@ACTExpo Round-up #2 State of Sustainable, Bosch, Navistar, Linamar, FreeWire, J.B. Poindester, REV & Morgan Truck

Today there were many announcements from the ACT Expo. This afternoon ,the 2023 State of Sustainable Fleets Report was release This industry leading annual market brief gathers real-world data directly from early adopter fleets across the U.S. to summarize market-moving clean transportation trends and key takeaways around the ongoing adoption of clean vehicles and renewable fuels.

Bosch & Plus Plus Drive with Integrated Steering

Bosch and Plus are collaborating to make software-defined commercial trucks a reality. Through a new technology agreement, Plus is offering its PlusDrive solution with the integrated steering system from Bosch featuring hardware and software to deliver driver assistance and partially automated features to commercial vehicles. The announcement was made today at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Anaheim, California.

PlusDrive-enabled L2++ vehicles are equipped with a predictive 360 degree surround perception system and provide partial automation by continuously helping drivers with acceleration, braking and steering. The PlusDrive software-based system and the Bosch hardware plus software steering solution work together to enable assisted driving and automated functions. PlusDrive provides traffic jam assist, merge handling, driver initiated and suggested lane change, over-the-air updates, lane nudge, sensor self-calibration, driver attentiveness detection, and other highly automated driving features. When combined with Bosch’s steering system for lateral control, its benefits include driver retention, fuel economy savings and assistance capabilities to help reduce accidents.

“New mobility solutions require new, enhanced collaboration,” said Paul Thomas, executive vice president of Mobility Solutions, Americas for Bosch. “Our agreement with Plus complements existing Bosch portfolio elements and is one of multiple ways we can work together to support our customers.”

“Plus’s underlying next-generation safety solution enabled by our open autonomy platform, combined with Bosch’s steering software system, will help to prevent accidents in commercial vehicles and make roads safer. The proven commercial readiness of our highly automated Plus system accelerates the deployment for our partners and improves the safety and sustainability for the trucking industry,” said Shawn Kerrigan, COO and co-founder, Plus.

Beyond offering hardware and software solutions in its steering technology, Bosch can also provide advanced engineering services from its Bosch Engineering team focused on vehicle integration, security and safety for the combined Bosch and Plus solution offered to commercial vehicle truck manufacturers.

In addition to steering solutions for commercial vehicles, Bosch also delivers hardware and software solutions supporting increasing levels of automation in commercial vehicles. Bosch technology can help to provide significantly more powerful electronics architecture, thereby delivering the basis for the software-defined truck. Half the R&D associates in the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector are software engineers. Among other things, this promotes the development of automated driving.

Navistar Intros International eMV™ Series wih ePower or (ePTO)

Navistar continues to accelerate the impact of sustainable mobility by logging additional operational miles and expanding market applications for its electric vehicle offerings. , the company announces the International® eMV™ Series now has factory-installed ePower and electric power take-off (ePTO) electrical system options available. The foundation has also been laid for the introduction of a Class 8 battery electric vehicle.

eMV Series Market Success
“Last month, our International truck and IC Bus® electric vehicles passed a major milestone: logging 1 million miles driven. This equates to a reduction of carbon emissions by more than 800 metric tons,” said Göran Nyberg, EVP, Commercial Operations, Navistar. “We are committed to the accelerated adoption and development of battery electric vehicle solutions to best serve our customers’ needs while committing to a more sustainable future for all.”

The International eMV Series was first introduced at ACT Expo in 2021. Since that time, Navistar has worked in collaboration with the International® dealer network and trusted industry partners to demonstrate various customer applications for customers.

“In less than two years, we have partnered with customers to expand the original box truck application of the eMV Series into electric bucket trucks, mini mixers, stake dumps, utility vehicles and more,” said Debbie Shust, VP, Medium Duty Truck Business, Navistar. “Now, we are proud to provide ePower and electric power take-off options for customers that utilize the vehicle’s battery to provide power to other parts of the vehicle.”

ePower and ePTO Availability
With the availability of the ePower and ePTO electrical system options, fleets now have the ability to spec International eMV Series Class 6 and 7 battery electric trucks for additional market applications.

