacy concerns within the Internet of Things (IoT) and could  influence owners’ insurance premium rates. A GM Onstar Smart Driver user had his insurance increase 20%.  GM, though. Kia, Mitsubishi, and Subaru submit data to LexisNexis. While Ford, Honda, and Hyundai share data with Verisk.


ENNOVI, a mobility electrification solutions partner, has introduced ENNOVI-Net. This new customizable Automotive Ethernet connector solution, supporting 10Gbps operation, has unique properties that will be of major benefit to vehicle manufacturers and their Tier 1 supply partners.

The ENNOVI-Net connector designs have a standardized USCAR interface. However, what makes them different from existing products using this interface is that ENNOVI-Net has press-fit pins as opposed to through-board solder pins. This patent-pending innovation thereby completely avoids the need for soldering.

By having access to press-fit interconnects, automotive customers are presented with a far simpler and faster assembly process, with a much lower risk of errors occurring. As solder usage is eliminated, there are no problems caused by variations in the amount of solder paste applied (and the capacitance associated with this). In addition, the shortness and lower capacitance of press-fit pins, compared to through-board solder pins, means resonance is reduced. For both of the above reasons, greater signal integrity can be achieved. Additionally, a press-fit strategy supports manufacturing operations to be conducted in a socially responsible way, with minimal impact on the environment in comparison to soldering processes creating solder fumes during assembly.

The ENNOVI-Net Automotive Ethernet connector design solution allows for customization to accommodate specific board- and connector interface positioning enabling integration into final applications. Consequently, based on ENNOVI’s large offering of released press-fit pins to most of the largest automotive Tier 1 suppliers, their specific press-fit pins can be accommodated. A -40°C to +105°C operational temperature range is supported by ENNOVI-Net connectors, along with ≥ 25 mating cycle durability.

The automotive-grade ENNOVI interconnect is designed to be employed in numerous applications such as ADAS ECUs, Zone Controllers, Radar Housings, Sensor Housings, and HV Powertrain controllers.

According to Ralph Semmeling, Product Portfolio Director for Signal Interconnects at ENNOVI, “With ENNOVI’s ENNOVI-Net, we are shaking up the Automotive Ethernet connectivity needs by supporting 10Gbps high-speed data operations and bringing a new value proposition to Tier 1 suppliers. By having access to a press-fit version of the commonly deployed USCAR interface type, the automotive industry will be able to make production workflows more efficient and curb operational expenses without compromising on performance or reliability.”

ATrack Tech Innovates

ATrack Technology Inc., a pioneering force in the telematics industry, unveiled groundbreaking innovations in the realm of AI-powered dash cams and telematics box solutions at CAEV Expo 2024. The focus of these advancements is on elevating location tracking precision and detecting harsh driving or dangerous behaviors through Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This commitment contributes to enhanced protection and safety for drivers and valuable assets on the road.

The spotlight of ATrack’s showcase will be the AW500 dual-facing smart dash cam, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art hardware and AI capabilities. This integration delivers real-time alerts for harsh driving behavior, provides driving assistance, and automatically uploads events to the Cloud. With its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology ensuring optimal performance even in challenging conditions, the AW500 not only improves safety but also enhances visibility and operational efficiency for service fleets.

The AK700 is the latest AI telematics box that can connect to three external cameras. With LTE connectivity, ADAS, and DMS event footage can be automatically uploaded to the Cloud. The AK750 GEO/LEO AI telematics box addresses connectivity challenges in remote environments. Leveraging satellite networks for uninterrupted connectivity, especially in rural or remote areas lacking LTE connectivity.

ATrack’s smart AI solution is designed with the AW300 wifi-enabled dash cam, which integrates with the AK500, a multifunctional telematics gateway with LTE connectivity. The AK500 is capable of executing in-depth data analysis and early detection of potential problems for preventive maintenance. Additionally, the AK500 provides numerous interfaces that can connect to various sensors such as tire pressure monitors, ID card readers, and more. The solution is easy to deploy and ideal for fleet management and heavy machinery management.

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) emerge as crucial components of future fleet safety solutions. ATrack, recognizing their ability to enhance safety, improve driving experiences, and pave the way for autonomous driving, has seamlessly integrated ADAS and DMS into its telematics solutions. This integration underscores ATrack’s commitment to driving the safety of future mobility.

