Subaru Drives Tree Planting with National Forest Foundation

Subaru and our retailers are proud to help replant one million trees in forests devastated by wildfires.

Subaru of America, Inc. and its retailers in California, and now with the support of IdahoOregon and Washington retailers, are proud to announce they will replant one million trees by 2022 in forests devastated by wildfire. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, the Subaru Re-Foresting Project is expanding to IdahoOregon and Washington, in addition to existing efforts in California. These four states are among the hardest hit areas by wildfires.

“Following the devastation wrought by wildfires in California, we launched the Subaru Re-Foresting Project in 2019 as a way to help rebuild the lives of the animals and people who call the area home, and we are now expanding that commitment to include three additional states that have also been severely impacted by wildfires,” said Thomas J. Doll, President and CEO, Subaru of America, Inc. “Although wildfires continue to cause damage across the West, we hope that the expansion of replanting trees in more states contributes to the revitalization of the precious resources that are our public lands and national forests.”

Subaru launched the Forester Re-Foresting Project in 2019 and kicked off the program by supporting the replanting of 500,000 trees in the areas impacted by the California wildfires. Now, teams of trained professionals from the U.S. Forest Service are headed to IdahoOregon and Washington to replant an additional 500,000 trees in those states.

“We are thrilled to expand our reforestation partnership with Subaru, planting a total of 1 million trees and supporting the post fire restoration of our national forests,” said Mary Mitsos, NFF President and CEO. “Through this donation, they are putting their initiatives to protect our environment for future generations into action.”