Best Automotive Tech to See #CES2021 Sono Motors, Audi, Mercedes Benz, GM & More

CES 2021 begins tomorrow and this year it will be all virtual. while the show normally brings in about a hundred and twenty thousand people or more this year I can see within the interface 65000 registered attendees. Many automakers and Technology suppliers will be having news conferences or showing off new technology. here is a Roundup of everything that seems to be the most exciting so far.

Seminars & Media Conferences

Bosch will be announcing its sustainability initiative early in the morning.

Panasonic will showcasing some new technology including automotive in-vehicle infotainment, premium audio , head up display and Tokyo2020 Olympics. Since the Tokyo Olympics were not held we suspect there may be some technology that they were planning on offering that they will reveal and they are also talking about distance learning so it may be some kind of interactive device or platform.

Mercedes-Benz has a big news conference plan for its mbux interface along with its hyper screen that was announced last week. It may be interesting to find out some details on how that screen will not be distracting while driving.

Last week HARMAN announced three concepts that included use of interior Automotive screens for game playing, video / audio editing and as a musical Concert Experience.

Also covering the sustainability topic will be Magna, The company that will be making the Fisker ocean. I understand they are also having an Interactive live way to be within its booth. They are also having a spotlight session on electric vehicles.

Mobilye’s Prof. Amnon Shashua, senior vice president of Intel and chief executive officer of Mobileye, will show the correlation between advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and the company’s autonomous vehicle technology, and how this connection has shaped Mobileye’s strategy.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) will unveil the world’s first autonomous racecar at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). Learn how the IAC will advance technologies in driverless vehicles and motorsports, and who are the 500+ university students competing to win the $1.5 million prize in the world’s first high-speed, head-to head autonomous race at the famed IMS.

Tuesday morning will start off with an AI discussion with BlackBerry’s Eric Cornelius.

The most anticipated automotive event on Tuesday will be announcement from GM’s Mary Barra about GM’s electrification plans and electric truck. Plus a new Cadillac model will be displayed at the GM exhibit.

Sono Motors will reveal their solar powered car also on Tuesday. Sono Motors, the Company innovating electric mobility with its proprietary solar technology, announced that it will launch the next generation prototype of its revolutionary Solar EV for the masses – The Sion. Led by its founders’ vision of a world without fossil fuels, Sono Motors has been supported by its community to further advance EV development. The Sion blends disruptive technology with affordability to enable individual contribution to global sustainability. Combined with Sono Motors’ proprietary Sono Solar Technology, the Sion is paving the way for an attractively priced transition to a sustainable future. Panasonic Panasonic Energy of North America will reveal how it is producing the world’s highest energy density automotive battery, and its cobalt-free roadmap.

Wednesday will have some self-driving panels including one hosted bey Axios about autonomous tech moving into other areas with Sara Luchian, Director, Passenger Experience-Virgin Hyperloop, Lia Theodosiou-Pisanelli, Director of Partner Product & Programs-Aurora, Karl Weiss, Vice President and CTO-Caterpillar Inc

Innovators and policy makers discuss what consumer expectations and government decisions mean for the future of mobility and national competitiveness speaking will Rachel Maclean, Finch Fulton, Jamie Boone, Michael Petricone, David Quinalty.

There are over 152 automotive tech exhibitors at CES this year with only two days of live interaction and another 65,000 people trying to contact some of the same people….

Major tech and automotive exhibitors include GM, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and FCA.

FCA & Cadillac Displays

FCA will offer a visually immersive experience with video explanations from the subject matter experts, hosted by a virtual brand ambassador.

Users can opt for a guided tour hosted by a virtual brand ambassador who curates information depending on user preferences. Expertly guided, the tour gives guests a deeper understanding of FCA’s products and technologies through a 3D experience, which includes 12 FCA vehicles.

At any point during the experience, guests may opt for a self-guided tour. The user-controlled 3D environment allows viewing from various angles on vehicles such as the Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Concept and Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Additionally, the viewer may select any of the vehicles for a deep dive into the technology and product applications. An easy-to-use global navigation contains quick links to specific areas.


