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Bugatti and legendary designer, Larry Sands, have once again created masterpiece, this time with the new Collection Two. Inspired by a rich and incomparable heritage that intersects between high-performance, exquisite luxury and innovative designs, Bugatti’s second collection of daring eyewear, makes its debut today at the SILMO show in Paris. Price start at $1,195 and up.

Capturing the very essence of Bugatti, Collection Two embodies sleek lines, bold contours and intricate detailing that echo the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence and precision engineering.

It builds on the already acclaimed and trendsetting Bugatti Collection One, which launched February 2023 in Milan. Collection Two consists of 16 beautifully curated styles, which feature poignant details inspired by the brand’s performance-defining hyper sports cars. Included are the unmistakable red macaron emblem, precision laser cut radiator grill patterning, the famous ‘EB’ logo and Ettore Bugatti’s distinct signature.

Luxury materials have been used for the new Bugatti eyewear pieces, including 925 sterling silver, carbon fiber, macassar ebony with mother of pearl inlays, grade 5 titanium, 18K gold and black palladium accents. In-line with Bugatti’s uncompromising quest to always achieve perfection, each eyewear piece is meticulously designed to deliver a unique style with luxurious aesthetic.

Commenting on the Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two, Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of Bugatti International, said: “The Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two is a showcase to innovative with cutting-edge design, raising the bar in the eyewear industry. This new set of eyewear pieces has been carefully curated with Larry Sands to progress and compliment the impact of the Bugatti Eyewear Collection One.

“For Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two, we have once again elevated the aesthetic of our pieces using rare high-quality materials, state-of-the-art processes and innovative design to deliver truly unique and timeless sunglasses that are unmatched in this space. This new collection is simply incomparable, capturing the vast rich essence of Bugatti automobiles. Each design of each piece serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries.”

Larry Sands added: “I am thrilled to present our second luxury eyewear collection to the world at SILMO Paris 2023. It is a true embodiment of Bugatti’s values of luxury, elegance and innovation. This collection represents a harmonious blend of design excellence, premium materials and my artistic vision.

“Our first collection was really just the beginning. With twice as many styles, Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two really has something for everyone.”

SILMO has become the leading global gathering of optical professionals, fashion enthusiasts and industry leaders. Serving as the ideal platform to showcase the wider industry’s innovation and future-gazing concepts, SILMO provides the perfect setting to debut Bugatti Eyewear Collection Two.

The Bugatti Eyewear booth at SILMO mirrors the sense of style and form of the new eyewear collection. Located at Booth 7-E022, from September 29 to October 2, it will display a Bugatti Chiron1, alongside the all-new Eyewear Collection Two.

Until now, Bugatti’s exclusive range of eyewear pieces has only been available through an exclusive global dealer network; but such has been the demand for the exquisite trendsetting pieces that the Eyewear Collection is now available to purchase from the Bugatti Eyewear e-shop: