Apple Intros New Hardware Integrated CarPlay at WWDC 2022

Apple announced that the next generation CarPlay will have an iOS interface and also integrate with cars on a hardware level. Apple CarPlay features will appear on more than one screen in the vehicle. Plus it will add the features to adjust the car radio or the AC on the vehicle from CarPlay. There will be CarPlay widgets on infotainment screens and in the apps Apple maps. Including the instrument cluster. The design looks like it is unified across all the screens in the vehicle.

Currently Apple CarPlay allows iPhones to unlock doors on compatible models.

The new version of CarPlay will launch in 2023. In order to use it a car must be compatible. To the vehicle. The new CarPlay is expected to be offered by Porsche,  Audi, Jaguar Polestar, Ford, Volvo, Lincoln and Grant Land Rover.

According to Apple 79 percent of users consider CarPlay before buying a car.