Arity Partners with GasBuddy for Cheap Gas Prices

Mobility data and analytics company Arity announced it is teaming up with GasBuddy, the most-used travel and navigation app in the industry to help drivers save money on gas. Through this partnership, GasBuddy will offer app users personalized notifications based on prior driving behavior that suggest ways to optimize their fuel consumption and save money.

GasBuddy has seamlessly embedded Arity’s technology into their app, which enhances its user experience by leveraging telematics data. Arity will look at driving behaviors, mileage, and other comparable data to create a fuel savings score for each driver. That score will allow GasBuddy to provide millions of opted-in users with individualized feedback on how they can optimize their fuel consumption and save money.

GasBuddy will also leverage Arity’s unique Marketing Solutions and individual driving scores to provide its mobile user base with customized offers based on the way they drive.

“At GasBuddy, our goal is to give our users the most ways to save on their fuel costs at the most locations,” said Mark Coffey, GasBuddy’s General Manager. “Arity stands apart as a partner that can provide what’s needed for us to successfully scale, offering our users even more value. We turned to Arity because we recognized their technology platform is strong and the people are great to work with.”

“GasBuddy has a large and engaged community of value-focused drivers, which aligns very well with our unique ability to understand and predict risky driving,” said Gary Hallgren, President of Arity. “Partnering with GasBuddy is another example of not only how we can help improve businesses in the transportation space, but also how we can help drivers be smarter on the road. By connecting with people in unique ways like this, we improve lives.”

Since the recent gas shortage, GasBuddy became the number one most-downloaded app on the App Store and has been adding between 3,000 to 5,000 opt-in users per day on average. For more information about how Arity’s team is connecting partners to the power of mobility data, visit