@CES Innovation Automotive: Ambarella,Aurora Labs, BANF, iSensor, BHTC, Continental,, Doosan, FORVIA, Hyundai, Hesai, Hisense, Honda, Innoviz, Magna, MOBINN, MOTREX, Pontosense, Safeware Valens & Valeo.

A good way to see what you want to visit at CES is to look at the Innovation Awards honors. Here is a list of innovation awards, honorees in the automotive and automotive related fields. View the ultimate list of all new product releases expected at CES 2024. Honorees include Ambarella,Aurora Labs, BANF, iSensor, BHTC, Continental,, Doosan, FORVIA, Hyundai, Hesai, Hisense, Honda, Innoviz, Magna, MOBINN, MOTREX, Pontosense, Safeware Valens & Valeo.

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Embedded Technologies-Ambarella

Ambarella announced the world’s first centralized 4D imaging radar architecture, which for the first time allows both central processing of raw radar data and deep, low-level fusion with other sensor inputs—including cameras, lidar and ultrasonics. It combines Ambarella’s highly efficient 5nm CV3-AD685 AI central domain controller system-on-chip (SoC) and its Oculii™ adaptive AI radar software. This breakthrough architecture’s optimized hardware and software provides the industry’s best AI processing performance per watt, for the lowest possible energy consumption, along with the most accurate and comprehensive AI modeling of a vehicle or robot’s surroundings.

Honoree In-Vehicle Entertainment AUO Rollable Rear Seat Entertainment

The AUO Rollable Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) is an innovative product that can change the landscape of rear cabin and the invariable RSE settings in vehicles. The invention of the Rollable RSE aims to make vehicle manufacturers with more flexible interior designs and make passengers enjoy a more all-round third living space.

Honoree Artificial Intelligence Aurora Labs’ Auto Update

OTA updates enable car manufacturers to fix inevitable bugs in new software code, protect against security vulnerabilities, and offer ongoing feature improvements. As OTA updates become a frequent occurrence, a new approach is required that will reduce costs, reduce vehicle downtime and improve availability. Aurora Labs’ Auto Update uses AI to identify changes in the vehicle source code and integrate into the software developer’s toolchain to enable 6 times smaller update files than current OTA solutions, a 50% saving in hardware memory requirements and seamless in-vehicle updates with zero downtime for the user.

BANF iSensor: Real-time tire profile for fleets and AVs – Honoree – Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

BANF’s iSensor prevents accidents and reduces vehicle operating costs by offering real-time analysis of tire and road conditions. The sensors identify potential hazards and trigger immediate actions to mitigate risks. The system also enhances fuel efficiency by assessing wheel alignment and provides accurate predictions of fuel economy and tire lifespan. Given that tires constitute the sole point of contact with the road surface, they play a crucial role in preventing road fatalities and serve as a vital tool in detecting road conditions.

Integrated Dashboard Solution By BHTC and Corning – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

BHTC, the world-market leader for climate control units and human-machine interface systems, and Corning, the leading supplier of automotive glass solutions, are collaborating to deliver a cutting-edge infotainment system with a new, outstanding user experience.

Corning’s ColdForm™ Technology enables the integration of BHTC’s 15-inch plastic OLED into an automotive-grade display stack, while still supporting a convex curvature. With Corning’s LivingHinge™ technology and BHTC’s unique kinematic system, the display is dynamically bendable. It can shift from static to adaptable and flat to curved as it immerses drivers in a personalized cockpit experience

Radar Vision Parking by Continental – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

Continental is revolutionizing mobility with its innovative solution to Automated Parking using state-of-the-art radar and camera technology for Software Defined Vehicle architectures.

Today, automated or assisted parking systems utilize Ultrasonic Sensors (USS) for obstacle distance measurement. Our Radar Vision Parking (RVP) uses existing next-generation radar belt to replace the ultrasonic sensors and fusion with four surround view cameras to enhance the parking functions overall. The system also provides a holistic solution for other ADAS functional areas such as cruising and safety. This Software Solution is focused on High Performance Computing System on Chips.

