Warning—Teslas Can’t Swim—Tesla Sinks in Swimming Pool in Los Angeles

A warning to Tesla owners, do not hit the accelerator instead of the brake during a rainstorm. In the city of Pasadena in Los Angeles County, a Tesler owner hit the accelerator instead of the brakes, sending the vehicle through a fence into a backyard swimming pool.

Teachers from the local Pacific Oaks School Came to the rescue and pulled the people out of the pool.

Although some people think a Tesla is invincible, it does not float in water. It’s electric therefore it will probably not continue to operate and water and the Windows may not open in water.

The bottom of electric vehicles is enclosed–however in very deep water the water can seep into the interior and eventually into motors.

After car is submerged there can be rusting and mold.

Used car buyers now should be careful about buying cars in California and nearby states.

Buyers should be particularly careful in the coming weeks and months as thousands of flood-damaged vehicles may reappear for sale in their areas. Vehicles that were not insured may be cleaned up and put up for sale by the owner or an unscrupulous dealer with no disclosure of the flood damage.

Buyers should have a vehicle checked by a reputable technician or repair facility before handing over any cash.

NICB Consumer Tips:

  • Look for water stains, mildew, sand or silt under the carpet, floor mats, and dashboard, and in the wheel well where the spare is stored. Look for fogging inside the headlights and taillights.
  • Do a smell test. A heavy aroma of cleaners and disinfectants is a sign that someone’s trying to mask a mold or odor problem.
  • Get a vehicle history report. Check a trusted database service. You can check NICB’s free VINCheck database.
  • Have a trusted mechanic inspect the car’s mechanical and electrical components, and systems that contain fluids, for water contamination.

Typically in California most cars should not have a lot of rust under the vehicle.  Flooding may change that. Be careful when you drive anywhere today. Drive slowly and concentrate on using brakes for stopping.