CES Innovation Award Honorees in Vehicle Tech, Advanced Mobility and Entertainment

CES announced 2023 Innovation Award technology honorees in smart city, Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility and automotive entertainment. Here are summaries of the honoree that relate to connected and autonomous vehicles.

AEVA Aeries II is a 4D LiDAR sensor

Aeries II is a 4D LiDAR sensor built to enable the next wave of autonomy across automotive and industrial applications. Using Aeva’s unique Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology and the world’s first LiDAR-on-chip design, the sensor uniquely detects the fourth dimension of instantaneous velocity in addition to 3D position. It leverages 4D sensor data to deliver new capabilities such as Ultra Resolution, which provides up to 20 times the resolution of legacy LiDAR sensors, enabling automated vehicles to detect objects like small road hazards at highway speeds from up to twice the distance of 3D LiDAR sensors.

360° Radar-Based Perception By Arbe

To achieve truly safe autonomous driving, sensors must progress to have a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s environment. Arbe’s 360° Radar-Based Perception processes highly detailed data captured by Arbe’s long-range front, back and surround radars, using AI to identify, classify, and track surrounding objects for real-time analysis of the free space around the vehicle, as well as evolving hazards.

With ultra-high resolution in all dimensions and top performance in any weather or lighting conditions, it is repositioning radar to be the backbone of the autonomous sensing suite.

ArgosVue 3D Depth Camera By ArgosVision

ArgosVue is a 3D depth camera with a human-like wide field of view. ArgosVue can replace expensive LiDAR sensors for the autonomous navigation of robots. Also, it can be used for human recognition at a close distance. With ArgosVue, robots can see obstacles at their feet and the full-height body of a person at arm’s length.

AU’s Rear Occupant Alert Radar

AU’s Rear Occupant Alert Radar can detect the presence of lifeforms in the back seat (2~3 rows) of vehicles. The product was originally developed to prevent recurring deaths of child/infant negligence accidents in summer days. Since AU’s radar uses 60GHz high-frequency millimeter wave to detect human’s unique respiration pattern, the radar demonstrates greater accuracy compared to commonly-used ultrasonic or weight sensors.

Cepton Software Definable LiDAR

Cepton’s Vista®-X120 Plus is the world’s slimmest software-definable, top-end automotive lidar for real-time adaptive 3D perception. Featuring Cepton’s new “focused 3D vision” technology, it enables dynamically tunable, high-precision perception to drastically increase lidar’s flexibility and versatility. With an unprecedented combination of long range, wide field of view and high data rate at low power consumption, Vista-X120 Plus is designed for today’s and the next generation of consumer vehicles – intelligent, electrified, software-defined. With automotive-grade reliability, a compact size and a target volume price point below $500, Vista-X120 Plus offers a mass-adoptable lidar solution to bring safe autonomy into everyday passenger cars.

In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety Dash Cam by CarMate

DC3600RA by CarMate USA is a dash cam capable of recording high-resolution front, rear, and 360-degree footage with only two cameras. Although the product may look like an ordinary 360-degree camera with a rear camera, DC3600RA has unique “Dual-Recording” image processing technology in the 360-degree lens. It automatically crops the front-facing footage from 360-degree footage. As a result, it saves both 2 data in the best resolution suitable for each footage. In addition, the DC3600RA achieves license plate recognition, a known weakness of ordinary 360-degree cameras, with reasonable and inexpensive software technology instead of expensive hardware, making it more affordable.

Continental’s Scenic HUD

Continental’s first Scenic View Head-up Display (HUD) brings information closer to the road and enhances the driving experience. This state-of-the-art solution hides displays inside the dashboard and reflects them onto the lower black band area of the windshield.
AtomicSense Autonomous Driving Platform
By Neural Propulsion Systems, Inc

Autonomous EV Recharging Robot By EVAR, Inc.

An Autonomous EV Recharging Robot provides
– 15kW DC Charging per hour allows 50 miles of driving range.
– EV Charging freedom to drivers while eliminating concerns about the additional electric capacity for building owners.
– Universal BMS developed by EVAR contribute to Greener Earth and Carbon-Zero world by reusing recycled batteries.
– Parky creates and revises the parking lot map to optimize the pathParky is  the and Autonomous EV Recharging Robot.Using image marker reference, the robot can automatically find an EV to charge it.


