5G Automotive Association’s Latest C-V2X at MWC Shanghai 2021

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) discussed the latest interoperability applications for connected vehicles and the large-scale test of C-V2X communications reliability at GSMA’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021. Its online and offline session offered a full-fledged overview of Connected Mobility through C-V2X.

Building on its third participation in the Chinese edition of the congress, 5GAA provided an update on how C-V2X fuels the country’s connected automotive revolution. While the association supports the global roll-out of C-V2X, China has reportedly presented the highest advancement in technology development and implementation.

China is at the forefront of C-V2X development and has strongly consolidated it in its industrial transport policy over the past few years, demonstrating that smart and safe mobility through C-V2X is here to last”, said 5GAA Director-General Johannes Springer. “The global progress of C-V2X shows that China paves the way, while 5GAA is instrumental in supporting its implementation throughout the world”.

Building on participation with three consecutive editions of the event, the 2021 edition of the 5GAA conference featured Chinese regulators and 5GAA members with strong Chinese business relations – from automakers, mobile networks, equipment suppliers/vendors to chipset suppliers.

While the association highlighted the ecosystem’s readiness and the commercialisation of C-V2X, it also took the occasion to demonstrate its enhanced collaboration with key Chinese organisations such as IMT-2020PG. It has conducted the first world open-road C-V2X interoperability showcase and successfully cooperated with regional standard organisations like the China Industry Innovation Alliance for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (CAICV) and the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) on the higher layer implementation. These are further reinforced through cross-participation agreements of research with Chinese academic institutions such as Tongji University.

“When comparing the various flavours of V2X standards in China, Europe and the US, there are differences in upper-layer protocols and security management solutions”, reported 5GAA CTO Maxime Flament. “We believe more can be done to align these regions.”