Safety is integral to operations at Amazon—every day, in every country, and especially on the road. In the blog post the company reported that it continues to innovate and advance safety features in the trucks and vans, keeping the safety of  partners and communities where it delivers as our top priority.

A challenge as complex as roadway safety requires strong leadership across both the public and private sectors. Amazon has helped lead the way in investments and innovations,

It highlights of how Amazon is already working toward the goals outlined in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS). The examples below are each part of a $200 million investment in new safety technology.Here are some of the tech-based safety and sustainability solutions Amazon is investing in this year:

  • Amazon equipped middle mile trucking network, which is responsible for shipping packages to and from operations sites before they’re dispatched for last mile delivery to customers, with leading safety technology, including automatic emergency braking, front-collision warning, stability control, lane-departure warning, side-object detection, adaptive cruise control, and speed limiters. Since 2017, Amazon tractors have also been equipped with driver-facing cameras that can help identify unsafe behaviors, like distracted driving, so drivers can be coached to prevent those behaviors from happening again. Amazon trailers are outfitted with sensors to monitor lights, anti-lock braking systems, cargo and door sensors, and more. Based on the company’s full technology package, equipment manufacturers have indicated that Amazon is a pioneer in incorporating the most advanced safety features. And outside of the fleet, Amazon invested heavily in route planning navigation systems and predictive analytics software to better monitor fleet safety. All of this is embedded into Amazon mobile technology, called Relay, that connects carriers and drivers to Amazon, and provides them with navigation assistance, real-time driver-facing alerts, safety performance summaries, and additional safety learning.