Greenhouse Gas Reporting Fleets Shows Clear Need for Reporting

Ultilimarc recently released the results of a survey on Greenhouse Gas Reporting. The survey was created to understand how leading North American fleets were tracking and reporting on their progress towards goals set on emissions reduction – of which the commercial fleet industry makes up, an estimated 35 percent of GHG emissions worldwide. This survey went out to over 13,000 participants and aimed to investigate the motive and urgency in reporting on GHGs and sustainability initiatives, as well as gauge how fleets were choosing to pursue their reporting strategies.

For organizations not reporting on GHGs, Utilimarc’s survey gauged the likelihood of beginning to report in the future.

Some key metrics of the survey assessed the driving forces for organizations currently reporting emissions, along with the frequency of reports and which systems they are using to do so. For organizations not yet reporting on GHGs, Utilimarc’s survey gauged the likelihood of beginning to report in the future.

“Reporting on emissions and greenhouse gasses will be a primary focus for fleets in the future, to ensure transparency for their communities, customers, investors and employees. Surveying leading enterprise fleets across North America allows us to understand what is sought after for sustainability and GHG reporting in future.” – Mike Nowak, Utilimarc CIO

One of the key findings of the survey discovered that while 43 percent of participants are already reporting on gas emissions today, another 20 percent are planning to in the future, and roughly 35 percent have no imminent plans to begin. Additionally, for organizations already reporting, roughly 90 percent of respondents pointed to internal sustainability initiatives as the driving force. This shows a clear need for this type of reporting that is being fueled by the universal push to make organizations greener at every level.

In addition to the why and the how, Utilimarc’s survey looked to investigate the outcome of fleets tracking and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions. Follow up questions surrounding GHG emissions from charging electric vehicles and concrete plans for reducing GHGs paint a fuller picture for how greenhouse gas reporting will play a part in fleets’ sustainability strategies.

To read the full survey and all the results, view the report here.

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