SoundHound AI Car Manuals

SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, today announced a new Vehicle Intelligence domain that lets users of its in-vehicle voice AI platform access the car manual using natural speech. The new domain follows the recent launch of SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive, which is currently being piloted in vehicles.

As technology develops, car manufacturers introduce more features every year – making car manuals increasingly complex. But in a fast-paced, digitized world drivers want instant access to information about their vehicle without having to pull over or spend time leafing through a physical manual. SoundHound’s voice-enabled Vehicle Intelligence domain uses artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) to provide answers to almost any question about a car’s functionality, maintenance, or repair – completely hands-free.

SoundHound’s Vehicle Intelligence domain leverages information from the manufacturer’s car manual and allows drivers to use regular conversational language to ask questions like :

  • Can I start the engine remotely with my keys before getting in the car?
  • What does the “auto hold” button do?
  • How do I see how much further I can drive with my current gas amount?
  • Is there a way to adjust the height of the trunk door when it’s open?
  • I see a flashing light that looks like a car battery and I’m not sure what that means?

The in-car verbal response is generated using SoundHound’s voice AI, which draws upon Generative AI and vehicle-specific data to provide an instant, reliable answer that saves the user time and effort. The Vehicle Intelligence domain is the latest addition to SoundHound’s library of over 100 existing information domains – ranging from flight times to stock prices, weather, restaurant availability, and more – and can be activated in vehicles using SoundHound’s best-in-class voice AI platform.

“This is the shortcut every driver has been waiting for,” says Mike Zagorsek, Chief Operating Officer at SoundHound. “Text-based manuals are so critical, and yet searching through them can be an arduous process. Now, thanks to our cutting-edge AI technology, we’ve made that process as simple as asking a question to the in-vehicle voice assistant.”

The first release of SoundHound Vehicle Intelligence can make any vehicle manual accessible via voice queries, with new features that allow drivers to verbally request real-time updates (like tire pressure or oil levels), and even proactive maintenance information (e.g. a verbal warning that fuel/battery is low, followed by details and navigation to the nearest gas station/chargepoint) to be added.

Vehicle Intelligence uses a combination of Generative AI and real-time vehicle information to deliver fast, accurate responses to almost any query, including maintenance, safety, settings and customization, special features, vehicle systems, and general troubleshooting.

Thanks to SoundHound’s proprietary arbitration technology – developed for the SoundHound Chat AI platform – Vehicle Intelligence also avoids misleading “AI hallucinations” associated with some Generative AI responses.

SoundHound currently works with 20 vehicle brands globally to provide fast, accurate in-vehicle voice AI. To learn more about our automotive technology, visit