Nissan, GM, Stellantis, Hyundai, Kia & Toyota Win Satisfaction Awards

AutoPacific announced winners of the 2021 Vehicle Satisfaction Award (VSA) according to the results of its annual New Vehicle Satisfaction Survey of 89,000 new car and light truck owners. Now in its 25th year, the VSAs identify the most satisfying vehicles on the market as rated by the consumer.

AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards objectively measure owner satisfaction with 36 individual attributes ranging from driving performance and features usability to seating comfort and interior design. “Our VSAs give consumers true, unbiased insight into which vehicles are providing their owners with the most satisfying experience,” says AutoPacific president George Peterson. Scores are based only on owner input and are unique in the industry for blending both importance and satisfaction ratings to represent a true comprehensive view of the product.

This year’s winners are spread across 12 manufacturers and 14 brands. At the top of the podium, Nissan Motor Company and General Motors each tie with five VSA awards thanks to winning vehicles in the Nissan, Infiniti, Chevrolet, and Cadillac brands. Stellantis brings home three VSA awards from its Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram lineups, while Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz each earn two VSA awards. Finally, luxury marques including BMW and Porsche, along with Mazda and Mitsubishi, receive one award each.

Lincoln Top Premium Brand – GMC Top Mainstream Brand: The Lincoln brand, riding on an image of American luxury, “quiet flight” and “sanctuary” delivers a combination of product and brand attributes that have the brand achieving the Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Premium Brands in 2021. GMC wins the Vehicle Satisfaction Award among mainstream brands with solid showings from its Sierra pickup and Yukon SUVs.

Toyota Avalon and Mazda Miata are 2021’s Top scoring Vehicles: Of all vehicles surveyed in AutoPacific’s 2021 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, Toyota’s Avalon is crowned by owners as the most satisfying new vehicle overall with a top score of 895. Just trailing Toyota’s large entry-luxury car is Mazda’s MX-5 Miata, earning a score of 890. Decade after decade, Mazda continues to successfully deliver what makes the MX-5 Miata truly an iconic member in the sports car arena: an enthusiastic, attainable, and straightforward sense of freedom behind the wheel.

SUVs and Crossovers Dominate in Product Satisfaction: As demand floods in for SUVs and Crossover SUVs, it is not surprising that these vehicles win more than their fair share of AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards this year. For 2021, SUVs or crossover SUVs received the highest owner satisfaction score for each of the ten top ten most important vehicle attributes. Today’s high-riding crossovers and SUVs have also dramatically improved and been able to closely match also the comfortable ride, enjoyable driving experiences, respectable fuel economy, and more responsive handling often found on traditional cars.


Most Satisfying Vehicle Overall and Top VSA Car: Toyota Avalon

Most Satisfying Truck or SUV: Mercedes-Benz GLS

Highest Satisfaction Premium Brand: Lincoln

Highest Satisfaction Popular Brand: GMC

Executive Luxury Car – Genesis G80
Premium Luxury Car – Genesis G90
Standard Luxury Car – Infiniti Q50
Compact Luxury Car – Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Large Car – Toyota Avalon
Premium Mid-Size Car – Kia K5
Sports Car – Mazda MX-5 Miata
Sporty Car – Chevrolet Camaro
Mainstream Compact Car – Nissan Sentra
Subcompact Car – Nissan Versa
Full-Size Pickup – Ram 1500
Compact Pickup – Chevrolet Colorado Luxury
SUV – Mercedes-Benz GLS
Large SUV – Nissan Armada
Mid-Size SUV/ORV – Jeep Grand Cherokee
Compact Luxury XSUV – Cadillac XT4
Compact XSUV – Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
Subcompact XSUV – Toyota C-HR
Large XSUV – Kia Telluride
Executive Luxury XSUV – BMW X5
Premium Luxury XSUV – Porsche Cayenne
Standard Luxury XSUV – Cadillac XT5
Mid-Size XSUV – Nissan Rogue
Premium Mid-Size XSUV – Chevrolet Blazer
Minivan – Chrysler Pacifica

AutoPacific 2021 Vehicle Satisfaction Award Winners: Commentary and Analysis

Lincoln Brand
Highest Satisfaction Premium Brand

Of all premium marques on sale, foreign and domestic, Lincoln owners reward their vehicles with pinnacle levels of satisfaction which led to Lincoln becoming Highest Satisfaction Premium Brand in this year’s VSAs. Despite switching things up and shifting to a lineup of only posh crossovers and SUVs, Lincoln hasn’t strayed far from its “Quiet Flight” roots. When it comes to the attribute of brand reputation, Lincoln owners tie with Lexus, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, but earn top satisfactory honors in vehicle quietness, ride quality, handling, plus safety features, and ratings. Additionally, Lincoln’s powerful yet buttery smooth catalog of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines complemented by delicate steering earned notable praise, with owners giving high marks for attributes like acceleration and being fun do drive.

