How to Enjoy Drive-in Movies in Your MINI or Host Your Own

There are people who have never been to a drive-in movie theater—If you haven’t 00MINI has created a guide to help.

What kind of snacks should you bring?—-pop corn, chocolate chip cookies, soft pretzels,movie-style candy and soda pop. The company is also suggesting that MINI clubs host their own driven-in movie events.

The MINI Drive-In Movie Guide, which offers tips to drive-in moviegoers to have the best drive-in movie experience, as well as recipes for drive-in movie snacks and information on drive-in locations around the country, is available for a free download at

As the COVID19 pandemic has canceled or postponed most traditional summertime activities and presented challenges for people to find safe ways to get out and enjoy their communities, interest in activities such as drive-in movies have surged around the country. The MINI Drive-In Movie Guide provides not only MINI owners but anyone with the car, the opportunity to search out a drive-in destination that’s nearby and get out for a drive to the theater.

“The MINI driver community has always been drawn towards gathering to enjoy spending time together around a common bond or activity,” said Rah Mahtani, Marketing Communications Manager for MINI USA, “The drive-in movie theater is the ideal event for MINI owners – or anyone with a car, because they can get out for a drive to enjoy a common experience with MINI friends and family while taking appropriate social distancing precautions.”

In addition to the tips, recipes and locator, the MINI Drive-In Movie Guide offers a brief historical look at the drive-in movie in the U.S. and provides expert commentary on the cultural and communal aspect of the drive-in movie by Dr. JC Barone Ph.D., a professor at the Department of Communications & Media Arts at Western Connecticut State University and the country’s leading expert on drive-in movie theaters. The guide also features tips on how to create your own private drive-in experience.

MINI as a brand has always been about making the driving experience fun. From its inception over 60 years ago, MINIs have brought joy to drivers the world over. Now, as drivers are encouraged to stay at home and adhere to social distancing, they are hungry for an excuse to spend time in their automobiles, especially MINI drivers who love spending time with their cars.

While any car can be used to go to a drive-in movie, doing so in a MINI enhances the drive-in experience in several ways. MINI’s iconic Go-Kart feeling makes driving to the drive-in movie a blast. MINI’s optional Harman Kardon sound systems elevate the movie viewing experience. The picnic bench available for the MINI Countryman adds a fun way to enjoy the show from the tailgate. Finally, MINI’s interior ambient lighting adds an extra dimension to the movie viewing experience.

The MINI Drive-In Guide will be available for download at Two pre-recorded broadcast television segments on the resurgence of the drive-in movie theater with Our Auto Expert Nik Miles are also available for download here and here.