AMC Testing Finds Toyota Toyota bZ4X, Ford Mustang Mach-E & MB EQ Fastest Charging

MP6 is AMCI Testing’s new charging standard. It gives consumers real-world test results for the 6-minute charging performance of any BEV on the market. It does this on what is currently the nation’s most accessible and reliable network: Tesla Supercharger.

Why a 6-minute charge? It is what most consumers are used to as it approximates the time it takes to fuel an ICE vehicle. In a sea of inaccurate and confusing information about BEVs, range anxiety, and power/charge ratings, MP6 provides truth and clarity. It quantifies the anxiety-provoking” moment of truth” – how your vehicle will perform when you’re away from home, short on time, and low on charge.

Our MP6 test currently takes place at a Tesla Supercharger fitted with Tesla’s ‘ Magic Dock’ adapter and measures miles of range added from 10% SOC ( state of charge) with a 6-minute fast charge. We have now tested the Toyota bZ4X and present a newly revised leaderboard below:

AMCI Testing MP6 Leaderboard Results:

1st place:   

Toyota bZ4X:                     

35.0 MP6

2nd place: 

Ford Mustang Mach-E:     

32.5 MP6

3rd place: 

Mercedes-Benz EQE:       

31.5 MP6

4th place: 

Hyundai IONIQ 5:             

28.0 MP6

“Although limited in overall range, the Toyota bZ4X surprised with a very fast ramp-up on initial charge, consistently adding an impressive 35 miles of range in the first 6 minutes,” said Guy Mangiamele, Director of AMCI Testing.

In our opinion there needs to be  equal emphasis on vehicle range and on charging speed. When on the road, when short on time or short on range, charging speed is what really matters.

Commenting on the performance of the Toyota bZ4X, David Stokols, CEO of parent company AMCI Global, ” The EV landscape continues to be misunderstood by buyers- most of whom just don’t know what they should be looking for. It makes no sense to shop for an EV with range as the predominant criteria, when charging speed is at least as important. Toyota’s bZ4X is a prime example of this – a vehicle that has received some criticism for its range but now tops our MP6 Leaderboard.”

In the coming weeks and months, as OEMs provide vehicles, AMCI testing will publish further MP6 test results. Our next test will be the Rivian R1S. Where do you think it will rank? Go to to guess its ranking and sign up to receive updates as they occur.

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