Invest Green Welcomes Toyota to Democratize Green Investing

Invest.Green  announced the launch of a new, Invitation-Only Membership Program designed to connect companies to current and potential investors with respect to environmental issues and information. There is growing demand from both groups, as they seek to harness the financial benefits which can be generated by superior environmental performance.

For Member companies, Invest.Green’s innovative media and research platform provides a highly credible, third-party forum through which to “tell their green stories” to investors. Equally importantly, it also gives the companies the ability to connect with, learn from, and explore commercial opportunities with other Members. For investors, the Invest.Green platform provides valuable, proprietary insights and analysis designed to enhance their ability to both manage emerging investment risks and identify new opportunities. The site contains short format, easy-to-digest research pieces –Green Research Bites, interviews with industry leaders, investors and green entrepreneurs and interactive online investor events. The content is all created and curated by a research team which has twice been rated No. 1 in the World for Green investment research.

In launching the new program, Invest.Green is proud to welcome its Founding Members: Toyota Motor North America and econnext. Toyota is the world’s largest automaker, and one of its strongest environmental performers. An innovative industrial holding company, econnext brings together some of Europe’s most influential families and institutional investors to establish, fund and scale promising Cleantech companies. Both Toyota and econnext’s environmental strategies and achievements are profiled on the Invest.Green site.

Invest.Green co-founder and Executive Chairman Dr. Matthew Kiernan noted that: “Our overall corporate mission is to ‘democratize green investing‘ and increase the overall flow of capital to opportunities which create both environmental and financial benefits. The addition of World-Class companies like Toyota and econnext takes us an important step closer to achieving those objectives.

Toyota, econnext, and future Members are offered the opportunity to have a page at Invest.Green dedicated to sharing news, insights and other coverage, as well as links to their own websites and investor relations resources. There will also be further content for investors provided by Invest.Green.

Toyota Motor North America group vice president of sustainability regulatory affairs Tom Sticker said: “Toyota’s sustainability goals include leaving no one behind when it comes to affordable, carbon-reducing transportation. Invest.Green’s membership program allows us to find and connect with like-minded organizations and members of the investment community, as well as a platform to share stories that reflect our commitment to work with stakeholders across society in support of a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future.”

“econnext has built a portfolio of subsidiaries which have the potential to significantly decarbonize every aspect of human life, our shareholders, including Dr. Nathalie von Siemens and Dr. Brigitte Mohn (Siemens and Bertelsmann Media), have funded that vision to date. We are delighted to collaborate with Toyota, Invest.Green and its future members to institutionalize and scale the potential of Green Investing for People, Planet and Profit,” said Michael Schneider, Co-CEO of econnext.

About Invest.Green

Invest.Green is a digital investor community where invited companies can become Members and share their Green stories with investors. That content is curated by Invest.Green’s team which has created research twice ranked #1 in the World and was instrumental in creating the Green investment sector.

By providing proprietary, World-Class research to both individual investors and advisors, Invest.Green’s mission is to accelerate the growth of the green investment space exponentially. This will create both financial benefits for individuals and environmental benefits for the entire planet.