Qualcomm Snapdragon & Digital Cockpit for Honda Infotainment in 2nd Q 2022 @CES #CES2022

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. today announced plans to bring digitally advanced in-vehicle experiences to upcoming Honda models.  As an extension of the companies’ long-standing working relationship, whose aim is to meet the consumers’ growing demand for premium and technically advanced in-vehicle capabilities, the 3rd Generation Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies will be utilized in upcoming Honda models to power the automaker’s technically advanced infotainment systems.

The upcoming vehicles, which will serve as Honda’s first-ever models to utilize a 3rd generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platform and feature an Android-powered infotainment system. Honda expects the vehicles to be commercially available in the US beginning in the second half of 2022, with vehicles commercially available across the globe in 2023.

“We pride ourselves in having the ability to offer cutting edge automotive solutions, like our Snapdragon® Digital Chassis™, to help industry-leading automakers like Honda meet the growing demand for digitally advanced and personalized driving experiences,” said Nakul Duggal, senior vice president & GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We look forward to continuing our long-standing working relationship with Honda to help accelerate the future of automotive innovation and having our 3rd Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms bring personalized and highly immersive experiences to Honda’s next generation vehicles.”


As the automotive industry’s leading first-announced scalable artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions, the 3rd Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms are designed to support higher levels of compute and intelligence needed for advanced capabilities featured in next generation vehicles, including highly intuitive AI experiences for in-car virtual assistance, natural interactions between the vehicle and driver, and contextual safety use cases.