VinCSS & C2A

VinCSS Cyber Security Services Joint Stock Company announced its joint project with C2A Security, a leading Israeli automotive cybersecurity solution provider. VinCSS unveiled its plan to embark on a comprehensive Proof of Concept (PoC) that incorporates C2A Security’s automated risk management platform, EVSec, into its security platform, promising significant advancements in automating compliance and security within the automotive industry.

This initiative by these two cybersecurity pioneers is driven by the rapidly evolving automotive industry landscape, which faces a multitude of cybersecurity risks. In their relentless pursuit of innovation and collaboration, VinCSS continuously seeks breakthrough innovations and valuable opportunities to partner with leading global security partners, like C2A Security. The ultimate goal is to offer a comprehensive, automated, and secure solution ensuring connected vehicles meet stringent international market standards and regulations.

C2A Security’s EVSec is a risk-driven product security platform, which aids in identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating security vulnerabilities and potential risks throughout the product lifecycle, from development to operations and back to development.

“The comprehensive Proof of Concept (PoC) with C2A Security’s solution reaffirms VinCSS’s ultimate goal of ensuring the highest standards of security, risk management, and cybersecurity compliance for connected vehicles. We believe this integration will be a milestone in product cybersecurity automation and vulnerability management, aiming to better comply with UN Regulation No. 155, ISO/SAE 21434 standards, among others,” said Nguyen Trung Tin, Director of Automotive Cybersecurity at VinCSS.

“Over the past five years, VinCSS, through continuous research and development efforts to consolidate our position in the cybersecurity industry, has actively pursued opportunities to collaborate with preeminent international partners to enhance our security solutions and capabilities. Together, we are working towards a secure and sustainable digital environment,” Mr. Nguyen stated.

“As automotive markets become increasingly stringent with regulations such as UN R155, R156, and China’s GB standards, we’re seeing an increasing demand among automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers for the most advanced cybersecurity solutions. I believe that C2A Security’s automated risk management technology, combined with VinCSS’s extensive expertise and experience, will lead to numerous future successes,” said Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security.

Vero & Privacy4Cars Indenti-Fi’s Protection

Vero, the market leader in automotive products including finance, insurance and customer retention products, announced an exclusive partnership with automotive privacy-tech pioneer Privacy4Cars to offer Identi-FI, the first and only full-circle solution that protects against personal data abuses by providing peace-of-mind vehicle data deletion and ID theft recovery. The groundbreaking solution pairs Privacy4Cars’ patented AutoCleared™ and Vehicle Privacy Report™ tools with Vero’s 3-Generation Fully Managed Recovery (FMR), providing a comprehensive solution that is available now as a membership subscription to qualified auto dealers and distributors.

“Until now, consumers and dealerships had to piecemeal privacy and identity theft tools separately, with limited resources in the auto space despite cars being one of the largest targets for identity theft that most Americans own, from connected car data to personal items left in the car,” said Joe Annoreno, Chief Executive Officer at Vero. “By partnering with Privacy4Cars to couple its exclusive suite of privacy tools with our unparalleled Fully managed ID theft recovery offering, Identi-FI is able to bring the first full-circle solution to market that limits the liability of dealers before, during, and after the car sale transaction – while simultaneously protecting consumers from the hefty costs and burden of identity theft that extends beyond the car lot.”

Identity theft is on the rise, with costs hitting an all-time high. Given the growing number of stringent laws in place, the onus is on dealerships to protect their customers. With Identi-FI, dealers can now provide customers the peace of mind they deserve and the confidence they demand while helping to secure sales, safeguard customers’ identities, and steer clear of data risks- driving trust and protecting consumer privacy along the way.

“Partnering with Vero to launch Identi-FI marks an important evolution in our industry where now a single, value-driven identity theft and connected car deletion service exists to protect dealers and their customers, alike,” said Andrea Amico, Privacy4Cars founder. “We’re pleased to offer the auto industry an opportunity to couple our suite of patented tools in a completely new way, with best-in-class identity theft protection from Vero.”

Auto dealers within the Identi-FI program will receive Privacy4Cars’ AutoCleared™ and Vehicle Privacy Report™ to use for all vehicles at the dealership. They will simultaneously be able to offer Vero’s suite of identity theft tools, including 3-generation Fully Managed Recovery (FMR) that covers all forms of identity theft and fraud, to customers as a revenue-generating service add-on during the sales process.

Patented AutoCleared™ is a robust vehicle data deletion process that removes personal information from every pre-owned vehicle on your lot and automatically generates certificates with AutoCleared™ badges.

