Timeline & History of Connected Cars Published and Updated

When we founded AUTO Connected Car News eight years ago, we were looking at the future connected cars. During our time we have developed a history timeline of connected cars to show the meteoric rise of connected car features.

It all started with GM’s OnStar service followed by BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In the 2000’s more features were introduced such as navigation, data-only telematics and stolen vehicle slow down.

Then the automakers offered Wi-Fi connectivity via 3G and then 4G. Starting in 2009 automakers made connections to iPhone and BlackBerry.

In the 2010 decade there are more connections to cars through multiple devices. The development of electric-only vehicles spurs the need for remote apps. Some cars have over-the-air software updates. New services require more connections and more data. The first cars with V2I and V2X technology appear. The proliferation of apps and remote services allows for new forms of hacking.

We see features such as remote parking and summons features. Amazon Alexa features are offered. C-V2X is developing for smart city features.

Finally by 2021 next generation 911 features begin to appear, while CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard on most new vehicles.

Safety features have gotten better on newer vehicles.  We have covered over 6,000 articles. Our most popular features are about electric cars (which are helped by connected car features) and autonomous self-driving vehicles.

Probably the most popular features of connected cars is Bluetooth and the ability to talk on a connected phone hands-free. Another popular features is our autonomous and self-driving vehicle news, in which we have not seen a fully-autonomous car come to market, yet.

We did not stop publishing during the pandemic as car ownership and connected features regained popularity.

We have seen the demise of OBD port connected devices and the rise of embedded telematics systems. We also have seen hacks and new tactics emerging. We thank you for your continued support for history in the making.

If you would like to add milestones and dates to history please leave the comments below or in the comments on the history timeline.