GMC Brand
Highest Satisfaction Popular Brand

For 2021, vehicle owners vote GMC as the Highest Satisfaction Popular Brand, beating out the likes of Chevrolet, Ford, and Ram to name a few. The key ingredients to this victory lies in the Sierra and Yukon, both of which underwent full redesigns for the 2021 MY bringing a wave of new tech, more efficient powertrains, roomier and more comfortable third-row seating, and confident executive styling that mirrors the brand’s image. From a scoring standpoint, GMC and Lincoln brands tie for the top spot in this year’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

Genesis G90
Premium Luxury Car

With a humble $72,950 starting MSRP, the G90 is a seriously impressive product all-around and ranks very high (4.8 or 4.8 out of 5.0) among its owners in just about every single attribute on our list. The G90 outperforms its competition and wins the award as being the most satisfying Premium Luxury Car for 2021, scoring equal to or higher than other premium luxury cars in 31 out of 36 attributes. It’s also the king when it comes to value, asking tens of thousands of dollars less than the competition yet still rewarding owners with prestige styling inside and out, passenger roominess, ride comfort, quietness, as well as safety content and ratings. Add in either a twin-turbocharged V6 or powerful V8, a pillowy adaptive suspension, and available all wheel drive for even more top-tier ratings from its owners.

Genesis G80
Executive Luxury Car

Of all surveyed vehicles in the Executive Luxury Car segment, Genesis’s G80 outperforms them all, scoring a top 802 in overall owner satisfaction. Owners rank a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 for the G80’s classy yet sporty styling as well as braking, and a celebratory 4.9 out of 5.0 when it comes to things like driver’s seat movement and comfort, durability/quality/reliability, ride comfort, quietness, and standard advanced safety features- which the G80 is loaded with out of the box. New G80 owners also give high marks for its cleanly integrated center touchscreen, gauges that are easy to understand, and craftsmanship found spread throughout its cozy cabin. The surplus of winning scores found on the G80 and its bigger sibling, the G90, only shows that Genesis’s designers and engineers have gone above and beyond to deliver what their buyers really do want.

Infiniti Q50
Standard Luxury Car

For 2021, owners pick the Infiniti Q50 sedan as the most satisfying Standard Luxury Car, sitting at the top of its competitive set with scores equal to or better than the competition in 27 of the surveyed 36 attributes. Successfully blending casual levels of luxury and class with a spritely twin-turbocharged V6 that in the right flavor makes 400 HP, the fun-to-drive Q50 earns praise for its braking, power and acceleration, exterior styling, front seat comfort and array of safety features. Owners also highly rate key attributes like the Q50’s driver’s seat movement and visibility, ride, handling, durability/quality/reliability, and safety ratings.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Compact Luxury Car

As the brand’s entryway into luxury car ownership, for the second year in a row, the Mercedes- Benz A-Class earns the title as being the most satisfying vehicle in the Compact Luxury Car segment with class-leading scores in 33 of 36 surveyed attributes. While the compact A-Class sweeps the competition in overall satisfaction, owners give it high praise in particular when it comes to brand reputation, exterior styling and color choices, durability/quality/reliability, as well as safety features and ratings. Its welcoming sub-$34,000 MSRP also doesn’t mean one has to sacrifice driving enjoyment while picking the most affordable model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. The A-Class is strong when it comes to its braking, ride and handling, powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engines, and acceleration.

