A New ERA for AEHRA with Aerodynamic Sedan

AEHRA, a new global ultra-premium electric automotive brand, has revealed exclusive preview images of its forthcoming Sedan model ahead of unveiling the final vehicle design at the Milano Monza Motor Show on June 16th.

The sedan uniquely unlocks full design potential afforded by a flat EV architecture to set new standards for aerodynamic efficiency and interior space.

The new Sedan follows swiftly in the wheel tracks of the AEHRA SUV unveiled last year, and the images depict a vehicle with exquisitely beautiful flowing lines and exceptionally strong organic, muscular proportions. They offer an alluring early insight into the Sedan’s dynamic front treatment, almost liquid-like side profile and elegantly tapered rear and depict design characteristics that would typically be the preserve of a supercar show vehicle.

“At AEHRA, we do not believe in creating unrepresentative concept cars, so when we unveil the new Sedan at the Milano Monza Moving Motor Show on June 16th, the car will look virtually identical to the final production model that will arrive in 2026,” said Filippo Perini, AEHRA Head of Design. 

“Taking visual inspiration from classic Italian design principles and the world of nature, the new AEHRA SUV is based on the same industry-leading EV architecture and mono-body principles of the AEHRA SUV. It utilizes advanced global engineering and pioneering recyclable carbon fiber composite material to deliver an all-electric driving experience quite unlike anything on the road today.”

AEHRA will commence the first customer deliveries of both the SUV and Sedan models by 2026.

“Set to be unveiled just eight months after we introduced the AEHRA SUV to the world, the new Saloon continues AEHRA’s strategic mission to transform the entire automotive customer experience,” said AEHRA Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hazim Nada. 

“Engineered and manufactured using only the very best technology, materials and methodologies the global automotive industry has to offer, both the AEHRA SUV and AEHRA Sedan are driven by a purity of function and will usher in a new era of ultra-premium, exquisitely beautiful emission-free mobility.”

With substantial private funding in place, AEHRA has established a clear roadmap to deliver its unique, transformative business model. A strategic model roll out is planned for key markets in 2026, including North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States.