Electric Mercedes-Benz e-Sprinter Available at US Dealerships

The all-new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter is the electrified pioneer of the large van segment. For the first time, U.S. customers can make their fleet more sustainable with an emission-free, battery-electric van bearing the Mercedes-Benz star. In addition to optimized efficiency, the all-new eSprinter offers customers a multitude of technical innovations that make driving and fleet logistics more convenient and sustainable.

At market launch in North America, the eSprinter will be available as a 170” wheelbase cargo van with a high roof equipped with a 113 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery (usable capacity). Equipped with the largest battery available, the electric range, based on a simulation using the WLTP cycle, is up to 440345 kilometers (~273 miles). The simulated range based on the WLTP city cycle is up to 53035 (~329) kilometers. This extended range makes the vehicle ideal for both daily urban use as well as longer journeys.

The lithium/iron phosphate technology eliminates the use of any cobalt or nickel and is ideal for light commercial vehicles due to its durability. Active thermal management improves efficiency, and a heat pump is standard.

Offering a cargo capacity of 488 cubic feet and with a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 9,370 lbs., the rear-wheel-drive eSprinter is as practical as any of its siblings with internal combustion engines. eXpertUpfitter solutions, such as shelving systems, workbenches or heavy-duty wood floors for heavy loads offer further available customization options for the load compartment to upfit the eSprinter to a mobile workshop or a spacious delivery van.

A modular layout for maximum versatility

The all-new eSprinter is based on a new concept consisting of three modules, making it easy to adapt the platform to a multitude of vehicle variants. The front module contains all high-voltage components and can be combined with all variants regardless of wheelbase and battery size.

The integrated high-voltage battery is located in the center module, tucked into a robust battery housing in the underbody to save space. This location results in a low center of gravity, which positively influences vehicle handling and helps increase driving safety. The rear module houses the compact and powerful electric motor, which drives the rear axle.

The electric powertrain

The main components of the electric powertrain in the all-new eSprinter feature two new developments: the efficient motor and the advanced electric rear axle. Both are installed for the first time in a battery-electric van from Mercedes-Benz.

The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PSM), which weighs only 286 lbs., is characterized by high efficiency and optimized thermal management. The motor is available in power levels of either 100 or 150 kilowatts of peak output and delivers a torque of up to 295 lb.-ft for at least 30 seconds.

Supporting the driver in various ways

The eSprinter supports the driver in multiple ways due to the latest in-car technology along with the cloud- based services of the Mercedes me connect6 digital ecosystem. To start, the latest version of the Mercedes- Benz User Experience (MBUX) from Mercedes-Benz passenger cars is now offered as an option for the eSprinter. Features such as the “Hey Mercedes” voice control assistant are available to van customers, as are extensive personalization options.

Intelligent safety and assistance systems

The standard Active Brake Assist, which can provide braking support in an emergency, is just one of the assistance systems7 offered. Other features include Blind Spot Assist and ATTENTION ASSIST. An additional interior highlight is the optional digital rear view mirror offering the driver unobstructed views of the outside rear of the vehicle and a distinct advantage when in reverse. With this option, the conventional rear-view mirror installed on the windshield also serves as a digital rear-view mirror transmitting an image from a High Dynamic Range camera installed in the exterior rear end of the roof. The mirror is equipped with light sensors at the front and rear and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to ambient conditions.

Various features for increased efficiency

High tech not only applies to safety systems: Three different drive modes allow for customization of performance and energy consumption of the all-new eSprinter. “Comfort” delivers full complement of performance and torque. “Economic” limits engine power for more efficiency and “Maximum Range” further reduces engine output along with limiting the use of features such as climate control to optimize mileage to a maximum. Regenerative braking, which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, also helps to maximize range.

There are five selectable recuperation levels to choose from (D-, D, D+, D++ and ‘D Auto’). The level of recuperation can be adjusted with the paddles found on either side of the steering wheel. An advantage of the sophisticated automatic function ‘D Auto’ is, that the vehicle automatically defines the energy recovery rate based on the traffic situation. The system automatically adjusts the recuperation strength to ensure optimized recuperation. The ECO Assist in the dashboard prompts the driver when to disengage from the pedal and then the vehicle can automatically choose the right strength of recuperation.

