FF Launches Mission Farad for User-Based Innovation & May 30 Event

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (Nasdaq: FFIE) (“Faraday Future”, “FF” or “Company”), a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company, today announced its newly established “Mission Farad,” designed to encompass the Company’s many benefits to its user-based co-creation philosophy.

Faraday Future also announced the countdown to its FF 91 Final Launch & Faraday Future 2.0 event, set to occur on May 30th.

he May 30th event will celebrate how far FF has come and will be an opportunity for the Company to share not only the all-new progress that has been made with the FF 91 vehicle but also a chance to explain FF’s entire user experience; from updated product and technology architecture, AI strategy, eco products, service and sales, plus the co-creation and sharing platform, as well as the FF 91 delivery plan.

“Mission Farad” will bring FF’s users more innovative experiences and opportunities. It consists of four key components: an open-source co-creation technology platform, a co-sharing business model, a co-partnership governance structure, and a win-win product portfolio. This will be an important strategy for FF and provides new impetus for future growth.

FF is not just launching the FF 91 vehicle as its ultra-flagship model, but also creating more exciting new opportunities for its users. We believe the FF User Value Co-creation and Benefits Sharing Platform V2.0 will be a significant innovation, offering new opportunities for FF’s developers and creators as well as users and investors. This platform represents a major step forward in FF’s external partner program preceded by FF’s internal partner governance system. The platform is built on the Web3.0 concept, which unites developers, creators, users, and investors to achieve value co-creation and benefits co-sharing. We believe this is also the new trend of globalized corporate development, where co-creation, co-sharing, co-partnership and win-win will become the mainstream in the future.

The co-creation business model is an open UP2U business model that allows users to become FF partners and enable value co-creation. The shared technology platform is expected to provide more innovation and services for users and achieve better benefits co-sharing. Lastly, the Company’s win-win product portfolio will feature several product offerings including FIR and FPO, among others, which will be unveiled gradually.

We believe we can achieve a win-win situation through user value co-creation and benefits co-sharing. FF is very thankful for the support of our investors, retail investors, and fans. Alongside the FF 91 vehicle, the Company is also designing a novel way to reward FF’s Futurists.

The “Mission Farad” is officially launched on the FF App and FF.com. Users can participate in the “Mission Farad” through “Co-Creation Tasks” that will be updated from time to time. Completing specific Co-Creation Tasks within the given timeframe entitles users to earn Futurist Co-Creation Points as rewards. “Farad” is the unit of measure for the FF Futurist Co-Creation Points, denoted by the letter “F,” in tribute to Michael Faraday, the renowned English physicist.