Kia EV9 Revealed with 3 Rows 336 mi range, Level 3 ADAS & Kia Connect Store

Kia revealed full details of the Kia EV9, its first three-row seat electric flagship SUV that brings fresh thinking, design, and technology to the sector and spearheads the brand’s rapid transformation to a sustainable mobility solutions provider in the era of electrification.

Based on the game-changing Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the EV9 ensures athletic performance, complemented by a targeted all-electric range over (336 mi) 541 km[2] , according to the World harmonized Light vehicle Testing Procedure (WLTP). Ultra-fast 800-volt charging capability enables the EV9 battery pack to be replenished with sufficient charge to power the vehicle for 239 km in approximately 15 minutes[3].

Numerous technological breakthroughs include the Highway Driving Pilot (HDP) system, available in the Kia EV9 GT-line in the future, enabling conditional Level 3 autonomous driving in selected markets. It also introduces the Kia Connect Store, which enables customers to purchase digital features and services on demand, giving them the flexibility to choose the features they want and continuously upgrade the capability of the EV9 with Over the Air (OTA) updates at any time.

conditional Level 3 autonomy

Utilizing some of the most sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology, the EV9 takes a significant step towards full autonomous driving. Kia’s new Highway Driving Pilot (HDP) system is targeting conditional Level 3 autonomous driving in some markets. Fifteen sensors, including two lidars, allow it to scan for and detect objects in a full 360-degree field of view so that the system can react to the road and other users in milliseconds.

Update your EV9 anytime, anywhere

Through Kia Connect Store, customers can keep their EV9 constantly updated by upgrading vehicle features and services without any need to visit a dealership. Customers can enhance the functionality of their EV9 in numerous ways. For example, the latest digital grille lighting patterns can be easily downloaded at the Kia Connect Store.

Class-leading occupant protection
& battery safeguarding

Thanks to world’s first patent pending B-pillar connection structure technology, a chassis offering class-leading levels of occupant protection and a specially designed battery housing, the EV9 is designed to maximize the energy dispersion from potential impacts.

New standards in sustainable mobility

The Kia EV9 marks a pioneering milestone as the first model to embrace the brand’s design sustainability strategy, which aims to phase out the use of leather, apply ten must-have sustainable items to new Kia models and continuously increase the use of bio-based materials.

Phase out the use of leather and apply 10 must-have sustainable items (Recycled and Biomaterials)

Ho Sung Song, President and CEO, said: “The Kia EV9 transcends all aspects of traditional SUV thinking and represents the pinnacle of Kia’s design and engineering capabilities. Created to meet the needs of all family members, the EV9 also spearheads Kia’s rapid transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider, not just by its advanced EV architecture, but also through the numerous recycled and sustainable materials used in its creation.”

Kia has taken full advantage of the EV9’s long wheelbase and the completely flat electric vehicle architecture afforded by its industry-transforming Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). The result is a cabin with generous space for all occupants in all three rows to connect and relax with lounge-style comfort. Meanwhile, exemplary all-electric range is achieved thanks to the 76.1kWh battery offered exclusively with Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) ‘Standard’ model, and the 99.8kWh battery fitted in both the RWD ‘Long Range’ and All Wheel Drive (AWD) ‘Performance’ variants.

Kia will begin offering pre-order of the EV9 for the Korean market in the second quarter of 2023. The Kia EV9 will go on sale in selected global markets from the second half of the year.

Today, Kia has released the EV9 world premiere video with full details of the model. The video can be viewed on the Kia EV9 global brand page at

[1] Availability of HDP may vary by trim and market. The detailed features of HDP may vary by regions due to local rules and regulations. Further details on HDP will be disclosed nearer its market availability.

[2] Based on Kia EV9 RWD Long Range model with 19-inch wheels

[3] The statistics presented in this paragraph are based on preliminary data as of March 29, 2023 and may be adjusted depending on the testing results.

SOURCE Kia Corporation