CarDr Diagnostics Upgrades OBD Diagnostics in Under 15 Seconds’s latest advancement in server-driven software architecture has led to groundbreaking efficiency in diagnostics. By reading the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) upon connection, the system rapidly identifies the make, model, and year of the vehicle, enabling VIN-specific, OEM-tailored diagnostics in an unprecedented time frame of under 15 seconds.

Enhanced Precision in Hardware Multiplexing: The platform’s upgraded hardware multiplexing functionality allows for precise interaction with each pin of the 16-pin OBD connector. This critical development ensures comprehensive diagnostic coverage and detailed vehicle analysis.

Expanded Communication Protocol Support:’s hardware platform maintains robust support for essential communication protocols and has expanded to include J1939 and J1708, enhancing its adaptability across various vehicle diagnostics scenarios.

Extended OEM Configuration Protocol Range: The adapter now supports 138 OEM proprietary communication protocols, broadening its compatibility with diverse vehicles and affirming its status as a premium tool for professional-level diagnostics.

Seamless, Real-Time Software Updates: Leveraging its server-driven architecture,’s system continuously integrates updates and new codes from vehicle manufacturers, maintaining the adapter’s cutting-edge accuracy.

Focused and Efficient Diagnostic Strategy: has refined its diagnostic approach to be more targeted and efficient, offering quicker diagnostics without compromising the depth or accuracy of the results.

Parry Singh, Founder & Chairman of Inc., commented: “Our server-driven software architecture, continuous updates, and hardware multiplexing are essential in delivering unmatched diagnostic speed and precision.”

Sanjay Patel, CEO of Inc., stated: “In light of the 10% drop in used car retail sales in 2023, quality purchases are paramount for US dealers. Our product’s 15-second scan time and simplicity enhance dealership profitability significantly. Missing a single code can cost a dealership over $2000 in lost profits and increase unsold days. Our technology is pivotal in ensuring quality and profitability.”

Enterprise Integration Available Now:’s solutions are currently available for enterprise integration, offering businesses advanced diagnostic capabilities.