@TUAutomotive: AutoTech Detroit News: Tech, Interior, UX Awards + WirelessCar, Nuralogix & Mojio

AutoTech Detroit is going on now. Last night Informa Tech Automotive Awards Winners were announced. Tomorrow Wards Interior and UX Winners will be honored. There were announcements from WirelessCar, Nuralogix and Mojio.

Informa Tech Automotive Awards Winners

Tenille Houston AutoGuardian by SmartCone – the Automotive Inspiration of the Year (under 40) Award.
Parkopedia – the Mobility Service Provider of the Year Award.
SibrosTech -the Automotive Tech Company of the Year Award.
Volkswagen – the OEM of the Year Award.
Bosch Tier One- of the Year Award.
DriveUauto winning the Start Up of the Year Award!
Sonatus for winning the Software Supplier of the Year Award!
Matt Jones — the Automotive Inspire Leader in Automotive Tech Award!
Eden Ben Shabat for winning the Automotive Inspiration of the Year (under 30) Award at Cymotive Tech.
Upstream Security – the Mobility Product / Service of the Year.
Cinemo Play Anywhere for winning the Automotive Infotainment Product / Service of the Year Award.
Tata Elxsi and GreenHills Softwre– the Collaborative Partnership of the Year Award.
Valens Semiconductor for winning the Connectivity Product / Service of the Year Award.
Cerence Inc.Co-Pilot for winning the Cockpit of the Future Product / Service of the Year (excluding Infotainment) Award.
EV Connect -Charging Product / Service of the Year Award.
NVIDIA- AI Product/Service of the Year Award.
HERE Technologies-ADAS & Autonomous Product/Service of the Year Award.

Wards Auto previously announced the Best Interiors and UX Awards to:

  • BMW iX
  • Mercedes Benz EQS
  • Genesis GV70
  • Jeep Grand Wagoneer
  • Kia EV6
  • Lucid Air
  •  Rivian R1T
  • Toyota Tundra
  •  Volkswagen Golf GTI

Wards analysts selected the 2022 list after evaluating 22 vehicles with new or heavily redesigned interiors and user-experience technology. Evaluations took place from mid-February through late April in which judges experienced the vehicles during their daily driving.

The nominated vehicles were evaluated on a variety of aspects that shape the user’s experience inside the vehicle including aesthetics and design of the interior, material quality, fit and finish, connectivity infotainment options, comfort and usability of controls and features, IP design, information delivery and ease of operation, availability and performance of driver-assistance features, as well as overall value.

The 2022 Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX winners will be honored during the Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX award ceremony on June 9 at Informa Tech Automotive Group’s AutoTech: Detroit / WardsAuto Interiors & UX Conference.

WirelessCar Intros Android Automotive Apps

WirelessCar, a leading connected car services provider, today announced an expansion of applications built on the Android Automotive Operating System (Android Auto OS), paving the way for automakers to develop new, truly digital services for their customers in a fraction of the traditional development time. 

WirelessCar is since this spring featuring these new applications globally in cars from Polestar, the Sweden-based premium electric vehicle manufacturer. WirelessCar made the announcement today at AutoTech: Detroit, an influential trade show hosted by Informa and WardsAuto.

Currently, automakers are locked into long development cycles. It can take 12 to 24 months in order to bring hardware, software and new in-vehicle logic to market. Using WirelessCar’s new Android Auto OS applications, automakers will be able to offer new connected car services with little or no lead time and dramatically reduced expense. It will also be easier to update in-vehicle apps with over-the-air updates.

One of WirelessCar’s new applications, Journey Log, collates and tracks details about each ride taken in a vehicle, securely storing the data in the WirelessCar cloud. This application benefits consumers and businesses who need to track mileage and energy consumption and allows for the categorization of trips. The service can also be extended for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) applications.

Another new WirelessCar Android Auto OS application for larger businesses gathers this same kind of trip information for fleets, such as rental car companies. Fleet owners will be able to monitor the usage and availability of fleet vehicles in real time and on a system level. For example, they’ll be able to get alerts based on the number of hours each vehicle is used or when it goes out of specified geographical boundaries.

“Automakers will be one of the big winners with WirelessCar’s next-generation technology,” said Niklas Florén, CEO of WirelessCar. “Car companies using WirelessCar’s applications will be able to analyze real-world vehicle data that will drive better decisions about features and engineering.”

Another advantage for automakers will be smoother integration of new apps and services, including third-party apps. Any data collected in the WirelessCar cloud can be anonymized, removing any personally identifiable information that would compromise consumer privacy. Instead of merely maintaining their existing systems with a digital veneer, automakers will be able to offer truly digital services.

WirelessCar forecasts that 70 percent of automakers will introduce Android Auto OS on new models by 2025. WirelessCar is already working extensively on Android Auto OS, developing new in-vehicle applications to connect the latest vehicles with WirelessCar’s products and services, which it has designed, evolved, and operated for numerous global car brands over the past 20 years. By leveraging Android Auto OS, WirelessCar will bring automakers new ways to interact with both their B2C and B2B customers; seamless, real-time access to vehicle data; and built-in privacy settings. WirelessCar’s solutions allow auto companies to maintain full control and ownership of the information generated by their vehicles.

