Connected Car News: indie Semi, Nauto, Stellantis, LifeScore & Audi.

In connected car news are indie Semi, Nauto, Stellantis, LifeScore and Audi.

New indie Video SoC

indie Semiconductor (Nasdaq: INDI), an Autotech solutions innovator, has expanded its automotive camera video processor portfolio with the commercial release of iND87540, a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) that enables viewing and sensing capability at the vehicle’s edge.

As government regulators, new car safety assessors and consumers demand higher performance driver and road user safety features, automakers are increasingly seeking camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) solutions that enable volume scalability, across their vehicle classes. This demands a ‘distributed intelligence’ architectural approach to vision sensing, and high levels of integration coupled with low power consumption to meet the needs of mass market deployments. indie’s iND87540 was developed to address these challenging design requirements. iND87540 is also a preferred solution by end customers as a pre-processor for powerful central compute and provides real-time image processing for optimal detection performance.

Integrating real-time, on-chip image signal processing (ISP), digital signal processing (DSP) and customized hardware, the iND87540 enables viewing and sensing capabilities within the stringent power, latency and compact form factor needed for scalable vision architectures. The SoC provides computer vision processing that can run a range of algorithms, enabling ADAS functions including pedestrian detection, object detection, blind spot detection, cross traffic alerts as well as driver and occupant monitoring (DMS/OMS). indie complements this class-leading SoC hardware with value-add proprietary high-performance embedded algorithms such as auto calibration (AutoCAL®) and dirty lens detection.

“As OEMs strive to deploy vision-based viewing and sensing across their model ranges, distributed intelligence is emerging as a critical enabler for the proliferation of vision-based ADAS applications. Our launch of indie’s iND87540 is capitalizing on this industry dynamic: delivering high-performance vision processing, without sacrificing the power, cost and size demands of the volume market,” said Abhay Rai, EVP and GM of indie’s Vision Business Unit. “By incorporating real-time video processing with object detection into a single SoC, indie is paving the way for multiple vision-enabled safety and convenience use cases across OEMs’ vehicle classes.”

According to S&P Global, shipments of automotive electronic control units (ECUs) incorporating vision-based processing are expected to grow from 232 million units in 2022, to nearly 400 million units by 2027.

The iND87540 has been developed to ISO 26262 ASIL-B requirements, is AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified and hosts the AutoSAR software stack. The SoC is available now for vehicle integration and is currently in advanced development with select Tier 1 customers.

Stellantis Partners with Nauto

Stellantis, one of the world’s leading automakers and mobility providers, and Nauto®, a leading provider of AI-based vehicle safety technology for commercial fleets and the automotive sector, announced today that Nauto’s AI-powered vehicle safety solution is now available for Stellantis commercial fleet customers in the U.S.

Through this partnership, Stellantis aims to empower fleet owners with a best-in-class vehicle safety solution that provides real-time alerts to help prevent collisions, promotes safer driving behaviors, and helps reduce collision losses. This is the next significant milestone in the Stellantis – Nauto partnership, building on Stellantis Ventures’ investment in Nauto that was announced in June 2023.

Stellantis commercial fleet customers can learn more about Nauto’s vehicle safety solution at the Stellantis Fleet website or through their Stellantis representative and purchase the Nauto solution for their vehicles, such as Ram commercial trucks and vans, directly from Nauto.

“Driver safety within our commercial fleet customer base is our top priority and this is an important and exciting new endeavor as we partner with Nauto by offering next-gen, AI-based advanced driving assistance technology in our commercial vehicles,” said Jeff Kommor, U.S. Head of Sales – Stellantis. “Through our Stellantis Ventures arm, investment into startup companies like Nauto help support Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 efforts in leading the charge to sustainable and safe mobility, as well as a better in-vehicle experience overall.”

“I am truly excited about our work with Stellantis, as it represents an important milestone in our mission on the road to zero fatalities,” said Dr. Stefan Heck, CEO of Nauto. “This partnership not only streamlines access to proven safety technology, but also reinforces our commitment to enhancing road safety. Together with Stellantis, we are empowering more fleets with the tools they need to prioritize safety, reduce risk, and protect their drivers and everyone else that shares the roads, including fellow drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.”

Sobering statistics from NHTSA, which reveal that motor vehicle traffic fatalities have reached their highest levels since 2005 further underscore the importance of Stellantis and Nauto’s ongoing commitment to enhance driver and road safety for all.

LifeScore Music for Audi

LifeScore Music and Audi Business Innovation, a 100% subsidiary of Audi AG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium cars, have announced a partnership to make Audi’s customers’ time in the car more valuable.

Audi Business Innovation is supporting Audi in building a customer-centric digital ecosystem around the car. LifeScore Music is shaping this approach with their immersive musical experiences that enhance daily life and bring listeners joy.

“LifeScore Music is a perfect match in offering a premium sound experience in the car, says Jessica Smetana, Head of Digital Services-Health & Wellbeing at Audi Business Innovation. “We are pleased to have found a great partner that brings us a step closer to our goal; Transforming mobility from driving into experiencing.”

We’re looking forward to establishing a successful partnership with Audi Business Innovation as they open up new possibilities for a seamless lifestyle journey before, during, or after your drive,” adds Sigrid Sheie, LifeScore’s Sales Director. “It’s well established that music plays an important role in a well-being routine.”

This collaboration has its initial debut across German markets and is still in development. The collaboration comes as the most recent in LifeScore’s efforts to bring artist-driven, immersive music that’s developed expressly with listener well-being in mind.

About Audi Business Innovation

Audi Business Innovation GmbH was founded in 2013 by Audi AG as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Our goal is to shape the future of mobility and develop innovative concepts, products, and services and operate at the intersection of technology, digital business models, and mobility. Additionally, Audi Business Innovation GmbH collaborates in various forms with external partners in the fields of mobility and digitalization, expanding the service portfolio of Audi AG with digital services.

About LifeScore Music

LifeScore is the generative music platform embracing AI for the benefit of artists. We work with artists and businesses to deliver the next evolution of musical experience: music that listens to you.

We begin with the raw materials for our music recorded at world renowned studios, as well as master recordings provided by artists. Under the direction of our team of world-class composers, these recordings are transformed by our patented technology to generate remixes and variations in new musical themes or to support activities like sleep, energy, relaxation, and focus.

Investors in LifeScore include Warner Music Group, Octopus Ventures, and IDEO.