CARFAX Vehicle Data Reaches 30 Billion from 131K Sources

The CARFAX Vehicle History Report containing the 30 billionth
record reported to CARFAX, an “offered for sale” record in Texas
for a 2020 Kia Telluride.

The CARFAX database, the largest vehicle history database in the world, now includes more than 30 billion records, the company announced today. CARFAX data is a resource that helps millions of people shop, buy, service, and sell used cars more confidently. This milestone came from one of the more than 131,000 sources that report vehicle information directly to CARFAX.

CARFAX was founded in 1984 to combat odometer fraud. It took more than 15 years for the company to reach 1 billion records. CARFAX has continued its relentless pursuit of data, and the company now loads a billion records about every 5 months.


“The amount of information we’re loading daily is staggering,” said Faisal Hasan, CARFAX General Manager of Data. “On average, we load more than 6.6 million records every single day. That can be anything from open safety recalls to vehicle registrations to new accident information. The largest percent of the data we’re loading today is service and maintenance records. We are uniquely positioned because of these records to help people at every stage of the car ownership experience, from shopping to servicing to selling.”

The 30 billionth record loaded into the CARFAX database is an “offered for sale” record on a 2020 Kia Telluride. This Telluride is a one-owner, well-maintained, certified pre-owned SUV that has had no accidents or damage reported to CARFAX.