Vehicle Privacy Report™ automatically add badges to inventory on your website and show customers you care by seamlessly linking VIN-specific badges to free reports, making fair disclosures and proving personal data has been erased from available vehicles.

3-generation Fully Managed Recovery (FMR) provides remediation and recovery for all forms of identity theft or fraud – regardless of how or when they occurred. Each identity theft case is assigned a dedicated, certified recovery advocate who works on the victim’s behalf to perform all the tasks necessary to restore their identity entirely.

Worksport Gains with Gallium Nitride GaNs

Worksport Ltd.  innovative automotive accessory manufacturer dedicated to developing clean energy solutions, announced its strategic move to integrate Gallium Nitride (“GaN”) semiconductors in its upcoming product offerings. By choosing GAN semiconductors over more prevalent silicon-based chips that fuel even the AI chip leader, NVIDIA Corporation (“NVIDIA”), Worksport has embarked on an innovative journey to advance its technology to new heights with various partnerships, including a recently announced partnership with Infineon Technologies AG, which is a leading producer of GaN semiconductors.

The Shift Towards GaN

Silicone has been the dominant material for semiconductor manufacturing for decades due to its widespread availability and processing ease. NVIDIA built its industry dominance on silicon-based semiconductors in its GPUs. The contribution NVIDIA made to the semiconductor and computing industry is undeniable, but the world, however, is approaching the theoretical limit of how much more silicone-based technology can be improved. Recognizing this, Worksport’s goal is to push the boundaries of semiconductor innovation by integrating GaN into future versions of its COR Mobile Battery Generator Systems. This move is motivated by GaN’s potential to provide superior performance, increased efficiency, and reduced size and weight compared to conventional solutions.

The Advantages of GaN-based Semiconductors

Compared to silicon, GaN-based power switches feature lower overall capacitances, especially considering they do not have an anti-parallel body diode. GaN switches, therefore, allow for faster switching speeds and reduced power losses. GaN is also able to withstand higher temperatures than silicon. Worksport believes that using GaN semiconductors will raise the bar for efficiency, thermal management, and performance. Additionally, GaN semiconductors are wide band gap devices, allowing them to withstand much higher voltages than silicon-based devices while also assuming smaller packages. This feature can result in power converters with a much higher power density than typically found in silicon-based switches.

By leveraging GaN technology, Worksport believes that its future products will be able to deliver unmatched performance while also consuming less energy, resulting in longer battery life due to higher-efficiency power converters. Also, due to GaN semiconductors’ enhanced efficiency, GaN-based power converters irradiate less heat and have lower cooling requirements and a reduced need for cooling fans, leading the Company to believe it could make a more compact size of its power electronics. Moreover, Worksport believes that by using GAN semiconductors, it will be able to create more reliable and longer-lasting devices while reducing the risk of overheating and performance degradation.

New LDO Regulators from ROHM Co.

ROHM Co., Ltd. has developed 45V-rated 500mA-output primary LDO regulators: BD9xxM5-C. These devices are suitable for supplying power to automotive electronic components such as ECUs that operate from vehicle batteries.

In recent years, the number of onboard power supply systems and functions continues to grow as electrification in the automotive industry progresses. This increases demand for primary LDOs that can directly step down the battery voltage to MCUs and other components used in ECUs. However, the energy supplied by the vehicle’s lead-acid battery is often subject to sudden voltage fluctuations, which primary LDOs are required to provide with excellent line-transient response in these conditions.

At the same time, ECUs and other downstream devices often experience load current variations during operation, which also demand excellent load-transient response characteristics. A high-frequency response is essential for fast output voltage recovery, but it has been difficult to provide sufficient phase margin at the same time to ensure stable operation. In response, ROHM developed a novel solution that addresses these challenges.

The BD9xxM5-C incorporates original QuiCur(TM) high-speed load response technology that delivers excellent response characteristics to load current fluctuations. For example, the LDO can maintain output to within 100mV of set voltage even as the load changes between 0 and 500mA in 1-microsecond (rise-time/fall-time). Furthermore, low 9.5-microampere (typ.) current consumption contributes to lower power consumption in automotive applications. These new products will be available in four packages, ranging from the compact HTSOP-J8 to the high heat dissipation TO252 and HRP5 types. This allows users to select the most suitable package for each use case.

ROHM will continue to improve reliability while reducing power consumption in automotive applications by developing products utilizing its strengths in analog and other technologies.