Extra Large Safe Glove Box from Hyundai Mobis

Pictured is the ‘Parabolic Motion Glove Box,’ a new concept glove box for electric vehicles developed by Hyundai Mobis, featured in the EV9. The parabolic motion mechanism is facilitated by the connecting component on the glove box’s right side.

Hyundai Mobis (KRX 012330) provides a new type of glove box specifically designed for electric vehicles, to Kia’s large electric SUV, the EV9. This innovative development notably includes an expanded glove box capacity and user-friendly design, which minimizes the risk of knee collision when the glove box is opened.

Hyundai Mobis revealed on 2 that it had pioneered a ‘Parabolic Motion Glove Box,’ a concept inspired by the aircraft overhead bin. ‘Parabolic Motion’ alludes to the parabolic trajectory, mirroring the path followed by overhead airplane luggage compartments. The moniker underscores its distinct motion pattern, a stark contrast to the straightforward rotation or covers opening type glove boxes found in traditional vehicles.

Given that the design and composition of recently developed electric vehicles deviate from those of conventional internal combustion vehicles, Hyundai Mobis has engineered a glove box suited explicitly for electric vehicles. Eliminating an engine room in electric vehicles broadens passenger space, facilitating an expansion in the glove box’s storage capacity.

In automotive terminology, a ‘glove box’ is a compartment near the passenger’s knee, typically storing items such as car manuals, tissues, sunglasses, and foldable umbrellas. It is one of the most oversized compartments available in a car for storing small items.

In its quest to optimize the glove box for electric vehicles, Hyundai Mobis has significantly enlarged its storage capacity. Conventional internal combustion vehicles typically offer a glove box capacity of around 5.5L. However, by adopting the parabolic motion approach, Hyundai Mobis has increased this capacity to over 8L. Consequently, this increase allows the storage of more and more oversized items than traditional internal combustion vehicle glove boxes. Apart from boosting capacity, usability has been enhanced, including simplified item retrieval and insertion and reducing knee collision instances when the glove box is opened.

Hyundai Mobis’ latest technological breakthrough originated from an in-house idea contest. This inventive concept won a gold medal in the 2021 internal idea contest, eventually evolving into a tangible product that led to mass production. The proposition of developing a glove box mechanism optimized for electric vehicles initially garnered much attention. Since 2019, Hyundai Mobis has been fostering a culture of voluntary and creative R&D among its employees, having already accumulated over 3,200 ideas to date as of the first half of this year.

Choi Jae-seob, Head of Trim Module Engineering Sector at Hyundai Mobis, emphasized the importance of reinterpreting passenger space for future mobility, stating, “We are committed to the continuous development of bespoke technologies that prioritize user experience.”

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