Carstrology Makes Scents for Every Astrology Sign

Whether you’re zipping down the freeway or stuck in traffic, everyone’s a little happier behind the wheel when smelling a scent they love. Febreze has made that easy to find by looking to the stars, astrology that is, with the Febreze CARstrology Collection: 12 CAR scents perfectly paired to match each zodiac sign. Move over new-car smell, now you can match your car’s fragrance with your personality, just as the cosmos intended.

Febreze partnered with celebrity astrologer, columnist, bestselling author, and host Aliza Kelly to design Febreze CARstrology and help everyone get the most joy out of each ride. After reviewing the dozens of available Febreze CAR scents, Kelly considered the preferences and needs of each astrological sign, thoughtfully linking personality and scent. The result? 12 pairings that provide a more personal experience, revving up every ride.

“Scent is a powerful portal that can manage your energy and shift your mood. Tapping into that in spaces like your car is an easy way to make life more pleasurable,” said astrologist Aliza Kelly. “The Febreze CARstrology pairings specifically reflect the core essence of each astrological archetype and what that sign needs most when on the road. After all, the journey is the destination, so why not have a fabulous driving experience?”

Febreze CAR vent clips make it easy to get that fabulous experience in virtually every vehicle—mom mobiles, commuter carpools, or dog cars. To activate, firmly push the clip until you hear it click in. Clip onto the car vent, and drive on with freshness. The scent intensity can be controlled with the dial found on the top, for a range from light freshness to scent-tastic. When set to low, each clip lasts for up to 40 days, eliminating tough odors that tend to hitch a ride.

Febreze will be giving away a limited amount of the CARstrology Collection in keepsake zodiac-themed boxes to a select number of winners beginning May 3, 2022 at 9:00 AM ET through May 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET. Those looking to enter can head to once the promotion begins, and winners will be chosen randomly and notified on or about June 1, 2022. Anyone who doesn’t get to receive one can still purchase the Febreze CAR scent that corresponds to their zodiac sign at a range of retailers across the country.


  • ARIES – Febreze CAR Ember
  • TAURUS – Febreze AUTO Lush
  • GEMINI – Febreze CAR Unstopables Fresh
  • CANCER – Febreze CAR Gain Moonlight Breeze
  • LEO – Febreze CAR Unstopables Paradise
  • VIRGO – Febreze CAR Linen & Sky
  • LIBRA – Febreze AUTO Leather
  • SCORPIO – Febreze AUTO Midnight
  • SAGITTARIUS – Febreze AUTO Wilderness
  • CAPRICORN – Febreze AUTO Evening Woods
  • AQUARIUS – Febreze CAR Platinum Ice
  • PISCES – Febreze CAR Ocean

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