Toyota Avalon
Large Car, Most Satisfying Vehicle Overall and Top Scoring Car

Toyota’s Avalon takes home two victories in AutoPacific’s VSAs this year: the Most Satisfying Vehicle Overall and Top Scoring Car. The Avalon sweeps its own class with owners rating the highest levels satisfaction in all 36 of 36 surveyed attributes. While on paper it may not be the most exciting car, Avalon owners love their Avalons, and rate it nearly perfect (4.8/4.9 of 5.0) when it comes to brand reputation, center screen size, controls that are easy to use, driver’s seat visibility, exterior color choices and styling, along with overall cabin comfort and design. The largest car in Toyota’s lineup scores high marks too for its durability/quality/reliability, passenger roominess, safety features and ratings, and overall value- which for the Avalon is an easy win. Despite being a large and cozy near-luxury sedan, dynamically owners really do enjoy driving and eagerly give praise for the Avalon’s braking, handling, power, and acceleration. Toyota’s following the right ingredients and the Avalon will continue to be a desirable product. The recent addition of all wheel drive for snowy climates and a hot TRD model will only help in reaching more buyers.

Kia K5
Premium Mid-Size Car

Kia completely redesigned the Optima for 2021, giving it a new name: “K5.” The efforts were so well perceived by its owners vote the K5 as the most satisfying Premium Mid-Size Car, a landmark accomplishment given the segment’s high stakes and well-established competitors. Not only does the new K5 adopt a much more aggressive, sporty design language inside and out, it backs up the athletic looks with engaging powertrains and tuned chassis. There’s even a dedicated GT model good enough to shake the confidence of BMW’s legendary 3-Series. Owners rank the K5 equal to or better than its competition in 29 of the 36 surveyed attributes, earning top satisfaction scores in the segment for its exterior styling and size, ease of getting in and out, interior design, front seat comfort, passenger roominess, and cargo space. With high praise given for several dynamic attributes like power, acceleration, and braking- its owners immediately reognize the new fun-to-drive K5 is a solid winner right out of the box.

Nissan Sentra
Compact Car

\Nissan’s Sentra takes home the trophy as being the most satisfying Compact Car in a crowded segment of 15 other vehicles. The Sentra is a slick, well-executed product and its base of owners impressively rank it equally or more satisfying in all 36 surveyed attributes, beating out the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and Volkswagen Jetta. Of the highest marks of praise, Sentra owners appreciate its sharp exterior styling and available color palette, straightforward and modern cabin, passenger roominess, driver’s seat visibility, stellar fuel economy, braking, ride and handling, and power and acceleration. With a generous suite of ADAS features included in its $19,560 starting MSRP, Sentra owners take strong note of its included safety features and accompanying ratings.

Nissan Versa
Subcompact Car

Nissan takes home another victory, this time the next size down from the compact Sentra as owners pick the Versa as being the most satisfying Subcompact Car in the segment for the second year in a row. Similar to the Sentra’s accolades, owners rank the Versa equal to or higher than competition in 33 of the 36 attributes measured. Subcompact sedans don’t have to look bland or scale back on creature comforts, as Versa owners are particularly satisfied with its exterior styling and proportions, driver’s seat visibility, interior design, front seat comfort, passenger roominess, high fuel economy, along with both handling and braking. Bang-for-buck value is key to what makes the Versa a desirable choice among consumers, and satisfaction ranks very high for its list of standard safety features and ratings. From sleek styling to a generous amount of standard equipment, Versa owners are quite happy with the budget-friendly price they paid for.

Chevrolet Camaro
Sporty Car

Chevrolet’s Camaro holds its ground in a battle against the likes of Ford’s Mustang and the Dodge Challenger, coming out on top this year as the most satisfying Sporty Car in the segment. In 29 of the 36 surveyed attributes, owners rank the Camaro equal to or better than the competition. While demand for sports cars may be softening, Chevrolet engineers and designers continue to successfully deliver on what makes the Camaro a Camaro. Now in its sixth generation, Camaro is an alluring product to buy and enjoy. Owners give high marks for its muscular exterior styling and paint choices, easy to understand gauges and controls inside the cabin, braking, ride, and responsive handling. Things like brand reputation, interior styling, center screen size and visibility, driver’s seat adjustability, egress/ingress, overall durability/quality/reliability, standard and available safety features, plus its factory warranty- all push the Camaro to the front row ahead of the Mustang and Challenger.

