@CES DMS Smart Eye AB & Green Hills Software

Smart Eye AB, the leading provider of Human Insight AI, and Green Hills Software LLC, the worldwide leader in embedded safety and security,  announced their expanded collaboration focused on delivering integrated DMS platforms for rapid Tier 1 and OEM adoption and use. The two companies have integrated their best-of-breed technologies to meet automakers’ demands for a DMS platform that allows automakers to efficiently develop and confidently deploy essential safety- and security-critical automotive in-cabin applications in the shortest time possible. This proven DMS solution is road-ready and

As the new regulatory landscape for DMS evolves globally, and GSR and Euro NCAP requirements make advanced sensing features mandatory in new vehicles in Europe, automakers require proven, available safe and secure automotive DMS software solutions running on the latest automotive processors that deliver the required performance with the fastest time to deployment.

The DMS platform offered by Smart Eye and Green Hills Software integrates Smart Eye’s core DMS software with the ASIL-certified INTEGRITY® RTOS from Green Hills and detects driver distraction and drowsiness by analyzing facial expressions and eye gaze in real time. The joint solution brings together advanced driver monitoring capabilities with a safe, secure automotive-grade real-time operating system. This combination meets the stringent safety and security requirements of the automotive industry, supports regulatory compliance, and offers support on a wide range of automotive processors, while providing scalability for the evolving needs of automotive applications.

At CES 2024, this proven DMS solution will be demonstrated in the Green Hills booth on a Texas Instruments (TI) AM62A Sitara™ automotive processor, one of the latest cost-effective, performant automotive SoCs from TI in the Sitara family.

The joint solution also includes support for the Green Hills ASIL-certified MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE) and C/C++ compilers, which increase developer productivity while enabling developers to shorten the time to find and fix bugs and optimize applications on multicore processors such as the TI AM62A Sitara processor. The MULTI IDE’s advanced History® event viewer and TimeMachine® back-in-time debugger make it easy to quickly find and fix difficult bugs and performance bottlenecks, while preventing future software problems in deployed systems.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Green Hills Software and demo our joint solution at CES 2024,” said Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye. “By combining our deep expertise in delivering production-ready automotive software, we provide automakers with a proven solution that meets their high safety and security standards for safety-critical applications, such as driver monitoring.”

“Green Hills, in collaboration with Smart Eye, is enabling customers with highly integrated, and optimized software for developing sophisticated, performant, next generation in-cabin safety systems,” said Dan Mender, Vice President, Business Development. “The availability of this combination ensures rapid development, efficient debugging and important optimization while enabling cost-effective, timely delivery of solutions for safety-critical DMS solutions.”

Green Hills and Smart Eye will demonstrate their solution at CES 2024, January 9-12, in the Green Hills booth #6601 in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Automakers who would like to see a demo at CES can schedule an appointment at: https://www.ghs.com/events/CES_2024_mtg_req.php.