Nuralogix CDL Health Scanner

Professional drivers, working both in mass transit and in trucking, are now able to access a 30-second CDL health check that focuses on the dangers of hypertension and type-2 diabetes by utilizing a new smartphone app from Health in Transportation and NuraLogix.

This app, called the CDL Health Scanner, allows drivers to quickly scan key vitals using either an iPhone or Android device. It is a unique, driver-centric system that relies on the revolutionary Anura technology to measure Blood Pressure (BP) using transdermal optical imaging delivered via a smartphone camera. When combined with the user’s Body Mass Index (BMI) data, the risk-factors for hypertension, type-2 diabetes, and even obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the bane of over-the-road truckers, come into clear focus.

The Background

In a situation in which the industry is experiencing a shortage of close to 100,000 drivers – and when putting a new driver behind the wheel involves five-figure expense for the carrier – reducing the number of medical disqualifications that result from a Department of Transportation physical is the top priority. Close to 80% of those disqualifications are caused by high BP, dangerous blood-sugar levels and OSA, and this app not only warns drivers that they are in dangerous territory, it also links them to specialty health coaches who can guide lifestyle changes that will transform their health situation.

The principals of Health in Transportation have a proven track record, over several decades, of finding realistic ways for drivers to improve their health, despite the massive difficulties that life on the road creates. The CDL Health Scanner is the culmination of that work and their greatest achievement. It promises to protect the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of professional drivers whose life-expectancies are years less than their contemporaries. Fleets benefit too by reducing driver-replacement costs, while providing savings in their self-financed health insurance programs.

The Partnership

It would be impossible for Health in Transportation to offer this valuable tool to the transportation sector without the incredible breakthrough that the Anura technology represents. Just as important, by opting to partner with Health in TransportationNuraLogix has ensured that this product can be supplied to drivers for only a few cents a day. The mark of true innovation is its ability to impact the lives of millions and this app is the first step towards doing just that.

Of course, the CDL Health Scanner app utilizes only a portion of the monitoring capability that NuraLogix is equipped to provide. However, getting Anura into the hands of hundreds of thousands of professional drivers will generate a wealth of data that can only enhance the Anura platform when, as will inevitably be the case, this type of non-intrusive health monitoring becomes the norm for in-car information systems. Truck drivers, many of whom drive vehicles that include interior cameras that monitor their situational awareness and other performance metrics, are the perfect population to help propel this concept into the mainstream.

About Health in Transportation

This truly unique app – patent pending – was first envisioned by Bob Perry, President of Health in Transportation, a company that provides innovative and practical Health & Wellness solutions for professional drivers in trucking and mass transit. For forty years, their programs have helped thousands of drivers avoid medical disqualification with unique coaching mechanisms that drivers utilize on the road to upgrade their health status. Consequently, health insurance carriers such as Cigna have often availed themselves of the company’s services in their ongoing efforts to boost preventative care.

Known as ‘The Trucker Trainer’ by professional drivers nationwide, Bob Perry brings a very distinctive perspective to the transportation industry and its over-the-road drivers. Bob comes from a family of professional drivers and has played a critical role in the paradigm shift of regulatory agencies – both private and public sector entities – and consumers towards understanding the driver-health challenge.

Health in Transportation has experienced successful working relationships in the past with industry giants such as Covenant Transport, Greyhound, Sherwin Williams, and R+L Carriers, as well as with top OEM Daimler.

Mojio Intros Engage Suite

Mojio®, a leading connected mobility platform and SaaS provider, announced today a major expansion of its connected mobility product portfolio with the launch of Mojio Engage, a new suite of proprietary and AI-powered mobility experience modules that can be easily integrated with existing automotive apps and connected services.

Mojio Engage is designed to help the providers of mobility apps and connected services drive more frequent, high value interactions with their end users. The suite enables automotive OEMs, mobility service providers, and fleet management software vendors to quickly and easily integrate Mojio Engage modules with their existing apps or services.

“We’ve proven our ability to design and deliver high-value experiences for our end users, and we want to share these capabilities with the broader mobility ecosystem,” said Mojio CEO, Kenny Hawk. “With the launch of Mojio Engage, we can now offer our innovations on a cost-effective basis to 3rd parties via simple, cloud-based integrations, greatly extending the potential reach of Mojio’s platform.”

The Mojio Engage suite is launching with four modules, each of which has been designed to deliver actionable insights to end users, all while reducing the cost and complexity of owning and operating a vehicle.

TireCheckTM: a patent-pending visual inspection tool that uses deep learning to analyze images from a smartphone camera and provide an instant assessment of tire health – a completely new way to educate drivers about tire health and proactively capture tire replacement revenue.
AutoCare+TM: an intelligent vehicle health monitoring service that predicts the need for maintenance before it becomes a hassle, and increases the likelihood of capturing the associated parts and service revenue. AutoCare+ can reliably predict the need for 12v battery and air filter replacements.
RoadScoreTM: a smart scoring service that accurately quantifies real-world behavior to encourage safer, more efficient driving habits. RoadScore can unlock recurring engagement opportunities for gamification and rewards, and be used in conjunction with usage-based insurance programs.
FuelSmartTM: a personalized recommendation engine that knows exactly when and where to best fill up, helping end users save money on their most frequent vehicle expense – meaningful, measurable savings that reinforce positive value perception.