ACAT (Automated-driving Car Accident-analysis Tool) By CP6 Ltd – Honoree-Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

ACAT offers a straightforward way to evaluate the self-driving capabilities of your autonomous vehicles in the event of an accident. ACAT allows vehicle owners to quickly self-verify the proper functioning of autonomous driving features of their vehicles. It makes data interpretation intuitive and accessible for everyone while minimizing the time and money spent on resolving disputes from an accident.
Designed for use by individual drivers, police, accident responders, and insurance investigators, ACAT provides fast and accurate analysis for better decision-making. ACAT stands as a practical tool established accident investigation protocols shaping a safer future for autonomous driving.

CHAEVI EV Charger – Pleasant Charging Environment for All by Daeyoung Chaevi Honoree Smart Cities

The operation rate of EV charging stations is decreasing due to cars occupying parking lot even after charging has ended.
It makes other customers waiting more time at the charging station
Also, It reduces the profits of companies that operate charging stations and causes financial waste for the country, which invests national finances to build charging infrastructure.
CHAEVI EV Charger equipped with License Plate Reading (LPR) technology increase the actual operation rate of the charging station by charging usage fees based on the time the vehicle is left unattended after charging was completed and fines by the law and policy.

Bobcat S7X All-Electric Skid-Steer Loader – By Doosan Bobcat (part of Doosan) – Honoree Smart Cities, Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy

The Bobcat S7X is the world’s first all-electric skid-steer loader. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the loader emits zero emissions, giving operators the flexibility to work in new places, on environmentally sensitive sites, in noise-restricted areas and even indoors. To create the all-electric S7X, Bobcat eliminated all hydraulics, instead using electric drive motors and ball screw actuators. The powerful loader represents Bobcat’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, by leading the industry with all-electric compact equipment solutions. The S7X now joins the all-electric T7X compact track loader, which was launched at CES in 2022.

Doosan Oscar the sorter: AI Recycling & Order-picking Robot by Doosan Robotics / TDK Qeexo- Honoree Artificial Intelligence

Smart cobots with AI machine learning measure current values to classify specific objects, eliminating the need for vision technology, reducing cost and allowing unlimited learning/classification. These cobots recognize various shapes, providing an optimized solution for the specific task.

Smart platform – By utilizing Doosan’s Dart-Suite, users can download an app specifically programmed for recycling and order pick-up, without the need for coding. With just a few clicks, the robot quickly learns to recognize and sort objects.

Overcoming the limits – Avoid common errors, download new models in real-time, with just a few steps, programming can be streamlined across all robots.

AI ECO-ROBOT by ECOPEACE- Honoree Drones & Unmanned Systems, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy

Excessive green algae in water bodies do not only deteriorate water quality, but they can lead to massive die-offs in fish and animals, and also impact humans by causing illness, cancer, or even death. Manual removal by workers is too dangerous, expensive, and can use harmful chemicals, and eco-friendly solutions take too long to take effect. AI ECO ROBOT is an autonomous algae removal system that quickly and efficiently removes green algae. Our innovation also uniquely forecasts and identifies issues before green algae turn into disasters. Through preemptive action, the robot promptly eliminates these threats, preventing their escalation.


The ENERCAMP EV M2 is an innovative self-driving electric vehicle charger that responds to your app request by autonomously traveling to your location. Using its patented Power Boost System technology, it delivers rapid 40kW charging to your vehicle. What sets this product apart is its commitment to universal usability, ensuring accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities, thereby addressing critical accessibility concerns.

Enovix BrakeFlow Technology by Enovix Corporation – Honoree Embedded Technologies

In order to power the technologies of the future, we need a better battery however, significant increases in battery energy density can be accompanied with increased risk of an internal short, which could lead to a fire or thermal runaway. Enovix BrakeFlow™ technology ushers in a new level of safety in next generation high energy density lithium-ion battery technology. BrakeFlow is a unique safety system located inside the battery cell. Most safety features are located outside of the battery pack, however, BrakeFlow acts as a safety resistor at the busbar junction inside the cell and reduces the risk of overheating.//

EV Charge by Etc at BT Group – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

The opportunity aims to bring EV charging kerb-side for everyone, creating the UK’s most connected public charging network by upgrading street cabinets to EV charging units. The cabinets are currently used to provide copper-based broadband services and are due to be decommissioned in line with full fibre implementation.