The ePower electrical system option pulls power directly from the electric vehicle’s battery pack and is the foundation for electric transport refrigeration unit (eTRU) applications. The eTRU is an especially important solution to help customers meet sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.

“We worked in close collaboration with transport refrigeration unit providers and leading food transport service fleets, including Performance Food Group, to develop and bring this solution to market,” said Shust.

The ePTO electrical system option pulls power directly from the vehicle’s battery and utilizes an electric motor to convert power for other systems on the truck, such as a boom or concrete mixer. Electric utility and telecommunications equipment provider Altec has taken delivery of the first eMV Series truck with a factory-installed ePTO electrical system to operate a pilot distribution bucket truck. Altec has also committed to ordering additional International eMV Series trucks with the ePTO option for upfit and sale to its utility customers in 2023.

Partnerships to Prepare for an Electric Future
In addition to working collaboratively with PFG on the ePower, Navistar and PFG are focused on a long-term zero-emissions future.

“Trusted partnerships are critical to success while on our journey to accelerate the impact of sustainable mobility,” said Chet Ciesielski, vice president, On-Highway Business, Navistar. “We are committed to supporting customers for all use cases, including the development of a Class 8 battery-electric vehicle. We look forward to working closely with PFG to explore eMobility solutions for Class 8 products.”

“PFG is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and we are proud to partner with industry leaders like Navistar to support the development and accelerated adoption for both the medium duty and heavy duty zero emissions solutions,” said Jeff Williamson, SVP, Operations, PFG.

Navistar utilizes its global capabilities and scale as a part of the TRATON Group to accelerate product development. The forthcoming Class 8 battery electric vehicle will demonstrate a modular approach with common platforms and expanded resources in testing, validation, research and development.

To learn more about electric solutions from International, visit Booth 5640 during ACT Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif. May 1-4. The International eMV Series will also be available to experience first-hand at the ACT Expo Ride and Drive.

Linamar BEV Full-Size Pickup Truck

Linamar Corporation (TSX: LNR) today announced that it has completed a major Electrified Mobility R&D project – a fully functioning BEV fullsize pickup truck showcasing Linamar electrified vehicle technologies. The technology demonstrator is based off a 2500 pickup platform. The demo vehicle, along with all of Linamar’s latest eLIN solutions will be on display at the 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Anaheim, California taking place May 1 – 4, 2023.

“Linamar has an an extensive portfolio of products within its eLIN electification group that OEM customers can integrate into their new EV platforms. Now, we can showcase our technology fully integrated into a functioning EV demonstration truck. Over the coming weeks and months customers will be able to get inside, go for a test drive and see first hand how our innovative solutions can help them electrify their next EV project,” said Linda Hasenfratz, Linamar’s Executive Chair and CEO. “The truck will be on full display this week at ACT Expo, its an incredibly exciting project brought from concept to reality by our eLIN Product Solutions Group.”

The Technology Demonstrator Truck is equipped with front and rear eUD10 Beam eAxles, one of several eAxle designs with Linamar’s eLIN portfolio offering that covers vehicle classes 1 through 6. With the combined eAxles, the demonstrator truck creates 4WD capability delivering over 15,200 Nm of peak torque and 750 kW peak power. The vehicle is also equipped with the eBrickTM Battery Pack, a system designed by eMatrix Custom Battery Systems, a company Linamar owns a strategic, minority stake in.

At ACT Expo, Linamar will also be highlighting the newest generation eMatrix Battery Pack design, its FlexForm hydrogen storage tank for fuel cell applications, and the second generation of its eMD15 Beam eAxle as well as a host of other Electrified Mobility & CV Truck capabilities. Through the eLIN Product Solutions Group, Linamar is well positioned to provide electrified innovations that serve the future needs of fleet and commerical truck OEMs.

For more information on the full eLIN product portfolio contact Electrification@Linamar.com or follow us on Social Media @LinamarCorp.

