@CES TIER IV Launches Edge.Auto for AD Systems

TIER IV, a pioneer in open-source autonomous driving (AD) technology, is proud to announce the launch of Edge.Auto, a new product that spans a spectrum from individual hardware components to fully-integrated AD systems. At CES 2024, the company is thrilled to present multiple live demonstrations. These demonstrations will highlight the seamless integration of Edge.Auto with an array of third-party solutions, courtesy of the company’s esteemed partners. This event marks a significant milestone for the company, showcasing the versatility and advanced capabilities of Edge.Auto in the ever-evolving world of AD technology.


Edge.Auto is a reference platform designed for the rapid development of AD systems, based on the AD technology that TIER IV has cultivated to date. It combines sensors and computers with a proven track record along with useful software tools. Various hardware components operate using sensor drivers provided as open source and software modules included in Autoware*. It allows the selection of multiple configurations, ranging from individual hardware components to fully-integrated AD systems, depending on the application.

Additionally, each solution provided by Edge.Auto can be used in combination with TIER IV’s existing products, such as Pilot.Auto, an Autoware-based autonomy platform, and Web.Auto, a cloud-native DevOps platform. This enables users to efficiently select, verify, and validate the necessary software and hardware units for the development of AD systems development, allowing them to quickly build their bespoke AD products, solutions, and services.

Edge.Auto Solution Suite

Automotive Cameras

Featuring models with a dynamic range equivalent to 120dB, TIER IV’s automotive-grade camera lineup offers resolutions from 2.5MP to 8.3MP, including the newly developed C3 camera set to launch in 2024. With multiple lens options, the cameras are suitable for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, as well as applications such as surveillance and robotics. Adaptors to connect automotive cameras via USB, and edge perception development kits for recognition applications are also available.

Sensor Fusion System

Designed for the development of advanced perception through sensor fusion, the system comes with open-source tools and comprehensive documentation, offering support for tasks that often involve intricate know-how, like sensor calibration and synchronization. Users also have the flexibility to choose sensors and electronic control units (ECUs) based on their specific application needs.

GMSL2to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Conversion Module

This interface conversion module leverages ADI’s GMSL2 (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link generation 2) which is a proven SerDes solution in the automotive industry and is renowned for its reliability, robustness, and safety for a variety of autonomous applications. The module can acquire perception data from up to eight cameras and transform these streams to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Robust features, such as synchronization with devices like LiDAR via Perception Time Protocol (PTP), image data timestamping, and individual shutter timing controlled through the timing unit in the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), make the module suitable for many diverse perception technologies critical for applications including industrial robotics. Its user-friendly design, facilitated by an intuitive web interface for setting management, enhances its adaptability. Set for broad market release in 2024, this module is positioned to extend system value for a wide range of autonomous end applications where sophisticated perception processing is required.

AI Pilot

This integrated AD system gives users the tools to build their own Level 4 AD products, solutions, and services with a similar setup to what TIER IV presented in its AD system that secured Level 4 certification in Japan in October 2023.

“With the addition of Edge.Auto, TIER IV now offers a comprehensive range of solutions for every aspect of developing AD systems, covering everything from hardware components to fully integrated AD systems,” said Shinpei Kato, Founder and CEO and CTO of TIER IV. “We will continue to propose solutions built around our three main products, Pilot.Auto, Web.Auto, and Edge.Auto, to tackle customer challenges and accelerate the rollout of autonomous vehicles. TIER IV is also continuously seeking partners to provide solutions through Edge.Auto to further enhance this platform.”

Comments from Edge.Auto platform partners

“As a partner in automotive camera technology with TIER IV, we sincerely congratulate the success of Edge.Auto platform to be one of the best and most advanced solutions for intelligent mobility development.” said Frank Chang, President of Ability Enterprise.

“Proudly partnering with TIER IV, we are thrilled to offer our state-of-the-art vehicle hardware solutions, leading the forefront in sensor fusion and edge perception computing through the Edge.Auto platform,” said Jim Liu, CEO of ADLINK. “Hand in hand with TIER IV, we are driving innovation in autonomous vehicle technology.”