60,000 BT owned cabinets may be suitable for the upgrade with the ambition of addressing the charge point availability, connectivity and usability issues of EV owners. This transformation launches with UK pilots, with the potential to make an important contribution to decarbonising the transport system, supporting the UK’s net zero ambitions.

FORVIA – eMirror Safe UX by FORVIA – Honoree – Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

eMirror Safe UX software platform builds on the company’s innovative eMirror technology to help drivers better see and understand their driving environment by replacing conventional side and rearview mirrors with a camera-based system designed to provide drivers with better visibility, safety alerts as well as fuel/energy efficiency.
By introducing an innovative patented software platform including features like Transparent View, Reactive Dimming, and Advanced Image Processing, the software expands the driver’s field of view, saves power, enhances adaptive system comfort, and improves visibility in challenging environments.
The software is hardware-agnostic, doesn’t require extra sensors and can be installed/updated through over-the-air updates.

Light Tile for Transparent Door by FORVIA – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

“The FORVIA Light Tile for transparent door technology provides see-through view on door panels and creates extended window effect to vehicle occupants. It offers advanced driving assistant information in a new way, improves user experience, and enhances safety in the vehicle journey.

If any risk is detected before opening the door, the information will appear through transparent door to help occupants to react in darkness or critical conditions where the human eye may not see properly and respond fast enough.

The FORVIA Light Tile enabled by DesignLED is integrated in the door panel upper area, displaying the vehicle environment, and bringing the outside atmosphere into the vehicle interior.

By using the existing E-Mirror camera and Image distortion algorithm, FORVIA re-uses existing proven technology, bringing it to the next level and adding more value to the full system. The flexible tile technology is thin and provides edge-to-edge homogeneity while allowing a scalable system of shape, size, resolution, and light output as well as using it for more use cases like dynamic ambient surface lighting.”

Skyline Immersive Display by FORVIA – Honoree – Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

Skyline Immersive Display system is an innovative pillar-to-pillar display that is positioned at the intersection of the windshield and the instrumental panel (IP), reducing the re-direction of the driver’s attention from the road to displays that are conventionally below the driver’s field of view, reassuring “”eyes on the road time”” and creating a safer driving experience.
High resolution displays and HMI appear only when required, reducing cognitive load, improving driver safety. The high-resolution graphical content is extended across the pillar-to-pillar surface by modular low resolution LED pixel matrixes, offering new aesthetics and communication possibilities like text, emojis and symbols.

FlatLight µMX by FORVIA (FORVIA Hella) Honoree – Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

Ultrathin, high performing, multicolor and -function light module for vehicle rear lighting. Specific micro-optical lenses (few micrometers in size and smaller than a grain of salt) are embedded in a multilayer optical stack. The optical system has a thickness of just 5mm. This allows a significant reduction of vehicle rear light package space. This increases the safety by improving stiffness of the vehicle body structure due to potentially not required cavities. The highly efficient optical system allows the reduction of energy consumption by -80%. The system offers a homogeneous illuminated appearance and multiple multicolor vehicle lighting applications.

Smart Collision Mitigation with Sensor Fusion by HD Hyundai XiteSolution Co., Ltd.- Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

Smart Collision Mitigation (SCM) is an active safety system that detects objects around the excavator through sensor fusion of camera and radar. The excavator is equipped with four or more cameras to provide a 360-degree Around View. Using AI technology, it can selectively detect specific objects.
In addition, three wide-angle radar sensors with 180-degree horizontal FOV are used to minimize blind spots and accurately measure the distance of detected objects. When an object is detected within the warning/danger zone, visual/audible warnings are activated, and the excavator reduces the swing and driving speed and then stops them to actively prevent accidents.

