#INDIEV Beverly Hills Experience with Innovators Creative Debut

On Thursday, INDIEV revealed exclusive new footage of the INDI One driving through Beverly Hills. The footage marks a pre-production milestone, driving down historic Rodeo Drive just blocks from INDIEV’s first Brand Experience Center. Media members, local government and green energy leaders, and Los Angeles influencers were given test rides in the INDI One, the first time that test rides of the INDI One have been publicly available on the west coast. (Video appears below.)

AUTO Connected Car News editor, Lynn Walford attended the event to cover it for Auto Futures. The article about the innovative innovator marketing experience is expected to be published on August 29.

She said, “Social Media influencers and innovators were everywhere—-taking selfies in front of in the vehicles, going for rides and playing VR games in the simulator”

During the event–she learned that what model will be be eligible for the $7,5000 “Inflation Reduction Act” rebate.

Alongside the new footage, updated specifications for the Standard and Premium Trim packages were unveiled:

Standard Trim:

Range- 230mi
0-60mph- 6.7s
Torque– 410 Nm
Battery- 76 kWh
Horsepower– 275 hp
Top Speed- 120mph
Charging- 100 kW DC
Powertrain- Single Motor RWD
Starting Price- $45,000

Premium Trim:

Range- 300mi
0-60mph- 4.2s
Torque– 730 Nm
Battery- 95 kWh
Horsepower– 475 hp
Top Speed- 130mph
Charging- 150 kW DC
Powertrain- Dual Motor AWD
Starting Price- $69,000

Colors– Pacific Pearl, Premiere, Melrose, Laguna, Griffith, Beverly Blush, Silverlake, City Nights, & Sunset
L/W/H– 189″|78″|67″
Trunk Cargo Space– 43 cu ft

The INDI One reservation deposits cost $100 for the Standard Trim and $200/$400 for the Premium Trim. Parties interested in becoming INDI One Innovators or distributors can contact Innovators@indiev.com & distributor@indiev.com.