“GMSLaddresses the need for high-bandwidth, low-latency vision/sensor data transfer to enable real-time awareness, advanced analytics, and optimization essential for next-generation intelligent autonomous systems,”  said Mieu-Ngan Pang, Senior Director of Automotive Cabin Experience at Analog Devices. “Leveraging ADI and TIER IV’s capabilities, this co-created ‘GMSL2to 10 Gigabit Ethernet conversion sub-system module allows for quick and easy development of advanced industrial autonomous platforms.”

“As a leading AI hardware provider, we are always looking to enable new solutions for autonomy,” said Rob Callaghan, Chief Product Officer of Connect Tech. “Connect Tech’s partnership with TIER IV is a great example of this initiative as we work to define the next generation of autonomous mobility. By combining Connect Tech perception hardware with TIER IV’s automotive sensors and Edge.Auto platform, developers will have access to cutting-edge technology, accelerating the advancement of vehicle autonomy. We are very excited about the opportunities this continued partnership will bring to AI at the Edge.”

“We are proud to partner with TIER IV to jointly promote advanced autonomous driving solutions,”  said Yaniv Sulkes, Hailo‘s Vice President of Automotive. “Hailo’s leading AI processors empower Edge.Auto platform users to develop high-performance and power-efficient perception solutions for intelligent vehicles.”

“TIER IV is at the forefront of the autonomous driving industry, and we are proud to provide our high-quality LiDAR sensors for them. Our sensors ensure accurate and reliable perception for TIER IV’s fleet of autonomous vehicles, paving the way for safer and smarter transportation in the future.” said Wei Zhang, Vice President of APAC Business at Hesai Technology. “Working together, we will bring more innovations to the industry, further revolutionizing the way we travel.”

“TIER IV is a key global player in the field of open-source software for autonomous driving, and full-stack solutions based on their Autonomous Driving Kit,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder of Innoviz. “It is our great honor and privilege to cooperate closely with TIER IV, and we are thrilled for our Automotive-Grade InnovizTwo LiDAR sensor to be integrated into their autonomous driving platform. We are confident that Innoviz’s innovative solutions, together with TIER IV’s autonomous driving platform offer a great advantage to a wide variety of customers.  We look forward to continued close collaboration and growing success together.”

“RoboSense’s partnership with TIER IV is a step forward in the autonomous driving industry,”  Quote from Mark Qiu, Executive President of RoboSense. By integrating our M-series LiDAR into TIER IV’s Edge.Auto platform, we can collectively deliver cutting-edge solutions to power advanced vehicle intelligence. I am proud to collaborate with TIER IV, as they share our commitment to develop innovative technology that enhances automotive safety and improves transportation worldwide.”

“We are proud to be partnering with a leading provider of advanced intelligent vehicle solutions in TIER IV,” said Junwei Bao, CEO of Seyond. “Through the combined power of our high-performance LiDAR technology and TIER IV’s Edge.Auto platform, we look forward to collaborating on the future of safer, smarter, and more efficient autonomous vehicle and robotics development.”

“As an innovative pioneer in the in-vehicle computing field and a partner of TIER IV, we are excited to contribute to the Edge.Auto platform, delivering advanced and trusted solutions for intelligent vehicle development.” said Eric Yu, CEO of Vecow.

Future Outlook

TIER IV is working hand in hand with platform partners to broaden the range of supported devices and enhance the functionality of applications. The company is also driving improvements in recognition performance and power efficiency through edge AI.

Other Information

Visit TIER IV’s booth at CES 2024 for live demonstrations of the Edge.Auto platform, including:

  • Automotive HDR camera live streaming (C1/C2/C3 Camera)
  • Automotive camera-LiDAR fusion perception (multiple LiDAR sensors)
  • Edge AI redundant semantic segmentation
  • GMSL2 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet conversion module, camera-LiDAR fusion

*Autoware is a registered trademark of the Autoware Foundation.