ET25 by Hesai Technology – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

ET25 is Hesai Technology’s latest ultra-thin automotive lidar sensor for mass-market Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Powerful, slim, and quiet – ET25 provides automakers with more possibilities for ADAS applications. With only 25 mm thick, ET25 makes it ideal for both rooftop and behind-the-windshield installation. Its range can reach a stunning 250 meters without windshield, with the finest angular resolution reaching 0.05° x 0.05°. The sensor uses just 12 W of power to avoid overheating. At lower than 25 dB, its noise level is less than that of a quiet library,

Vehicle Using Laser Projection Display by Hisense Visual Technology Co., Ltd – Honoree – In-Vehicle Entertainment

Hisense’s Concept Vehicle simulates a vehicle environment using advanced laser projection technology. The holographic AR HUD transforms the windshield into an information hub, displaying vehicle data and road information, while the headlight projection system adds entertainment value by projecting images on walls for entertainment viewing and road safety information on demand. The entry light’s high-resolution projection can be used for brand logos or as a greeting for consumers. Additionally, the projection on the side and rear windows allow the vehicle glass to display high-definition images – becoming a medium for consumers to obtain information and view entertainment in the car.

Honda Motocompacto by Honda – Best of Innovation Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

The all-new Honda Motocompacto redefines affordable all-electric personal transportation with sleek and simple styling and an innovative, ultra-compact foldable design. The zero-emissions Motocompacto is designed for the modern realities of urban mobility, providing riders with an easy and fun-to-ride alternative transport that greatly reduces their carbon footprint while offering great convenience. With a maximum speed of 15 mph and zero-emissions range of up to 12 miles, Motocompacto can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours in both the folded and ready-to-ride configuration using a common 110 v outlet. It was designed with rider comfort and convenience in mind with a cushy seat, secure grip foot pegs, on-board storage, a digital speedometer, a charge gauge and a comfortable carry handle. A clever phone app enables riders to adjust their personal settings, including lighting and ride modes, via Bluetooth®.

InnovizCore – by Innoviz Technologies Ltd.- Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

InnovizCore is an advanced automotive-grade hardware and AI software compute platform for Level 2+ through Level 5 autonomous vehicles. The AI-powered platform includes:

– A powerful system-on-a-chip processor for executing computer vision algorithms, 3D mapping, localization, real-time driving decisions and many more features.
– Perception Software that processes the raw point cloud data from the LiDAR and performs object and obstacle detection and classification, as well as range estimation.
– The industry’s first LiDAR-based Minimal Risk Maneuver (MRM) system that supports the transition phase between autonomous and manual driving.

RheoLight by Ink Invent BV – Honoree Smart Cities

RheoLight, a first-in-class patented Crystal Glass Pigment, developed specifically for the mobility industry, holds the key to a safer traffic environment by improving the visibility and detectability of vehicles for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The ready-for-use water- and solvent-based microsphere dispersions are suitable for any paint system and enhance the visibility and aesthetic appeal of colors. RheoLight enables the functional utilization of colors by boosting the visibility of vehicles in both day- and night-time for both the human eye and ADAS, supporting the transition to full driving automation and reducing traffic incidents.

Honoree – Embedded Technologies LM10

LM10 is Lumotive’s first production offering of their groundbreaking Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) technology, which provides truly solid-state digital beam steering for superior optical 3D sensing performance. As an optical semiconductor made using widely-adopted silicon manufacturing processes, LM10 overcomes all the cost, size, and reliability limitations of traditional mechanical lidar.

ClearView™ Vision System by Magna – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

Unprecedented driver safety, convenience and experience culminate in the ClearView™ Vision System –Magna’s industry leading camera monitoring system that combines our expertise in mirrors, cameras, electronics, and software.

Designed to make vehicles smarter and safer, ClearView™ enhances visibility by providing an unobstructed rearview from camera’s integrated into the exterior of the vehicle. Focused on the consumer experience, ClearView™ allows consumers to customize the display to their preferences including the ability zoom, pan, tilt, and even add customer dynamic overlays.

A delivery robot that climbs stairs with only wheels before by MOBINN – Honoree Robotics

MOBINN’s M3 delivery robot is capable of providing delivery services ‘anywhere’, ‘anytime’. Thanks to the independently developed wheel system, it is possible to overcome various obstacles, such as stairs or bumps, with only wheels and without worrying about. Stability of the delivery item was ensured by always keeping the loading box horizontal. That’s why, M3 can deliver coffee safely without spilling a single cup of coffee to customers. The LiDAR-based mapping system used by M3 enables it to operate regardless of the outside environment, whether it is night time or even raining and snowing.