FreeWire Demos & Help with Incentives

FreeWire has a booth with a hands-on product demonstration of the Boost Charger. With a fully integrated 160 kWh battery, the Boost Charger is the fastest and most flexible solution for entering the EV charging business.

FreeWire Technologies, the leading provider of battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and energy management solutions, t announced the launch of CLAIM (Charging Location Analysis and Incentive Management), a service that quickly analyzes potential EV charging sites for available financial incentives. With the vast amount of government and utility funding available for EV charging infrastructure and energy storage, CLAIM is designed to help FreeWire customers rank sites with the highest incentive eligibility and driver utilization to capture funding capable of covering up to 80% of the total cost of installing FreeWire’s battery-integrated ultrafast Boost Charger™.

The transition to EVs is well underway, with car manufacturers like Volvo and Mercedes committing to 100% electric vehicle sales by 2030. According to the International Council on Clean Transportation, 180,000 public direct current fast-charging (DCFC) ports will be needed to support the 26 million EVs expected on US roads in 2030. Comparatively, the US currently only has 26,276 publicly available DCFC ports. Billions of dollars in government and utility incentives are available to support the expansion of our national infrastructure network but identifying and applying for that funding can be a time-consuming and complicated process, particularly when overlayed with usage and driver behavior data.

“Many people don’t realize that EV Charging has a positive ROI if customers use the right charging technology, know where drivers want to charge, and have insight into the availability of tax credits and other incentives,” commented Peter Olmsted, Director of Public Policy at FreeWire. “Our team has the expertise and tools to help FreeWire customers quickly identify available incentives, and be the first to deploy fast-charging in desirable areas. We are confident that this service will help to speed the rate of EV adoption and our team is eager to support site hosts as they consider the move to EV charging.”

CLAIM helps site hosts simplify the process of capturing incentives and strategically placing fast-charging stations to maximize their return on investment (ROI). The tool is powered in part by Mobilyze.ai, a platform recently acquired by FreeWire that uses artificial intelligence to analyze location data and strengthen the business case for specific sites. In an initial offer, FreeWire will provide free basic site assessments on up to 5 sites. For assessments beyond the initial 5, or for advanced assessments that include the full scope of CLAIM’s capabilities, a per site charge will be incurred and can be credited toward the purchase of FreeWire equipment. The basis for the assessment is FreeWire’s proprietary datasets of highly precise and location-specific data, including EV adoption, utility rate tariffs, percentage of apartment dwellers, and incentive programs. This technology and database, combined with FreeWire’s proprietary ROI calculator, and team of experienced policy experts, work together to evaluate the business case for installing and operating fast chargers at individual sites.

“The new investment tax credit for standalone energy storage systems presents an important opportunity for site hosts to leverage private investment in distributed energy resources,” said Ethan Sprague, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Policy at FreeWire. “This tax incentive is available everywhere in the U.S. and with a value of up to 50% of eligible acquisition and development costs, we are excited to work with customers to help achieve their electrification goals.”

FreeWire’s team of experts, and the Mobilyze.ai platform can rapidly help site hosts understand and evaluate the business case of installing fast-charging infrastructure at their site. FreeWire’s service supports the development and submission of grant applications, evaluation of site layout and ADA requirements, installation cost assessments, and helps to determine electric rate tariffs and the cost of owning and operating EV charging. FreeWire’s team can provide information on qualifying incentives within one week or less.

J.B. Poindexter & Co Innovations

-“The surging demand for electrification and alternative fuels in commercial trucking has been driven by multiple state-level mandates for zero emissions, escalating fuel prices, and a huge spike in e-commerce deliveries,” says Mark Hope, General Manager and COO, EAVX, the innovation hub within J.B. Poindexter & Co (JBPCO). “The greater need for middle- and last-mile package, dry freight, and refrigerated delivery trucks has been a catalyst for innovation and the evolving projects we are working on across our business units.”

In response to the Governor’s Executive Order N-79-20 requiring strategies to achieve 100% zero-emissions from medium- and heavy-duty on-road vehicles in California by 2045, the California Air Resource Board (CARB) approved amendments to its current rule for Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU) operating in the state requiring actions designed to reduce the pollution the units produce and accelerate their transition to zero-emission technologies.

