State of Illinois Details $4,000 Rebates for Used and New EVs Program Starting 7/1

Beginning July 1, 2022, and continuing as long as funds are available, an Illinois resident that purchases an all-electric passenger vehicle in Illinois will be able to apply for a rebate.

The rebate amount cannot exceed the purchase price of the vehicle. The purchaser must retain ownership of the vehicle for a minimum of 12 consecutive months immediately after the vehicle purchase date. Only one rebate will be issued to a purchaser in any 10-year period.

Beginning July 1, 2022, a $4,000 rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Beginning July 1, 2026, a $2,000 rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Beginning July 1, 2028, a $1,000 rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Purchasers must apply for the rebate within 90-days after the vehicle purchase date. After July 1, 2022, application forms will be available on the states EPA webpage.

Vehicles must be purchased on or after July 1, 2022.

New or used electric vehicles purchased from a dealer licensed by the Illinois Secretary of State that haven’t previously been the subject of this EV rebate. Rented or leased vehicles do not qualify for the rebate. Other eligibility criteria relate to the purchaser and may be found in the 35 Ill. Adm. Code Part 275 revisions. The first notice revision.

The 10-year limitation on each person receiving a rebate only applies to rebates issued consistent with the new Electric Vehicle Rebate program, not any prior rebate program.  If you have received a rebate for purchasing an electric or alternatively fueled vehicle prior to July 1, 2022, the rebate was given under the Alternate Fuels Program.

The rules define “proof of purchase” as:

“Proof of purchase” means a copy of a cancelled check, an invoice or bill showing that the applicable amount has been paid or that no remaining balance exists, or other appropriate proof, acceptable to the Agency, that payment has been made for the related purchase.

This typically occurs when a vehicle is delivered to the customer, or the customer takes possession. The date of purchase is one eligibility criteria, all other eligibility criteria must be satisfied to be rebate eligible.

 The rebate is for electric vehicles only. The Electric Vehicle Act defines “electric vehicle” as:

“Electric vehicle” means a vehicle that is exclusively powered by and refueled by electricity, must be plugged in to charge, and is licensed to drive on public roadways. “Electric vehicle” does not include electric mopeds, electric off-highway vehicles, or hybrid electric vehicles and extended-range electric vehicles that are also equipped with conventional fueled propulsion or auxiliary engines.

A $1,500 rebate is available for electric motorcycles.

. The definition of “electric vehicle” specifically excludes off-road vehicles.

 There is no income limit on eligibility; however, the Agency is directed by the law to “prioritize the review of qualified applications from low-income purchasers and award rebates to qualified purchasers accordingly.”

“Low income” means persons and families whose income does not exceed 80% of the State median income for the current State fiscal year, as established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Disbursement of rebates will be in the form of a check from the Illinois Comptroller. To this end, the application for rebate will necessarily need to include the requisite information with which to process the payment (e.g. SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number).

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