Sustainable Silicone Leather from Dow on HiPhi X

Human Horizons, the leading new mobility and intelligent technology company, has unveiled their latest innovation in partnership with internationally renowned materials science company Dow Inc. to be used in the world’s first evolvable super SUV, HiPhi X. Through the collaboration of the two companies, an innovative silicone leather has been developed for the tough automotive interior environment and will be used to upholster the seats on the HiPhi X, providing customers with a more comfortable and environment-friendly experience.

As a global leader in silicone leather technology, Dow has found after years of exploration and research that the unique molecular structure of silicone matches the consumer demands for leather in terms of softness, moisture permeability, stability and environmental friendliness. Based on the sophisticated understanding of the silicone technology and in-depth research into the leather market, Dow has decided to develop a revolutionary new synthetic leather product utilizing an innovative liquid silicone rubber technology.

Dow applies advanced liquid silicone rubber technology to provide unique features of stain resistance, soft touch feeling and strong weatherability. The safer materials used have no odor and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) will guard consumers’ health and contribute to sustainability. This revolutionary silicone leather product is capable of uses in fields with more stringent material requirements such as automotive, yachts, aviation, medical science, furnishing and children’s room.

Regarding the joint partnership, Human Horizons founder and CEO Ding Lei said, “We realize that electrification alone is not enough; sustainability is at the core of our business and drives our approach. Our commitment is to re-think sustainability, and to incorporate technology-driven and cruelty-free materials to produce better vehicles to better serve customers holistically. Future success depends on a commitment to sustaining the environment, our users and our communities. The partnership with Dow is based on this concept of innovation, and as a result, we will continue to collaborate on meaningful, technologically advanced developments to refine a new luxury that is sustainable.”

Human Horizons joined hands with Dow in 2018 with this cross-value-chain cooperation model. Before the new silicone leather, both companies have worked together to release 12 other products, six of which have been implemented in the HiPhi X. Other innovations include all-new BETAFOAM™ Acoustic Foams for the vehicle interior to ensure outstanding Noise, Vibrations & Harshness (NVH) in the cabin and TC thermal-conductive interface material is a game-changing solution for battery pack safety, durability, and sustainability.

“We’re using our material science to innovate more sustainable solutions for our customers and the planet,” said Dr. Weiguang Yao, Asia Pacific CTO of Dow. “The transportation industry is undergoing its most significant transformation now that pushes vehicle safety, intelligence, health, and comfort standards to new heights. That presents a new frontier for material science and innovation where Dow’s MobilityScience™ platform steps in – working closely with partners like Human Horizons to bring innovative and more environmentally friendly solutions to the transportation industry.”

The world’s first evolvable super SUV, the HiPhi X, is leading the industry by integrating sophisticated technology into a premium mass-market vehicle with its unique intelligent H-SOA electric architecture. The HiPhi X is built upon three core principles of “design defined by scenarios, vehicle designed by software, and value defined by co-creation”. Combining the latest in technical innovation with all the trimmings of a luxury vehicle, the HiPhi X blurs the line between technology and luxury to create a new segment of cars, TECHLUXE®. This theme is embodied in the new silicone leather interior, which is both technically advanced and yet looks and feels like the lavish interior of a luxury vehicle. After starting nationwide delivery in May this year, the HiPhi X is already one of the best-selling luxury all-electric vehicle in the Chinese market, second only to the Porsche Taycan, and already surpassing Mercedes-Benz EQC.

Moving forward, Human Horizons will be offering the new silicone leather interior in the HiPhi X from September, setting new standards for the TECHLUXE® sensory experience.