Dog Are Considered When Buying A Car

Pawsome Insights from Autotrader: Keep Your Best Furry Friend Safe on the Road

According to a recent study from Autotrader, 92% of dog owners consider their dogs to be a part of their family, and more than 77% of dog owners think about transporting their dog as they consider which vehicle to buy. Whether it’s choosing the best kibble, the most fabulous leash or opting for a car from Autotrader’s Best Cars for Dog Lovers List, the furry members of our family are always on our minds when making big decisions. Yet many pups are still waiting to find their fur-ever family with whom they can drive away from the shelter once and for all. More than 77% of dog owners think about transporting their dog as they consider which vehicle to buy.

For its 10th annual National Dog Day celebration, Autotrader, a Cox Automotive brand, sets its sights on helping pups in need by tapping Emmy-nominated celebrity personality and New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Van Ness for the job.

Van Ness and a team of makeover specialists wagged down to Austin Pets Alive! in Austin, Texas, to give some well-deserved pampering to the shelter’s long-term residents. They hope to help the dogs catch the attention of their future families by ensuring the pups are all cleaned up and ready to assume their positions in comfort as beloved shotgun riders.

“We honor the unbreakable bond between humans, their furry companions and the joy of driving with Autotrader’s Best Cars for Dog Lovers for 2023,” said Brian Moody, executive editor at Autotrader. “Partnering with the effervescent Jonathan Van Ness to pamper these shelter dogs, we’re reminded that just like finding the perfect car, the journey to finding a loving home for these dogs is a special one. Together with Jonathan, we’re embracing the spirit of National Dog Day and creating memories that will last a lifetime by celebrating love, compassion and the open road.”

Autotrader has a long-standing commitment to helping dogs in need and raising awareness about the importance of animal adoption. In honor of its 10th annual celebration of National Dog Day and in tandem with the makeovers, Autotrader also donated $10,000 to Austin Pets Alive! to help all the shelter’s residents.