Ram 1500
Full-size Pickup

Three times a charm, as Ram’s 1500 once again wins as the most satisfying Full-Size Pickup for the third year in a row. This is critical to note as the pickup truck wars aren’t slowing down and the competition is only getting hotter. Beating out the routine sales leader, Ford’s F-150, and others like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, owners of the Ram 1500 place high importance in buying a vehicle with a cabin that’s stylish and well-executed. As such, the 1500 masters this wish and earns the highest satisfaction score in the segment. Ratings peak for instrument panel design and how easy the 1500’s various controls and touchscreens are to use, as well as high praise for driver’s seat ingress/egress and interior storage space. There are top levels of satisfaction for ride comfort thanks to the a rear coil spring suspension and optional air springs found on higher trims. Hemi power is a strong positive among 1500 owners and that’s evident in favorable rankings for dynamic attributes like braking, handling, and driving enjoyment. Ram has long been a leader in innovation like the optional lockable side RamBox, and the ideas have paid off with owners voicing high support for storage solutions.

Chevrolet Colorado
Compact Pickup

When it comes to the Compact Pickup segment, Chevrolet’s Colorado ranks among owners better than or equal to its competition in 23 of the 36 surveyed attributes, making it the most satisfactory choice. The Colorado is easy to get in and out of, offers great visibility from the driver’s seat, and has controls that while they may seem dated are highly praised for their ease of use by its owners. From base work truck spec to the off-road conquering ZR2 Bison, Colorado owners give top rankings for attributes like handling, fun to drive, power, and acceleration. Unlike the Ford Ranger or Toyota’s very popular Tacoma, Colorado owners are the most satisfied with the truck’s exterior styling as well as the center touchscreen’s size and intuitiveness.

Mercedes-Benz GLS
Luxury SUV

The Luxury SUV field is an important one for an automaker to have a solid player in. Sumptuous amounts of comfort and technology bring in sumptuous amounts of cash that buyers oftentimes aren’t hesitant to splurge with. For 2021, the Mercedes-Benz GLS takes home the honors of being the Luxury SUV with the highest satisfaction rating. In all 36 measured attributes, the GLS earns either equally satisfying or more satisfying than the competition, with top scores given for things like brand reputation, instrument panel design, a center touchscreen that’s easy to use, driver’s seat visibility, and ride comfort. GLS owners also call attention to very high levels of satisfaction for the SUV’s diplomatic exterior styling, available paint choices, its passenger room and tasteful cabin design, driver’s seat adjustability, ease of getting in and out, quietness, and braking. With large proportions, owners give high scores for its cargo area access, total capacity, and lighting. The GLS also earns the top accolade for its excellent perceived durability/quality/reliability.

Nissan Armada
Large SUV

Gaining a welcomed facelift for the 2021 MY that brings a new influx of tech and cutting-edge styling enhancements, Nissan’s full-size Armada wins over the hearts of its owners and was christened the most satisfying Large SUV for the third year in a row. Even amid the present competition of other grand three-row SUVs like the Ford Expedition, Chevrolet’s Suburban and Tahoe, Toyota’s Sequoia, and GMC’s Yukon and Yukon XL duo, Armada owners rate their SUV at or near the top in 29 of the 36 measured attributes. From quick local errands to long highway adventures, Nissan’s Armada has proven itself time after time to be an impressive product that guarantees strong levels of owner satisfaction in the areas the really matter most: ride comfort, handling, and driving enjoyment, ease of getting in and out, driver’s seat comfort and visibility, along with passenger roominess.

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Mid-Size SUV

In AutoPacific’s VSAs Last year, Toyota’s 4Runner was voted the most satisfying Mid-Size SUV, dethroning the Jeep Grand Cherokee after holding the title for seven years straight. That moment of fame didn’t last long, as for 2021, the Grand Cherokee recaptures the award thanks to owners rating it equal to or better than its competition in 32 of the 36 measured attributes. Compared to the owners of other surveyed mid-size SUVs, Grand Cherokee owners voice the highest levels of satisfaction in brand reputation, exterior and interior styling, the size and visibility of the center touchscreen, along with front seat comfort. Jeep offers buyers twelve different flavors of Grand Cherokee to choose from including the tire-burning Trackhawk, luxurious Summit, and rugged Trailhawk. When it comes to using the Grand Cherokee day-to- day, owners are very satisfied with braking, ride, handling, power, and acceleration, and that satisfaction doesn’t fade for perceived levels of durability/quality/reliability. An all-new Grand Cherokee and impressive three-row Grand Cherokee L just arrived for the 2021 MY, will the full model change be enough to warrant yet again another VSA next year? It’s very likely.

