@CES Murata Exhibits RFID Tire Tag, Gyro, Dynamic MEMS Headlight, Ultrasonic Cleaning & More

Murata’s latest connectivity module is miniaturized and delivers high-performance and class-leading integration.

Murata is exhibiting at CES 2024. The booth in the Vehicle Technology Pavilion (West Hall Booth #6300) will serve as a showcase for the products that enable innovation throughout the entire electronics industry. With a focus on mobility and connectivity, attendees are invited to meet with our solution experts to get a firsthand look at how Murata is contributing to the shaping of those industries.

Existing and potential customers, partners, and fellow innovators will see an extensive line-up of product demos and technologies, as well as those still under development, including:

RFID Tire Tag
Embeddable RAIN RFID Tire Tags add a digital ID to track tires throughout the entire supply chain. Applications include manufacturing, automotive OEM, logistics and transportation, dealer and retail, retread contractor, and end of life.

Gyro Compass
Murata’s new Gyro Compass can find true north in less than one minute. The fast and inexpensive solution enhances autonomous cars and make it possible to navigate and position accurately in completely new applications.

Dynamic Headlight Levelling Using MEMS
Our solution helps to develop dynamic headlight leveling with lower cost and less weight by eliminating traditional suspension sensors and wire harnesses, replacing them with an IMU and fusion algorithm.

Phone as a Key
Phone as a Key (PaaK) employs UWB and BLE technology. No internet connectivity is required; it uses a standard system with applications for auto, home, and office. PaaK is also CCC compliant for authentication and sharing.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
Our innovative integrated lens cleaning device is designed exclusively for AD/ADAS equipped vehicles. By maintaining pristine optical camera vision, we are contributing to safer roads with clearer vision in adverse weather conditions.

ASA-Based Power Over Cable
This Power-over-Cable (PoC) solution is highly efficient, cost effective, and delivers maximum power in a small footprint.

Next Generation Cellular LPWA Module

The new generation Type 2GD features Sony Altair’s advanced ALT1350 chipset with the lowest power consumption in a small, feature-rich solution for IoT applications – including iSIM/NTN.

Matter: Simplified Smart Home Setup 
With Matter enabled connectivity modules, Smart Home devices can be seamlessly connected to home networks with greater security – yielding a more streamlined interface with apps.

Wireless Connectivity Cross Connect Platform 
When the Murata cross-connect platform is coupled with M.2 Wi-Fi cards, customer design choices are made easier, and time-to-market decreases significantly.

Type 2EG BLE Module
Type 2EG is an ultra-low power, miniaturized, and secure Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 wireless module for connected IoT edge devices in industrial and medical applications.

UWB Radar and Secure Ranging
Murata’s Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology enables secure ranging and short-range radar in a highly integrated, single chip solution with multiple antenna on-board for ease of RF design. The solution allows devices to sense their environment, as well as the range to other enabled devices.

Low Cost & Low Power Network Card Solution
Based on the BK7238 chipset, Murata’s latest low-cost IoT WiFi/BT hostless module integrates wireless connectivity and network protocol stacks, making it ideal for IoT applications.

Wearable & Smart Home Solution
Using several of our core sensors, Murata’s super low-power and small size module supports GNSS and GPS technology, making it ideal for tracking positioning and health monitoring.

Solid-State H+ (pH) Sensors
Our solution is shaping the future of biotech monitoring and molecular analysis. Murata’s disposable pH sensor device uses a solid-state electrode to deliver true innovation.

LF Band Antenna Coil
Murata’s LF antennas for LF communication, which leverage our unique material technology and core shape, are ideally suited for automotive smart keys and TPMS.

Ultra-Low Power Communications for Ambient IoT Sensors
Murata is proud to support HaiLa Technologies Inc. as it paves the way for battery-free IoT sensing by repurposing existing wireless infrastructures.

To set a time with meet with Murata during CES 2024, please visit here. To schedule a media briefing, please reach out to Amy Talley (contact information above) to arrange.

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