Installed on excavation equipment at construction sites, XiteSafety can prevent collisions between equipment and workers. UWB(Ultra Wide Band) antennas on XiteSafety can detect smart tags on workers who come nearby the working range of equipment and warn the worker or cut off the hydraulics to actively control the equipment. Moreover, it can send the location of equipment and workers to the platform to have control over the equipment.

Swivel display, By Hyundai Mobis

Movable monitor with 34inch largest auto-grade plastic OLED that  has a swivel-type moving mechanism.
It supports 2 different modes, simple mode & full mode.###

Falcon By Innovusion LiDAR

The Falcon LiDAR is a high performance LiDAR which provides industry-leading performance for the most demanding applications in autonomous driving, in an easily-integratable package and with affordable pricing for the consumer vehicle market. Falcon provides a 3D real-time pointcloud with simultaneous long-range and high-resolution. Falcon ET5 will be ramping production in late Q4 2022 and will be a standard part on the NIO ET5 sedan which will be available in 2023, providing key sensor information for the ET5 autonomous vehicle. Integrated into NIO ET5, Falcon has lowered the entry barrier to high performance autonomous driving for a wide consumer base.

NPS Atomic Sense Autonomous Platform

The NPS AtomicSense™ Platform is the world’s first Zero Accidents autonomous driving solution. This disruptive technology sets the global standard for safety by enabling vehicles to see sooner, clearer and farther than ever before to achieve zero roadway deaths. The platform uses new patented algorithms for higher resolution, greater precision and superior reliability. Advances in radar, LiDAR, processors and analytics allow us to sense what is up ahead and around obstacles much better than humans can see.

LeddarSteerBy LeddarTech

LeddarSteer™ provides true solid-state light beam steering, a breakthrough in light steering for LiDAR emitters and receivers as well as for other sensors.

A wide field of view in a key sensor feature. LeddarSteer expands the sensor’s natural field of view up to 120 degrees without the loss of resolution associated with magnifying optical systems. LeddarSteer hence eliminates the need to compromise between field of view and resolution. And, since LeddarSteer is non-mechanical, it provides true solid-state robustness and reliability.

Hence, LeddarSteer technology uniquely enables the development of optimized, flexible sensor designs for ADAS and AD applications.

LeddarVision By LeddarTech

LeddarVision™ is a comprehensive low-level fusion and perception software stack that delivers superior perception performance from any sensor combination (i.e., cameras, radars, LiDARs) into a single, unified environmental model to enable and accelerate the development of high-performing, scalable ADAS to autonomous driving (AD) solutions.

Mars Pilot By Mars Auto

Mars Pilot is an automated driving system designed for cargo trucks, to completely automate a long-haul trucking operation. Mars Pilot’s seven cameras, and self-driving software running on a 15W computer enable carriers to acquire autonomous fleets for $10,000 per truck. Compared to the notoriously expensive LiDAR/HD map fusion approach, Mars Pilot provides more stable trucking at a 20% system cost.

Fully loaded Class 7 trucks with Mars Pilot have been moving cargo every day, more than 200,000 miles without a single accident. Mars Auto is aiming to bring a safe and cost-effective freight capacity to market, starting from October 2022.
Ouster REV7 OS Series
By Ouster

SF (Super Fast) Battery By SK

Embedded Technologies, Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

SF Battery is the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle battery commercialized. Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV 6 has the fastest charging performance in the world. These cars had been named numerous awards such as 2022 World Car of the Year, German Car of the year. This battery is manufactured by SK On, using Nickel 83% Cathode which is the highest nickel content. With the help of SK On’s fast charging protocol, this battery is charged from 10% to 80% within 18 minutes. Quick charging technology could cause vehicle fires; however, SK On’s has achieved zero number of vehicle fire.

