CES Wrap-up Round-up3: REE, Thundersoft, SureCall & Ottonomy

There are few announcements that fell through the cracks during CES from REE, Thundersoft, SoCalGas, SureCall and Ottonomy.

REE Testing P7

REE Automotive Ltd.  announced it is commencing trials of its all-new P7 platform designed for commercial delivery vehicles and walk-in vans. The P7 platform, targeted to a U.S. based delivery van program, was designed based on functional and operational specifications from one of the world’s largest delivery companies. Fully flat from end-to-end, P7 offers greatest interior space and volumetric efficiency for vehicles in classes 3-5.

Supporting up to 8,800 lbs. max payload, the P7 platform packs up to 35% more packages than comparable commercial vehicles or the equivalent and can comfortably carry up to 30 passengers, making it the optimal platform for target markets such as delivery and logistic fleet owners, transit authorities, school buses and mobility operators. REEcorner and X-by-Wire technology allows each wheel to move independently for enhanced driving dynamics and safety with all-wheel steer, drive and brake options.

The P7 modular platform is designed to radically simplify development times of electric commercial models and is optimized for fleet owners looking to create their own commercial vehicle brand, unique design and market differentiation utilizing the REE configuration and lowest TCO due to Battery-as-a-Service, Data-as-a-Service and fast REEcorner swap. On the path to production, last year REE nominated key suppliers American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) to supply high-performance electric drive units and Brembo to co-develop and supply the braking system.

Thundersoft Cockpit

ThunderSoft, the world’s leading intelligent operating system product and technology provider released an all-new smart cockpit solution based on Qualcomm’s hardware platform SA8295 to better satisfy the diversified demands from clients worldwide and accelerate the development of smart vehicle industry.

The latest smart cockpit solution leverages Qualcomm SA8295 platform’s outstanding performance regarding computing, graphic and image processing to build the one-chip multi-screen smart cockpit domain covering digital cluster, central console entertainment, front passenger entertainment, rear seat entertainment, streaming media rearview mirror, and head-up display, etc.

With SA8295’s unparalleled AI computing performance and multi-camera supporting capabilities, ThunderSoft’s new smart cockpit solution integrates low-speed driver assistance with the cockpit domain to better support 360° surround view and smart parking. In addition, SA8295’s new features in security and safety brought onboard the comprehensive security including user data encryption, the security of storage, function, and car-to-cloud, etc.

The full-screen scenario, supported by ThunderSoft advanced multi-screen linkage technology, can provide users with a more diversified and smarter immersive interactive experience. Meanwhile, the proven virtual assistant with voice recognition technology transformed the smart cockpit into a brand new personalized intelligent partner in the mobility space.

The movie-level visual effects 3D design and unprecedented human-machine interaction experience is also realized in the latest smart cockpit solution by Kanzi One that was newly launched by Rightware, ThunderSoft’s solely owned world’s leading user interface design tool provider. Besides, the one-stop screen projection solution integrated CarLink for the first time in the industry to fully meet the diversified consumer needs for smart vehicles.

SoCalGas Supports Drones

SoCalGas plans to use the DS30 drone to assist with natural gas pipeline inspections. Drone usage provides unparalleled imagery and aerial mapping services to further improve pipeline system maintenance. The DS30 demonstration will provide close-up digital photography for locations that are difficult or hazardous to access and provide imagery for aerial mapping and three-dimensional topographic models which allows for deeper insight on terrains surrounding the utility’s operations. Additionally, the drone system can provide a video record of pipeline routes, construction sites, open trenches, and working conditions.

“This hydrogen-powered drone offers an opportunity to more efficiently monitor our pipelines in hard to access areas, allowing us to collect more data to quickly solve potential pipeline integrity issues,” said Neil Navin, vice president of clean energy innovations for SoCalGas. “This project is a great demonstration on the versatility of hydrogen and its broad range of applications as a clean fuel of the future. Adopting advanced monitoring hydrogen drone technology to maintain the integrity of our pipeline system is part of our mission to build the cleanest, safest, and most innovative energy company in America.”