Recognized as industry leaders focused on customer solutions for the transition to zero-emission freight transportation, JBPCO business units are focusing on the newest technologies that will pave the way for next-generation EV truck bodies, vehicle strategies and digital connectivity. Several innovative body and technology solutions will be featured at ACT Expo, May 1 – 4, 2023, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Booth #5489 and outside at the ride and drive area, including multiple e-TRU zero-emission refrigeration solutions.

“Our theme, Driving Innovation Together, underscores JBPCO’s commitment to collaboration between our business units, chassis partners, technology innovators, and customers,” says Hope.

Morgan Truck Bodies

Morgan Truck Body, the largest manufacturer of light- and medium-duty freight and refrigerated van and truck bodies in North America, will spotlight its innovative proof-of-concept body, NEO, on Navistar’s International® eMV Series chassis. NEO represents the next step of Morgan’s product evolution to achieve extended range, improved aerodynamics, and a lighter-weight dry-freight body. NEO is the sequel to last year’s first-phase concept body that introduced lighter-weight materials and situational awareness elements, many of which are now available. Highlights include:

  • Lightweight aluminum sub-frame, nearly 40% lighter than standard sheet and post or FRP body, increases available payload
  • Improved aerodynamics and weight reduction help extend effective range
  • Enhanced safety with improved visibility, pedestrian protection, and distracted driver awareness
  • Powered rear overhead door with remote control and EAVX’s automated VX Control passive entry and exit

Project Polar Steed is a fully electric, zero-emission refrigerated solution on a Morgan composite refrigerated body and an EV chassis provided by Pritchard Electric. The lightweight structure with insulated foam core wall panels positions Polar Steed at the forefront of sustainable refrigeration. Composite materials and aluminum, incorporated in lieu of wood and steel, provide improved durability, longevity and corrosion resistance.

  • Lighter weight than standard refrigerated bodies, which helps increase payload availability
  • Front-mounted All-Electric TRU provided by Volta Air helps reduce carbon emissions and is California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved

Morgan Olson, North America’s leading producer of walk-in step vans, will feature the Proxima Class 2B, a fully electric last-mile delivery vehicle. The Proxima Class 2B offers a smaller format for maneuverability and frequent stops, designed for below 10,000 lbs. GVWR. Designed with optimal aerodynamics, it delivers a 40% reduction in drag.

  • Best-in-class floor height with two-step entry
  • Designed for EV chassis, with improved aerodynamics and driver comfort features
  • Integrated VX Control to provide vehicle automation tasks

The Reading Truck Group will showcase Project ZEVx, a concept vehicle developed with EAVX and ZEVx electrification solutions that features a Reading Truck body. The Reading Truck service body can be integrated onto all platforms including EV, repowered EVs, and internal combustion engines, providing an opportunity to incorporate new technology within aging fleets.

According to Hope, “The business units within JBPCO remain dedicated to developing the most sophisticated solutions, innovative features and technological advancements that are helping commercial fleets transition to a sustainable future that benefits consumers, drivers, the industry and the environment.”

REV Capacity Terminal Truck

Capacity Trucks, a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc. (NYSE: REVG), will debut its new Zero Emissions Lithium-Ion powered terminal truck at the upcoming Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, May 2 – 4, in Anaheim, California.

This new electric terminal truck is the latest in Capacity’s zero emissions line of products designed for port, intermodal and distribution/warehouse applications.

“Our focus over the last 10 years has been on developing advanced zero emissions products that answer the evolving needs of the industry,” said Wes Downing, Vice President & General Manager of Capacity Trucks. “This new EV terminal truck is a continuation of that journey and provides an efficient alternative for moving the world’s cargo.”

The Capacity EV terminal truck is powered by a Hyster-Yale electric powertrain and available with an option of 130 kWh or 260 kWh lithium-ion battery. The truck is expected to operate for the length of a normal shift before recharging is needed, delivering consistent power and maximizing uptime. The battery can be recharged in as short as one hour.