At CES 2021, Cadillac will showcase how it continues to push the boundaries of the in-vehicle user experience. Early in the new vehicle development process, the Cadillac team invited innovative companies from outside the automotive industry, including Territory Studio and Rightpoint, a Genpact company, to help reimagine the user interface. Focused on artfully integrating aesthetics, purpose and technology, these teams helped bring to life Cadillac’s all-new vehicle displays.

“In designing the user interface for Cadillac, we started with a vision but recognized that we were going to need a fresh perspective and new ways of thinking to turn it into a reality,” said Bill Thompson, GM senior manager, User Interface Design. “That’s where Rightpoint and Territory Studio came into the picture. Both teams are incredibly talented and brought a new perspective that enabled us to design a personalized and elegant user-focused experience.”

Territory Studio brings a deep understanding of narrative design for film, games and brands. Their expertise in near future technology and creative design provided Cadillac with a fresh vision for the future.

Model Solution, a subsidiary of the premium tyre maker Hankook, as well as a world-class prototyping and manufacturing provider, will make its debut at the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show CES 2021 which will be held online from 11- 14 January. For the first time, Model Solution ( will exhibit its new products equipped with Augmented Reality (AR), the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution. As a highlight, the Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display (AR HMD) prototype will be presented, which is an AR headset specifically designed for industrial use. The headset, named ‘MS-AR20’, focusses on its essential features to enhance user experience and functionality.

Next to the AR headset, Model Solution will also showcase its premium high-tech e-scooter prototype, which will be another highlight at this year’s CES. The e-scooter, which also uses AR technology, runs on 11 inch wide airless tyres that do not only give the scooter its unique look but also promote safe driving. The fingerprint recognition system and the integrated dashboard camera make the scooter the smartest of its kind. The e-scooter also comes in different colours and is foldable when standing up.

In addition to its new products, Model Solution will present its CMF lab as an online platform for the show. Serving as a space for industrial design trends and inspiration for product development, the CMF Lab was opened in February 2020 and is dedicated to the research and categorisation of the three key design elements “colour”, “material” and “finish” (CMF for short). The CMF lab collaborates with the British design studio ‘Chris Lefteri Design’, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with Model Solution in 2019 to provide consulting services concerning up-to-date megatrends in the industrial design field. During this year’s CES, visitors will be able to learn about the latest trends, insights and applications, including mood boards on current design and image trends as well as the latest design features.

SmarEye Consumer Product

mart Eye AB, the world leading developer of eye tracking software for driver monitoring systems, will be exhibiting at the first all-digital CES. Apart from showcasing the company’s advanced AI-based technology, the exhibit will offer a first sneak peek of Smart Eye’s new aftermarket driver monitoring system.

For the second year in a row, Smart Eye AB will be showcasing their driver monitoring solution at CES 2021, the world’s most influential tech event. The technology showcased at Smart Eye’s digital booth will reflect the company’s more than 20 years of experience in the industry and give visitors insight into what the future holds in terms of automotive safety and convenience.

By studying a person’s eye, face and head movements, Smart Eye’s driver monitoring solution can recognize driver drowsiness or distraction and prevent traffic accidents caused by an inattentive driver. And by integrating DMS software and interior sensing system software, Smart Eye’s solution can see even further to detect people, pets and everyday objects throughout the vehicle’s interior. The combination of DMS and interior sensing system software is the next step towards seamless human-machine interaction, enabling highly advanced safety and convenience features in next generation vehicles.

Smart Eye’s exhibit at CES 2021 will also offer visitors a first glance at the company’s new aftermarket product. The upcoming launch of this AI-powered driver monitoring system marks the very first time Smart Eye has developed high-quality hardware to match the company’s highly regarded software and algorithms. As an advanced, cost-efficient solution developed for the automotive aftermarket, the Applied AI System (AIS) aims to raise the safety standard for public transport and commercial vehicles. The upcoming product launch is planned later this spring.


There will also be many cyber security companies, driver monitoring technology suppliers, new types of mobility platforms, autonomous providers, electric vehicle charging initiatives, disinfection mapping, telematics data providers 3D sensing 3D Sensations, analysts and chipmakers.