Drivers Should Know More About Their Tires

Anyline, a global leader in connecting real-world data with digital environments through mobile data capture and AI-enabled, machine learning technology, today announced the findings of its “Smart Tire Retail: How U.S. Drivers Take Care of Their Tires” report. The survey, conducted on behalf of Anyline by YouGov, highlights U.S. drivers’ general tire knowledge, preventative maintenance and challenges to online tire buying. With more than two-thirds of U.S. drivers not knowing much about their tires, the report outlines opportunities for tire retailers and dealerships to improve the entire process of tire service and prchasing.

Bridging The Gap in Tire Knowledge

Although the majority of U.S. drivers lack general tire knowledge, they do know the fundamentals of tire care, such as how to check tire pressure (77%), measure tread depth (64%) and identify sidewall damage (56%). However, 39% of U.S. drivers rely on professionals to know when it is time to change their tires, and 33% of drivers decide to get new tires after experiencing performance issues. The survey also found that those who do know how to check tire tread depth typically use outdated or inaccurate methods.

This indicates a clear gap between what people know and what they should know about their tires, resulting in less maintenance and therefore a threat to safety on the roads. This lack of knowledge contributes to almost half (47%) of Americans admitting to driving on bald or severely worn-out tires, and an additional 46% having experienced a tire blowout while driving.

The Rise of Tire eCommerce

While the number of U.S. drivers willing to buy tires online increased from 10% in 2017 to 29% in 2022, the majority of U.S. drivers still hesitate to buy tires online. According to the report:

  • Almost half (48%) rely on an in-person mechanic/salesperson to help them find the right set of tires.
  • There are pain points during in-store purchases, including being bothered by up-selling salespeople (37%), waiting too long in the store to get new tires (37%) or being unsure of what they were buying (30%).
  • 43% of drivers would consider purchasing tires online if they had more knowledge about the tires they were buying, while 30% cite cost and instant access to tire information as key to the decision-making process.

Improving Overall Tire Maintenance and Purchasing with Mobile Scanning

While most Americans do their best to keep up with the health of their tires, it is not always enough. In fact, the survey shows that 64% of American drivers say the biggest indicator that it’s time to buy a new set of tires is worn tire tread, but by that point, tires might already be considered problematic and dangerous.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches, Anyline gives tire dealers the power to read, interpret and process visual information with any mobile device. With this technology, tire technicians can collect all tire and vehicle data needed to conduct maintenance and service checkups in a matter of seconds.

“This lack of real-time information clearly illustrates the need for tire retailers and dealerships to offer mobile data capture and scanning to their customers, empowering drivers with technology that can help them make more proactive and informed decisions about their tires,” said Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and founder, Anyline. “Through mobile scanning, U.S. drivers can uplevel their general tire knowledge, streamline preventative maintenance and ensure they, and everyone else around them, are safe on the roads.”