Porsche Cayenne
Premium Luxury Crossover SUV

Owners of Porsche’s lucrative Cayenne give top marks in 18 of the 36 measured attributes, stealing the award for being the most satisfying Premium Luxury Crossover SUV from last year’s victor, the Tesla Model X. The bold, almost exotic styling displayed by Cayenne strongly appeals to its buyers and ranks at the top for satisfaction. A new Coupe bodystyle recently joined for 2021 and will likely only push those rankings higher next year. Other key attributes that make the Cayenne a winner include lofty praise for brand reputation, driver’s seat comfort, second-row seat comfort, passenger roominess, controls that are easy to use, and easy ingress/egress. Engineers at Porsche are able to squeeze unfathomable amounts of power and performance out of the Cayenne that are on par with the 911 Carrera, and owners particularly enjoy that.

Executive Luxury Crossover SUV

BMW’s excellent X5 is the top-rated Executive Luxury XSUV for 2021, with owners rating it equal to or better than the competitive set in 30 of the 36 measured attributes. Satisfaction ranks top for brand reputation but is the X5 the “Ultimate Driving Machine?” Absolutely. Owners give high marks for how fun the X5 is behind the wheel, supported by strong with praise for its handling, power, and snappy acceleration. Styling inside and out is definitely desirable and owners voice high levels of appreciation for its quietness, overall comfort, driver’s seat visibility and adjustability, and egress/ingress. Gone are the days of BMW’s iDrive intofainment being a daunting mess, as satisfaction scores very well for the X5’s center screen size, visibility, and intuitiveness. The X5 continues to be the benchmark luxury crossover SUV other automakers are striving to reach.

Cadillac XT5
Standard Luxury Crossover SUV

For the second year in a row, owners picked the Cadillac XT5 as the top-rated Standard Luxury XSUV for 2021 with 32 of the 36 measured attributes having ratings equal to or better than the competition. Styling is a must in this segment, and XT5 owners report being very satisfied with the exterior design that confidently demonstrates Cadillac’s new exquisite design language and that supports the brand’s classy identity. The popular XT5 also earns high marks in fuel economy, quietness, ride comfort, and handling, while a cabin rich in carbon fiber, leather, and gorgeous wood trimming come together to create a roomy and inviting space.

Cadillac XT4
Compact Luxury Crossover SUV

Owners of Cadillac’s XT4 rate it equal to or better than competition in all 36 of the measured attributes, earning it the title of being the most satisfying Compact Luxury XSUV. An impressive feat, owners give high marks for things like brand reputation, driver’s seat adjustability and visibility, ease of getting in and out of the driver’s seat, overall front seat comfort, and passenger roominess. Like fashionable accessories, posh appearance is also a strong selling point among compact luxury crossover shoppers, and of all vehicles in the segment, the XT5 earns the highest levels of satisfaction for exterior and interior styling. Thanks to its fun size and turbocharged four-cylinder that’s rich in torque, dynamically, XT4 owners are also very satisfied with its power and acceleration, nimble handling, and braking.

Kia Telluride
Large Crossover SUV

Since launch, the Telluride has been a monumental success and a breakthrough vehicle for Kia Motors America. Built right here in the U.S.A., people gush over its adventurous looks and with owners rating their satisfaction as being equal to or better than the competition in all 36 measured attributes, it’s no wonder the Telluride earns the trophy for being the most satisfying Large Crossover SUV this year. Owners give top satisfactory marks for things like second-row seat comfort, braking, driver’s seat visibility, as well its full suite of standard ADAS safety features. Driving the Telluride is a treat thanks to a powerful, responsive 3.8L V6 that’s capable enough to tow 5,000 pounds and doesn’t guzzle gas. Owners appreciate the Telluride’s comfortable ride, easy handling, and firm braking. Like its bold exterior, the cabin gets high levels of satisfaction for its passenger roominess, cavernous cargo area, and quietness. Perceived overall durability/quality/reliability scored segment-leading marks as well, surpassing the scores of the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and Ford’s Explorer.

