For More EV Adoption Requires More Visible Chargers

Volta Inc. , an industry-leading electric vehicle (“EV”) charging network powering vehicles and commerce, revealed broader EV adoption is dependent upon highly visible EV chargers that are conveniently located at the places drivers already frequent. The findings come from a nationwide research study and go beyond price and range anxiety to understand top barriers to switching to electric:

  • Visibility Is Key: Nearly half (42%) of Americans have never seen an EV charging station, and over a quarter (27%) of EV intenders still have not
  • Convenience Is A Must, Not A Luxury: 75% of EV intenders rank convenient access to EV charging as their top barrier to making the switch (5 percentage points higher than price)—63% of the general population agreed
  • Optimize for Lifestyle: Americans ranked grocery shopping (73%), dining at a restaurant (70%), retail shopping (69%), working (68%), watching a movie at a theater (64%), and exercising (60%) as top activities they would like to accomplish while charging their EV— all higher than downtime activities like reading while charging (54%)

“The momentum behind the transition to EVs continues to build, but further accelerating the switch demands an even deeper understanding of consumer behavior,” said Drew Bennett, Executive Vice President of Network Operations, Volta. “The results of this study reinforce the importance of Volta’s network design—eye-catching EV charging stations located steps away from the places people already spend time.”

The value of Volta’s EV charging network design and placement is realized through Volta Media™, a digital, location-based network that engages consumers with dynamic, dual 55” screens. Leading up to Earth Day, Volta is leveraging its media network to encourage drivers to make the switch to EVs. Using provocative and informative infographics, the campaign highlights the financial, technological, health, and environmental benefits of electric transportation.

“Volta’s network does more than make EV charging more accessible, affordable, and inclusive—it has the power to accelerate the shift to EVs, as this campaign demonstrates,” said Justin Moore, Executive Creative Director, Volta. “As a leader in the electric mobility revolution, we have a responsibility to accelerate a rapid transition to a carbon-free energy future for all.”

The campaign will run throughout April 2022 across the Volta Media