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In connected car news are Ansys, HARMAN, Ansys, RightHear, moovel, Sensata and AeroGT.

Ansys Partners with IFS Accelerator

Ansys announced its inaugural partnership to IFS Accelerator – EDA Alliance to provide best-in-class EDA tools and simulation solutions that will support customer innovation, including bespoke silicon for customizable three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D-IC) designs.

By leveraging Ansys’ market-leading multiphysics solutions, IFS Accelerator will make silicon technology available to customers to design uniquely innovative chips. Ansys’ cutting-edge EDA and simulation tools will enable mutual customers to reduce design barriers, minimize design risk and cost, and accelerate time-to-market.

The IFS Accelerator will foster collaborative innovation with world-leading EDA, design services and IP partners to provide a comprehensive design ecosystem with premium process technologies, advanced packaging technologies, and manufacturing capabilities.

“We are excited to announce the IFS Accelerator – EDA Alliance as a major step forward for Intel’s foundry ambitions,” said Rahul Goyal, VP and GM of Intel Product & Design Ecosystem Enablement. “Together with Ansys and other partners, this alliance will create advanced flows and methodologies, and accelerate productivity by combining our knowledge, resources, and shared passion to drive electronic design.”

The advanced packaging technologies allow multiple chips to be placed together within system-in-package (SiP) designs for greatly increased capacity, performance, and flexibility. This leads to completely new kinds of integrated systems.

“IFS is built to help meet the growing global demand for semiconductors. Ansys is a proud supporter of the semiconductor industry,” said John Lee, vice president and general manager of the electronics and semiconductor business unit at Ansys. “It is also a privilege to partner with IFS as one of the leading EDA vendors in its newly formed alliance. We meet this opportunity with enthusiasm and offer our unwavering support to enable our customers to access silicon technology to design with innovation.”

moovel Partners with FDOT

moovel is pleased to announce that it has entered a contract with the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) SunRail transit operator in Central Florida to provide its next generation fare collection system.  SunRail is one of the most significant and important transit services in the State of Florida, operating on nearly 50 miles of track for its 16 rail stations that run through VolusiaSeminoleOrange, and Osceola counties.  The system also links into the bus operations of both LYNX and Votran.

RightHear Awarded

RightHear’s solution empowers the visually impaired and blind community to lead fully independent lives and it is a winner.

In the Startup Challenge, Konnect and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles screened more than 30 Israeli startups. In the final round 10 of them pitched in front of a team of experts from Konnect and VW Commercial Vehicles in Germany. RightHear won a €25,000 proof-of-concept with VW Commercial Vehicles, for helping people with navigation and orientation challenges better access their environments.

RightHear’s technology leverages Bluetooth iBeacons which are strategically installed in public venues to provide “talking signage”. Users receive real-time, geo-specific information directly to their smartphones via the RightHear app, helping them navigate their environment confidently and safely. And it’s all completely free.

“As a leading Mobility-as-a-Service provider, It is crucial for us to offer services that are accessible for all of our customers” said Dr. Astrid Wollenberg, Managing Director at Konnect – Volkswagen Group Innovation Hub TLV. “RightHear’s vision and technology will allow us to offer a more inclusive environment in our vehicles and mobility services.”

Idan Meir, Co-Founder and CEO at RightHear said, “We’re honored to have been awarded this recognition. We are excited for this incredible partnership with VW, to help create accessible autonomous vehicles together.”

RightHear is helping many sectors, including travel, retail, and hospitality to adapt their physical spaces so anyone and everyone – regardless of their challenges – can experience life equally.

Learn more about this recent partnership on the RightHear blog!

AeroGT Formed

General Test Systems (GTS), a leading developer of Over-the-Air (OTA) measurement solutions, and TOYO Corporation (TOYO), a Japanese test and measurement pioneer, announced that their respective boards of directors have approved a plan to form a new company called AeroGT Labs Corporation (AeroGT). The company is chartered to leverage product solutions, market knowledge, and sales expertise from GTS, TOYO, and TOYOTech, TOYO’s US subsidiary, to expand the reach of GTS’s OTA measurement solutions across the globe.

Sensata TPMS for Tractors & Trailers

Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), announced its Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have been selected by multiple commercial tractor and trailer manufacturers to meet new and emerging vehicle standards and regulations worldwide.

The need for TPMS on commercial tractors and trailers is on the rise as safety regulations in Europe and China, as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel efficiency standards in the US, approach their respective deadlines.