Ouster L3 LiDAR Chip

Ouster’s new REV7 OS series, powered by the next-generation L3 chip, features upgraded OS0, OS1, and OS2 digital lidar sensors, in addition to the all-new hemispheric OSDome sensor, that deliver double the range, enhanced object detection, a 50% increase in precision and accuracy, and even greater reliability. With REV7, Ouster now offers the highest performing family of short, mid, and long-range lidar sensors on the market, making them best-in-class for automotive, industrial, robotics, and smart infrastructure autonomy applications and intelli.

METL airless bicycle tire By The SMART Tire Company

The METL™ bicycle tire is a non-pneumatic (aka “airless”0 tire made from shape memory alloys, the same materials being researched by NASA for future lunar and Martian rover missions. Due to the elasticity and high energy return of these unique alloys, METL is the first airless tire to feature low rolling resistance and a smooth ride for cyclists, in addition to eliminating flats. The tires come with integrated rubber treads and may be retreaded, making for a more sustainable solution that uses less rubber and produces less waste. Safety is also improved through consistent, even contact with the road.

Road Surface Detection & Early Intuitive Warning Software
By Nexteer Automotive & Tactile Mobility

This software solution advances lifesaving steering safety by enhancing a vehicle’s “awareness” of its environment & early warning communication to the driver through steering feel. Our software fuses two algorithms: A steering-based analytical algorithm & a data-driven, machine-learned algorithm. The resulting “virtual sensor” data is transmitted to a cloud service that communicates upcoming danger to trailing vehicles. When the vehicle is notified of an upcoming slippery surface, software will mimic the steering feel of a slippery surface before reaching the actual slippery road. Giving a heads-up through steering feel influences the driver to intuitively reduce vehicle speed and drive safer.

Level 5 Control Tower (LV5 CTRL TWR) by Seoul Robotics 

Level 5 Control Tower (LV5 CTRL TWR) turns standard vehicles into self-driving cars through a mesh network of sensors and computers installed on infrastructure. Seoul Robotics’ proprietary 3D perception software, SENSR, generates data from sensors for object detection, vehicle localization and environment recognition to guide cars without having to place individual sensors on each unit. LV5 CTRL TWR uses deep learning AI to calculate routes for 500+ vehicles in real-time, using V2X communications to then send relevant commands to the vehicles using their standard 4/5G connectivity.


Smart Guard: IRIS is Smart Radar System’s World-first mmWave plug-and-play safety guard package that serves as industrial & infrastructure safety guard with easy installation for any users. It improves the safety of heavy/special vehicles’ working environments with detecting obstacles around and with minimizing the blind spots owing to the widest coverage and long detection range even under challenging environments filled with thick dusts, dirties, splashing mud, fog, rain, snow, glares, no light, and etc.
Anyone can easily install and use this innovative solution to protect himself and others from an accident.

Valeo Trained Park4U® By Valeo

Autonomous parking system for repetitive parking maneuvers (like a private driveway).
The driver “trains” the system by performing the maneuver once himself. The system memorizes the environment, both the start and end positions of the maneuver, and can then perform it independently at any time.
With the help of the built-in sensors, the system detects objects on the way and avoids collisions by adjusting the path.

Lightscape® Panoramic DisplayBy Visteon Corporation

Lightscape Panoramic Display is a pillar-to-pillar implementation, a seamless design under a continuous glass lens. It represents the culmination of multiple innovation tracks at Visteon, integrated into a single, technology focused product. As consumer trends influence automotive, and new styling exposes displays to direct sunlight, Lightscape delivers high perceptual quality even in very bright ambient conditions. Advanced interaction technologies enable OEMs to differentiate their cockpit experience through force touch and haptics. Lightscape brings a video and gaming exp

VoltSafe Marine By VoltSafe Inc.

VoltSafe Marine electrical connectors set a new standard in marine EV charging and electrical shore power safety. By eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint”, VoltSafe Marine eliminates arcing and corrosion risks that lead to disastrous boat and marina fires. It’s scalable to support small pleasure craft to commercial and combat vessels. VoltSafe monitors power at the outlet level and with IoT connectivity, you can manage power usage from a smartphone or dashboard. VoltSafe has developed the world’s safest, simplest and smartest plug and outlet design ever, with magnetic plug replacement solutions that span residential, commercial and industrial sectors.