Mercedes me connect6 services such as the optional “Navigation with Electric Intelligence”8 enhance the electric vehicle ownership experience even further, as it calculates an optimized route including charging stops in real time depending on the current traffic situation and topography of the route. This feature also calculates the best possible charging strategy to get to the destination as quickly as possible.

Convenient charging

The all-new eSprinter is capable of charging with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The on-board charger, which converts the current in the vehicle when charging with alternating current such as at a wallbox, has a maximum charging power of 9.6 kilowatts. To minimize charging times for customers, the all- new eSprinter can be charged with up to 1159 kilowatts at fast-charging stations. Fast charging from 10 to 80 percent of full capacity10 takes just over 40 minutes for the 113 kWh battery.

Payment at the charging station is convenient with the Mercedes me connect6 service Mercedes me Charge11 which integrates charging point operators such as ChargePoint, Electrify America and EVgo into a single network. With access to over 85,000 public charging points nationwide, Mercedes me Charge is one of the largest integrated charging networks in the U.S. Mercedes me Charge provides transparency and control – whether it’s knowing the availability and estimated cost of charging stations along your route, starting a charging session remotely, paying for charging through one interface, or tracking your charging and payment history.

Mercedes-Benz USA’s partnership with ChargePoint also enables fleet customers to access convenient Fleet Depot Charging. Specialized charging hardware, vehicle telematics and software solutions can all be tailored to a specific fleet. This flexible solution gives customers with multi-brand fleets the ability to monitor all of their fleet operations from a single interface.

Comprehensive service package included

The all-new eSprinter comes with a comprehensive service package which is intended to reduce the total cost of ownership while ensuring high uptime. Maintenance costs in accordance with the service booklet and manufacturer’s specifications for the first four services within the first four years, or up to a maximum of 100,000 miles are covered. This coverage includes regular and professional inspections of the high-voltage components and other vehicle parts and functions.

With the free battery certificate, Mercedes-Benz guarantees, following the legal liability for material defects and the Mercedes-Benz new vehicle warranty, for the duration of 8 years in total from delivery or initial registration or up to 100,000 total miles, that the maximum remaining capacity of the high-voltage batteries in the battery pack will not be less than 70 percent of the initial capacity. An optional battery certificate can extend the already integrated battery certificate by an additional 85,000 miles to a total of 8 years or up to 185,000 miles total11.

Available for order at U.S. dealerships now

The all-new eSprinter is now available for order at U.S. dealerships starting from $71,866.12

In the field of battery-electric vehicles, leasing is particularly relevant for customers: Up to 80 percent of commercial Mercedes-Benz eVans are leased globally. In the U.S., customers can lease the all-new 2024 eSprinter cargo van (150 kW) with a monthly lease payment starting at $998 for 36 months, with $6,386 due at lease signing13.

Production for the global markets underway

The modular concept of the new eSprinter allows for maximum synergies in production and therefore corresponding economies of scale. The production sites of the all-new eSprinter are the Mercedes-Benz Vans plants in North Charleston, SC/USA, Düsseldorf and Ludwigsfelde, Germany. In total, Mercedes-Benz Vans is investing around 350 million euros in the all-new eSprinter from 2021 to 2024 with around 150 million euros of that being invested in the adjustment of production at the three plants. As sustainability is a central guiding principle at Mercedes-Benz, the all-new eSprinter is produced net carbon neutral.

For further information on the sustainability activities of Mercedes-Benz, see our Sustainability Report at: Sustainability at Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-Benz Group > Sustainability

At a Glance

Cargo Van
Starting MSRP Standard Output


Starting MSRP High Output


Motor 100kW / 150 kW
Up to 400 Nm / 295 ft-lb Rear-axle
Battery LFP (Lithium iron phosphate)
Battery Capacity (kWh) 113 kWh
Charging time, wallbox (240V/32A, 0-
~12.5 hours
Charging time, DC Fast Charging (115kW,
~42 min.

280.4 in.

Width w/ mirrors (w/o mirrors)

92.3 in. (79.5 in.)


107.1 in.

Wheelbase 170 in.
Max. Payload (lbs) 2,624 lbs.
Max, GVWR (lbs) 9,370 lbs.
Max, GCWR 11,023 lbs.
Cargo Volume (cu ft) 488
Drive Config. RWD
Transmission Single-speed
Top speed (mph) 75 mph