@CES C2A Security for ThunderSoft DISHUI OS

C2A Security, a risk-driven cybersecurity company, has been chosen by ThunderSoft for its new vehicle operating system, DISHUI OS. DISHUI OS is the first product of its kind in the industry, and it is the result of a joint effort between ThunderSoft and 18 leading companies, including Amazon Web Services, Arm, BlackBerry IVY, Cerence, and others. ThunderSoft is a strategic partner of C2A Security in China, a provider of operating system technologies, software products and solutions, experts in mobile, IoT, automotive, and enterprise.

“We’re excited to join this trailblazing effort alongside industry leaders AWS, BlackBerry China, Arm, and others, to create a mobility specific Operating System that brings together all the elements for secure, scalable and innovative vehicle operating systems,” said Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security. “Security by design should be the bedrock of automotive software development and this collaboration with ThunderSoft’s vehicle OS will bring our patented and proven technology to millions of cars globally, enabling the software defined vehicle era. Making cyber an inherent part in the system is critical to move the industry forward.”

Just last month Porsche AG announced it will cease the sale of its most popular model, the Macan SUV, in Europe, because it failed to comply with UN Regulation No. 155. To stay competitive, companies must incorporate automated security systems throughout the vehicle lifecycle development process.

This project has been a collaborative effort, spearheaded by ThunderSoft and 18 outstanding companies, including HiPhi, GAC Aion, Dongfeng Motor, NETA Auto, BlackBerry China, ARM, Bytedance Volcengine, Horizon Robotics, Amazon Web Services, C2A Security, TomTom, Arkamys, Cercence, Microchip Technology, ETAS, KPIT, TIER IV, and ABUP. The goal is to provide global automotive companies with highly secure, high-computing power, and customizable innovative products, technologies, and solutions for complete vehicle operating systems.

“DISHUI OS adheres to the concepts of openness, integration, and win-win, and hopes to build an open, prosperous, and sustainable ecosystem with partners and developers around the world. We will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs to bring more surprises and value to users. We believe that the release of DISHUI OS will become another important technical milestone in promoting the development of smart car technology,” said Hongfei Zhao, Chairman & CEO of ThunderSoft. “DISHUI OS’s cooperation concept is driving industry progress through scientific and technological innovation.”

C2A Security’s EVSec risk driven product security platform allows developers to focus on creative features and manage software and operations at scale, in an automated manner. EVSec automates archaic manual processes and enables cross-functional sharing and collaboration between teams, customers, and supply chains while offering full digital twin capabilities. EVSec applies continuous feedback from product operations and vulnerabilities to improve development and design, as part of agile software development.

DISHUI OS is an operating system designed for central computing, supporting multi-domain convergence and integrating AI large language models, basic software, container virtualization, cybersecurity, SDV middleware, and other technical capabilities. It has been built as a scalable, high-computing power platform for complete vehicle operating systems. Additionally, it integrates the automotive industry ecosystem to provide global users with a more intelligent, efficient, and safe travel experience.

Currently, DISHUI OS 1.0 is successfully running in the first domestic single SoC integrated cockpit-AD hardware environment, providing features like emotional interaction, immersive HMI, and full in-cabin vision scenarios for large language models. It also supports functions such as automatic parking, highway L2++, and urban intelligent driving.

C2A Security will be exhibiting at CES in LVCC West Hall, booth 7216, and hosting a panel discussion on Generative AI @ Mobility with Alex RoyAndreas Herzig from Deloitte, Chris Clark from Synopsys, and Roy Fridman, on January 10th at 1:00pm.