Keep the Air Clean–Go Green with Echo3

The most efficient & affordable electric vehicle

A lesson learned on a global basis during the height of the stay home lock down phase of the Covid-19 pandemic was air quality improved dramatically in metro areas on a global basis. Major metro areas saw the air quality as mission of people stayed in their homes and did not drive their combustion engine automobiles.

Denver-based Echo3 Energy is responding to the need for clean, convenient, efficient and affordable transportation with the next release of its electric-powered vehicle, the Echo3 in the face of this global crisis. With a 3,000 watt electric motor, three wheels and compact size, the Echo3 makes a bold statement in the forward-moving world of environmentally friendly and cost-efficient transportation. “New normal, means it’s time to rethink transportation. Since automotive has been deemed an essential business, our team worked through remote workers from home and our sequestered facilities in Denver to meet deadlines to help change the way the world addresses transportation,” said Rex Halbeisen, President of Echo3.

“The Echo3 has been in development for several years,” said Jeremiah Buck, Founder and Director of product development of Echo3 Energy. “We have a street-legal vehicle that is ‘Efficient Electric Energy.’ That is how the Echo3 name originated: three Es echoing into the environment, making a difference, especially as the world examines new normal. Not only is the Echo3 clean energy, emissions-free and its small size requires fewer materials to manufacture. It’s a win/win.”

Research shows the average daily commute is 16 miles one way. Typical errands, such as going to the grocery store, average 3 miles round trip. With up to a 50-mile range, the Echo3 becomes a viable option for typical transportation needs. For most people, the Echo3 will be a supplement to their primary vehicle, not a replacement. With a top speed of 35 mph, which meets all inner city speed limits, it can readily travel urban avenues, small-town streets or rural lanes. The Echo3 has space for three adults, abundant leg room, and fully charges in 4 hours with a standard three prong household extension cord. You will also find many features of a full size vehicle, such as a sun roof, bluetooth stereo and reverse camera. The Echo3 is a cost-effective, energy-efficient answer for today’s transportation needs.

“This little thing offers some truly practical daily utility,” says Mr. Halbeisen. “It’s easy to drive, to maneuver in congested areas, and to park. It’s good for the environment. And it’s good for your pocketbook.”

The Echo3 is ideal for anyone with short trip needs from college students, urban dwellers, small-town residents, downsizing seniors, and the environmentally conscious. Your eco-friendly commute just became cheaper, easier and a lot more fun!

Echo3 Energy is a subsidiary of Tread Global, Inc., a product safety-testing and development company based in Denver, Colorado, founded by Jeremiah Buck in 2010.