“As part of REV Group, Capacity Trucks is advancing our mission to develop cutting-edge alternative-powered vehicles for the heavy-duty transportation industry,” stated Brian Perry, President of Commercial Segment, REV Group. “The new EV terminal truck is an exciting addition to our growing line of zero emissions products.”

The Zero Emissions Lithium-Ion powered truck will be on display at Capacity’s ACT Expo booth #6788. Capacity’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric (H2) terminal truck, which debuted at TMC earlier this year, will also be on display.

REV Collins Bus

Collins Bus, a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc., and an industry leader in manufacturing Type A School Buses, Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB), childcare buses and electric/alternative fuel buses announces its zero-emissions Ford E-Transit Type A School Bus is available for orders starting Monday, May 1st.

E-Transit is the first Type A School Bus on an electric powertrain from a full-line automaker. Introduced at NTEA’s Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, Indiana in March 2023 by Ford Pro, the Type A school bus package features a fully electric powertrain with a 68 kWh high-voltage battery, and 8-year/100K-mile warranty.

“Collins Bus is renowned for its commitment to driver and passenger safety innovation with unparalleled bus structure designs, driver visibility, and driver safety features. Now, with Ford’s E-Transit chassis, this commitment expands to help keep the environment safe with zero-emissions technology,” said Bryce Pfister, Vice President and General Manager, Collins Bus.

In addition to zero emissions provided by the Ford E-Transit, the complete Collins school bus offers:

  • A narrow-body design that allows for easy vehicle maneuverability
  • The industry’s largest view-out window which reduces blind spots and enhances visibility
  • An innovative structure featuring an exclusive one-piece tubular roof bow design for unmatched structural integrity
  • A 5-year body warranty and limited lifetime paint warranty

“Ford and Collins Bus have a long history working together to provide mobility solutions for school systems, and now, we’re delighted to offer a more sustainable choice for their customers with E-Transit,” said Raj Sarkar, Ford Pro General Manager Product Marketing and Strategy. “For use-cases with condensed routes, the Type A school bus package on E-Transit can be a great zero-emissions solution for student transportation.”

The Collins Type A School Bus is offered on Ford’s T-350 single-rear-wheel E-Transit cutaway and is available with floor plans accommodating up to 12 seated passengers or 8 seated passengers and two wheelchairs.

For more information, contact your local Collins Bus dealer. Ford Pro will showcase the Collins all-electric school bus at the ACT Expo May 2 to 4, 2023 where the latest developments in the clean transportation sector will be showcased.

Range Energy Electric Trailer RA-01

ERange Energy (Range), the hardware company bringing powered trailers to the commercial trucking market, today debuted its 53-foot full-scale electric trailer, RA-01, at Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. Designed to make towing cleaner, safer, and more convenient, Range’s commercially-ready powered trailer is facilitating a smooth transition for fleets seeking ways to reduce emissions. The RA-01, the first of Range’s RA Series of vehicles, is the most cost-effective solution towards carriers’ decarbonization goals, as it provides an estimated 41 percent reduction in diesel consumption over the product lifecycle.

The RA-01 was designed to reduce diesel consumption during yard operation, at the dock, while idling, and in a multitude of other scenarios. The trailer’s electrification platform and equipment set – inclusive of an e-axle, battery pack, and smart kingpin – provides power to auxiliary devices, enables zero-emission precooling with TRUs, provides the ability to move trailers with reduced emissions, and increases the overall uptime of tractors.

“We’ve reached a turning point in freight transportation. Fleets are looking at ways to reduce emissions without negatively impacting operations. At Range, it is our goal to help our commercial partners – and all freight carriers – during this critical transition, and to do so expediently,” said Ali Javidan, CEO and founder, Range Energy. “The RA Series is our answer. With a unique, practical solution that can quickly be deployed at scale, Range is providing commercial fleets the ability to immediately reduce emissions and costs, while avoiding any disruption to their operations.”

Range will be providing a hands-on look at its full-size powered trailer at ACT Expo. Range will additionally be providing technology demos with its in-house trailer test fleet which has clocked over 17,000 miles. To request a demo please contact: jason@range.energy