Connected Car News Ansys, UL & Econolite

In connected car news are Ansys, UL and Econolite.

Ansys ( achieved certification of its advanced semiconductor design solution for TSMC’s high-speed CoWoS® with silicon interposer (CoWoS®-S) and InFO with RDL interconnect (InFO-R) advanced packaging technologies. This empowers customers to signoff power, signal integrity and analyze the impact of thermal effects to confirm the reliability of complete, integrated 2.5D and 3D silicon systems.

TSMC certifies the Ansys® RedHawk and Ansys® RaptorH family of multiphysics solutions – including Ansys® Redhawk-SC Electrothermal – for next-generation CoWoS®-S and InFO-R advanced packaging technologies. The certification encompasses die and package co-simulation and co-analysis for extraction, power and signal integrity analysis, power and signal electromigration (EM) analysis and thermal analysis. This comprehensive suite of power, thermal, signal integrity and EM analysis tools will help simulate, calculate and alleviate reliability issues, enabling optimal electrical performance.

“The result of our collaboration combining Ansys’ multiphysics solutions and TSMC’s CoWoS® and InFO advanced packaging technologies helps our mutual customers address their design complexity and challenges,” said Suk Lee, senior director of the Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC. “Through our ongoing partnership with Ansys, customers can improve and validate their cutting-edge designs to satisfy stringent performance and reliability standards.”

UL Joins Automotive Safety Council

UL, a leading global safety science company,  announced that it has become a member of the Automotive Safety Council. Embedded within the world’s top automotive ecosystem in metro Detroit, the Automotive Safety Council is a trade association with membership representing autonomous, crash avoidance and occupant protection automotive safety suppliers that works to improve automotive safety through the development, production and implementation of the latest automotive safety equipment.

To maintain its third-party impartiality, UL has joined the Automotive Safety Council as a sponsoring member, a membership category reserved for companies or organizations associated with the advancement of automotive safety but does not directly provide automotive safety products, materials or equipment. As one of its first actions, UL is providing expertise by participating in a number of Automotive Safety Council subcommittees including those addressing safety, health and environment, and sensing and active safety.//

Econolite Cetracs Supports Crowdsourced Traffic Data

Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management solutions, announced that the recently released cloud-based Centracs® Mobility software platform now supports crowdsourced traffic data as an additional source of real-time roadway detection. The robust architecture of Centracs Mobility provides transportation agencies the flexibility of integrating real-time traffic data for signal performance measurement and optimization.

Crowdsourced traffic data has been steadily improving in quality over recent years. There has been an expected tipping point where this data source would have the accuracy and coverage of vehicles to be used as a trusted input for signal timing. “The widespread availability of mobile connections to both vehicles and cellular devices has made crowdsourced data a significant source of real-time information,” said Eric Raamot, Econolite’s Chief Technology Officer. “This form of ‘infrastructure-less’ data has already been leveraged for traffic incident reporting, predictive modeling, and travel time estimation, but has not previously been demonstrated to be a viable source of input for signal performance measures or signal optimization. By feeding this data into Centracs SPM’s cloud-based analytics, we can now take a significant leap forward in real-time signal optimization and enable our suite of SPM tools for agencies that may not have the prerequisite infrastructure deployed for traditional advance, or per-lane detection.”

Centracs Mobility, with SPM’s established real-time data analytics, is an ideal platform, providing a foundation for aggregating and leveraging both traditional detection data and real-time crowdsourced traffic data. Econolite is working with research programs to establish the feasibility to serve many use cases with crowdsourced data. Econolite’s software toolset can present signal performance metrics based on toggling the various types of data sources for direct comparison.

Centracs Mobility’s flexible architecture enables cities and transportation agencies to custom tailor it for their specific traffic control needs, maximizing their investment. It can be easily integrated with the latest in sensor technologies, and can be customized for any deployment level, delivering the highest levels of traffic control interoperability and automation. Centracs Mobility was developed based on user-feedback and designed to address the dynamic traffic control needs of today’s data-driven roadway networks and Smart City multimodal transportation environments.