Specifically designed for the commercial vehicle market, Sensata’s TPMS solution is a complete system consisting of wireless sensors, receivers and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that communicates with the vehicle over the Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus). The system provides tire pressure and temperature monitoring that meets regional legislation requirements and helps to reduce roadside tire events, automate tire checks, improve tire life and increase vehicle fuel economy. A proprietary auto-location function enables the automated identification of the sensor’s position on the vehicle which reduces the need for additional tools and time required to program sensors during tire changes and maintenance for commercial vehicle operators.


-HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies and solutions for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today announced HARMAN Savari MECWAVE, an industry-first multi-access edge compute (MEC) software platform that enables automakers and mobile network operators to deliver ultra-low latency applications and services on edge computing infrastructure.

By operating on the edge with ultra-low latency, MECWAVE accelerates the deployment of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, including safety-critical applications like hazard alerts, along with high-throughput connectivity experiences like interactive infotainment and video streaming. MECWAVE also extends V2X capabilities to non-V2X capable vehicles and devices such as bikes and scooters, as well as mobile and wearable devices. With MECWAVE, OEMs are empowered to deploy connected features for consumers more quickly and with far less complexity, enabling meaningful innovation today and into the future.

“Today, technology holds the opportunity to transform so many automotive experiences, but the most important are those that can enhance safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians,” said Ram Iyer, Senior Vice President, Connectivity, HARMAN International. “At HARMAN, we are focused on building city intelligence and delivering safer communications between the car and its environment to satisfy the growing need for connectivity. With the introduction of MECWAVE, our HARMAN Savari solutions enable OEMs to deliver meaningful innovations to consumers that not only make life on the road more connected and better informed, but safer for everyone.”

MECWAVE is complemented by two additional HARMAN solutions, HARMAN Savari StreetWAVE and HARMAN Savari MobiWAVE, which can be deployed together or independently to further enhance vehicle communication. HARMAN Savari StreetWAVE roadside unit is a critical node for vehicular connectivity, leveraging wireless technologies such as 5G or CBRS for backhaul and C-V2X technologies to enable a communication framework between infrastructure and vehicles. Similarly, HARMAN Savari MobiWAVE wireless vehicular on-board unit combines existing telematics control units with V2X services to reduce traffic-related emergencies through functionalities including ASD, “Here I Am” device and more.

Together, the HARMAN Savari solution portfolio equips drivers and passengers with the ability to experience their surroundings in new ways, delivering new safety, convenience, and entertainment opportunities, including the following scenarios:

Inclement Weather
According to the US Department of Transportation, nearly 1 in 5 vehicle accidents are caused by weather-related factors. In inclement weather conditions, vehicles equipped with MobiWAVE will continuously transmit real-time information about the location of the vehicle. StreetWAVE, which is mounted on roadside utility poles, or within wireless communication infrastructures along the route, receives the data and transfers it to MECWAVE for further processing. MECWAVE then aggregates real-time data from various transmission points, high-definition map data, local weather conditions, and traffic patterns. As a result, drivers will receive real-time notifications and alerts to help mitigate the risk of weather-related incidents and keep them safe.

Wrong-Way Driver
Dangerous road conditions can be caused by a wide variety of factors, ranging from a driver who simply misunderstands a road sign, to a driver who is intoxicated. In either scenario, MobiWAVE-equipped vehicles are enabled to receive notifications from MECWAVE systems of the possible presence of a wrong-way driver, and alert other drivers before an incident takes place. MECWAVE discovers anomalies in real time by continuously monitoring the trajectory data received from MobiWAVE units. Once an anomaly is identified, MECWAVE issues an alert message to a larger user network in the area of potential danger, as well as a warning to the wrong-way driver. This combination of technologies can quickly and safely resolve potential traffic incidents before they occur.

Vulnerable Road User
According to the CDC, almost 3,700 people are killed globally each day in vehicle-related crashes—more than half of those killed are pedestrians, motorcyclists, or cyclists. MECWAVE, running on edge with cellular 5G connectivity, can detect the risk of a potential incident, such as a pedestrian stepping into a crosswalk before an accident takes place. When MECWAVE detects a high-risk scenario, an awareness notification is sent both to nearby vehicles and to the pedestrian’s mobile device warning both parties of the potential collision.

With physical security and efficiency top of mind, HARMAN is delivering compelling mobility experiences at the leading edge of technology. Leveraged together or independently, MECWAVE, StreetWAVE and MobiWAVE are enabling holistic, turn-key mobility solutions that will have a tangible impact in improving the safety of drivers, passengers, and the world around them.


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