@CES Zerova Tech Super Fast Charging

Zerova Technologies will unveil its advanced high-power DC chargers, featuring the revolutionary DQ360, DQ480 and DZ480 models at CES.

DQ480: The Pinnacle of Fast Charging

The DQ480 can deliver up to 480kW of power for the ultimate fast charging experience. It boasts optional single or dual 21.5″ media displays, a 7″ display for streamlined public charging operations, or a 7″ or 10″ display for fleet use. Additionally, these models are equipped with innovative swing bar cable management systems, enhancing user convenience. The DQ is also available in a 360kW version.

DZ Series – Future Forward Technology – Scalability from 480kW to MCS

Zerova’s commitment to future-forward technology is further highlighted by introducing the DZ360 & DZ480 towers, a breakthrough in EV charging, offering scalability up to 3.84 megawatts when interconnected. They are versatile, with various dispenser options suitable for fleet and public Charging needs.

Key innovations in the DQ, and DZ Series include:

  • Intelligent Dynamic Power Sharing
  • ISO15118 support for Plug-in-Charger & Autocharge
  • OCPP 2.0 support
  • Compatibility with multiple connectors: CCS1, CCS2, NACS, GBT, CHAdeMO (MCS for DZ Series)
  • Modular design enabling easy upgrades
  • Energy Star certification
  • Advanced remote diagnostics
  • Robust cyber security (Q2)
  • Compliance with CTEP/NTEP standards

Also featured will be the 30kW wall-mount, and moveable models, as well as the 180kW and 240kW standalone chargers. Level 2 products include the 48A for smart residential, and the 48A and 80A for commercial applications with support for Plug-in-Charge, Autocharge, Bi-Directional (Pass-Through), and CTEP/NTEP and cyber security.

Operating in over forty countries, ZEROVA is a premier partner for white-label Electric Vehicle (EV) charger solutions. Their collaborations with automakers, Charge Point Operators (CPOs), and turn-key EV charging providers cater to various sectors, including hospitality, multi-unit dwelling, parking, fuel, and fleet.

With a new manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, Zerova supports the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI) and the Build America/Buy America (BABA) programs, complementing its existing production bases in TaiwanChinaVietnam, and Japan.

Zerova is dedicated to leading the way in sustainability by incorporating environmental care, social accountability, and ethical governance into the heart of our operations. We aim to positively influence the Earth, strengthen communities, and maintain honesty and clarity. United in our efforts, we strive to forge a more sustainable, fair, and thriving world for everyone.

Join Zerova at CES 2024

Zerova Technologies is at booth W305 in the West Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center for an immersive experience of these pioneering EV charging solutions.