SureCall Antenna for Trucks

SureCall, the technology leading cell phone signal booster manufacturer, today announced the SC-550W High-Performance Truck Antenna — the best of its kind on the market. Designed for use with large trucks, big rigs, RVs, and fleet vehicles, the SC-550W comes equipped with a strong base and mirror mount that can hold up in any road conditions. The durable antenna captures cell signal from all directions and works on all North American cellular networks.

“This antenna provides incredible durability and reliability for anyone driving a large vehicle, experiencing a myriad of weather conditions and signal loss,” said SureCall CEO Hongtao Zhan. “Our new truck antenna combines leading technology, including 4G and 5G, and thoughtful engineering to ensure that those out on the road are able to stay connected no matter where they are, or what they encounter along the way.”

SureCall’s SC-550W Truck Antenna includes several industry-leading features, including:

  • A durable antenna which captures cell signal from all directions
  • Up to 3 dBi Gain
  • The latest ultra-wideband capability (617 – 2700 MHz)
  • A 2-clamp mounting bracket and durable mounting hardware with thread-lock glue withstands vibrations
  • A complete mounting kit for mirror installation
  • Compatible with the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0, Fusion2Go 3.0 RV kits, as well as other boosters available in the marketplace

The new truck antenna also includes durable weather-proof components that are protected from water, dust and the harshest road conditions. As with all of its award-winning cell phone signal boosters, SureCall designs its antennas with the best available technology and materials to ensure that they are both effective and robust enough to withstand years on the road. Combining its experienced booster engineering and vast telecom knowledge provide category leading solutions for mobile device users no matter where they find themselves.

Visitors to CES 2022 in Las Vegas can get a hands-on look at the SC-550W Truck Antenna as well as SureCall’s leading cellular signal boosters and accessories at Booth 15645, as well as at CES Unveiled on January 3 at the Mandalay Bay resort. CES 2022 runs from January 5-8 in Las Vegas.

The SC-550W will be available in February for $129.99. Learn more about the antenna here and SureCall’s industry-leading technology and products at SureCall.com.

Ottonomy Ottobots

Ottonomy revealed Ottobots, a fleet of fully autonomous delivery robots for restaurant and retail industries for both indoor and outdoor environments. Ottonomy recently made announcements in partnership with CVG Airport and Presto launching autonomous delivery robots in North America.

“We are excited to unveil Ottobots at our first CES,” says Ritukar Vijay, CEO of Ottonomy. “The pandemic has provided Ottobots a catalyst enabling a series of partnerships that allowed us to launch fully autonomous delivery for indoor deliveries, curbside deliveries and last-mile deliveries.”

Ottobot is the world’s first fully autonomous delivery robot at an airport, delivering retail and food items at CVG Airport, Cincinnati. Ottobot has also partnered with Los Angeles based Crave, for last-mile food delivery for its restaurant customers. In December 2021, Presto, a leading provider of restaurant automation technologies announced that their partner restaurant guests will be able to order using Presto’s technology and have the food delivered via Ottonomy’s robots. Currently, the technology is being evaluated for multiple use cases by one of the world’s largest retailers

Ottobot pilots started running during the pandemic in 2020. The initial robot deliveries gathered additional research to further develop the program and user experience as roll outs continue across the country over the year.

How Ottobot Works
The Ottobots create a digital map of the serviceable area and localize within that map. Its live location gets updated on the map while they are navigating autonomously to deliver the orders. Ottonomy’s proprietary contextual mobility navigation software enables Ottobot to navigate through crowded and unpredictable environments. Ottonomy provides a highly scalable and flexible solution, utilizing a comprehensive suite of tools for managing a fleet of robots deployed across different geographies.

To support its effort to roll out Ottobots across North America over the next 18 months, Ottonomy has formed a strategic partnership with ARO, a global leader in robotic management, operations, and support. ARO will support Ottonomy during its rollout, including implementation, daily operations, robotic fleet management, and complete robot lifecycle management. Ottonomy is also a new addition to Newlab at Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, where they will be running additional pilots.

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