Li-juvenator by Mocuratec – Honoree Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy

The Battery Rejuvenator is a battery performance restorer for EVs (electric vehicles). Our revolutionary pulse charging technology revitalizes lithium-ion batteries, extending their lifespan by 4x. This increases travel distance for EVs and significantly reduces EV battery waste. Moreover, it prevents battery explosions due to overcharging, resulting in longer-lasting, safer, and more sustainable EV batteries.

InCabin XR BOX by MOTREX – Honoree In-Vehicle Entertainment

The InCabin XR BOX is a comprehensive XR(AR/VR) platform, designed specifically for electric and L3/L4 autonomous vehicles. This system integrates seamlessly with a vehicle’s CAN network to offer rear seat passengers an immersive gaming and virtual tourism experience. Compatible across any VR devices and vehicle types, the XR BOX delivers a revolutionary in-car entertainment.

UrbanLinkX – Urban Air Traffic Management Platform by PABLO AIR – Honoree Smart Cities

As a groundbreaking, AI-enabled traffic management platform, UrbanLinkX is indispensable for modern urban life, especially in Urban Air Mobility (UAM), also known as Air Taxi. UAM operated by UrbanLinkX will address the urgent travel needs in bustling cities like New York and Los Angeles, where daily trips can exceed 29 and 31 million respectively. Notably, more than 99% of these trips are shorter than 50 miles, a distance segment clogged with ground traffic. To tackle urban traffic issues and to foster an innovative urban environment, UrbanLinkX is precisely customized to meet the complex requirements inherent in UAM operations.

Pontosense In-Cabin Wireless Sensing by Pontosense Inc – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

A marvel in mmWave RADAR design, Pontosense In-Cabin Wireless Sensing is an AI-sensing solution in today’s market, reimagining driver and passenger safety. Through innovative hardware engineering and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, the solution wirelessly captures vitals including heart rate, breathing, and heart rate variability with medical-grade precision. Using this data, Wireless Sensing empowers vehicles with crucial real-time information about their presence, passenger classification, and even human emotions, all with a single sensor, unlocking insights about driver intoxication, fatigue, motion sickness, child presence detection (CPD), and more. By reshaping the human-vehicle interaction, Pontosense In-Cabin Wireless Sensing is your caretaker for mobility.

Personal Mobility Airbag Vest by Safeware Inc.- Honoree Human Security for All

This innovative wearable airbag is specifically designed to ensure the safety of personal mobility riders. In the event of an accident, it activates within 0.2 seconds, quickly inflating to absorb the impact and protect important body areas such as the head, neck, chest, and spine. Furthermore, it sends the location of the accident to emergency contacts via BLE, ensuring prompt assistance during the crucial first hour after the incident.

ARD PRODUCT VS6320 Chipset by Valens Semiconductor Ltd.- Honoree Embedded Technologies

The VS6320 chipset extends SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps), Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (480Mbps), and Control signals over a standard Cat 6A cable for distances of up to 100 meters (328 feet). The chipset supports all USB transfer types: Control, Bulk, Interrupt, and Isochronous.

The VS6320 is the first ever ASIC-based USB 3.2 extension solution, and it will facilitate a new wave of next-gen USB peripherals in a variety of industries.

LiDAR – SCALA Gen.3 by Valeo – Honoree Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

Valeo 3rd generation LiDAR perception system is an automotive-grade high resolution LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) sensor, allowing advanced perception in all conditions meeting the highest automotive industry quality and safety standards.
SCALA 3 high density point cloud and associated AI-based perception software enable high speed autonomous driving on highways in a wider range of conditions, increasing the end-user value of Level 3 systems (through a large extension of their domain of operation) and the scalability of Level 4 robotaxi fleets.
SCALA 3 value proposition is a key milestone on the way to bring Autonomous Driving to large scale adoption.

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