Chevrolet Blazer
Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV

The Chevrolet Blazer wins top honors as the most satisfying Premium Mid-Size XSUV with highest satisfaction rankings in 25 of the 36 measured attributes. The class Chevrolet’s Blazer competes in is a crowded one, going head-to-head against the likes of Buick’s Envision, the Ford Edge, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Kia Sorento to name a few of the contenders. Blazer owners are most satisfied with brand reputation, ease of getting in and out of the vehicle, driver’s seat adjustability, overall comfort, controls that easy to use, plus exterior size and its dramatically sporty styling. Dynamically, owners give high marks of praise for the Blazer being a fun-to-drive mid-size crossover SUV with great power and acceleration thanks to a peppy 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder or burly 3.6L V6.

Nissan Rogue
Mid-Size Crossover SUV

All new for the 2021 MY, the Rogue remains one of the segment’s best sellers and has proven to be the exact hit the Nissan brand has banked on for success in the U.S. market. Instead of betting on individual attributes to pull in satisfied buyers, the Rogue delivers a wide range of satisfying features from its roomy cabin and cavernous cargo area, to sharp looks, available all wheel drive, and standard safety tech. For the second year in a row, the Rogue wins the VSA for being the most satisfying Mid-Size Crossover SUV, scoring equal to or better than its competition in 27 of the 36 measured attributes. Owners give high praise for its exterior and interior styling, handling, cargo access and total capacity, and driver’s seat ingress/egress. Carrying a $25,850 starting price, the Rogue is a champion when it comes to value too; with an unexpected list of standard and available equipment including Nissan’s excellent ProPILOT Assist system that brings an advanced degree of semi-autonomous highway driving tech into such an approachable segment.

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Cross Compact Crossover SUV

Mitsubishi’s lineup has grown to include the redesigned Outlander, smaller Outlander Sport, Outlander Plug-In Hybrid, and the hip Eclipse Cross that sees a nice refresh for its 2022 MY. For 2021 however, the Eclipse Cross is crowned the most satisfying Compact Crossover SUV with owners’ scores that are equal to or more satisfying than the competition in 32 of the 36 measured attributes. This is an excellent victory for the Mitsubishi brand who continues to take away sales from the more popular Jeep Compass, Hyundai Tucson, and Subaru Crosstrek. Owners are particularly satisfied with the Eclipse Cross’s driver’s seat visibility, sharp exterior styling, ease of getting in and out, front seat comfort, interior design and generous factory warranty. Safety features and ratings also receive strong praise as well as excellent perception of the Eclipse Cross’s overall durability/quality/durability.

Toyota C-HR
Subcompact Crossover SUV

With a design that’s youthful, unique, and perhaps out of this world, Toyota’s C-HR certainly turns heads and warms the hearts of its owners. For 2021, the C-HR earns the award for being the most satisfying Subcompact Crossover SUV, with owners giving high marks of satisfaction for its quirky exterior styling, brand reputation, and arsenal of standard advanced safety features. Braking also scores high as does front seat comfort, safety ratings, and perceived overall durability/quality/reliability. With a starting price a few ticks over $21,000, the C-HR gives Toyota shoppers not only excellent bang-for-buck value with things like standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via an eight-inch touchscreen, and automatic climate control. The tiniest member of Toyota’s crossover lineup promises to be a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle that truly stands out.

Chrysler Pacifica

While the Minivan segment is a small one, the players in it are near perfect and remain the best choices for families with kids. For 2021, Chrysler’s Pacifica regains its top spot as being the most satisfying Minivan after short-lived second place run last year below the Kia Sedona. The Pacifica is a fantastic product inside and out, with owners rating it equal to or better than the competition in 20 of the 36 measured attributes. High marks are easily given for its suite of advanced safety features, driver’s seat visibility and comfort, ease of getting in and out, and there’s strong praise for overall comfort too, something crossovers and SUVs oftentimes struggle to master. Dynamically, owners enjoy driving the Pacifica and rate its handling and quietness very well. With the 2021 MY refresh’s attractive styling, long list of helpful features for families, available all-wheel drive that’s proven capable in deep snow, and an optional plug-in hybrid model for the eco-conscious shopper- the Pacifica is no doubt one of the best buys in the industry.

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