Presidential Politicians Make the Worst Backseat Drivers

President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders are the worst backseat drivers, according to a survey of Americans by Metromile, Inc. ahead of the Feb. 29 Democratic primary in South Carolina.

The Metromile Miles that Matter 2020 Presidential Survey found about two out of five Americans (38%) believe Trump would be the worst backseat driver, double the number who said the same about Sanders (19%). Senator Elizabeth Warren is close behind as the pick of 17% of Americans. No other candidate was in the double-digits.

When asked their opinions about which 2020 presidential candidates would be the best driver, Americans revealed:

  • More than three out of five Americans (61%) believe a Democrat would be the best driver. Of the Democratic candidates, Americans think Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the best driver (14%), followed by former Mayor Mike Bloomberg (12%), Sanders (11%), and former Vice President Joe Biden (10%).
  • More than one in five Americans (21%) believe Trump is the best driver in the presidential contest. Of those holding that view, men were more likely than women to think Trump is the best driver (26% to 16%).
  • Americans aged 40 and older are almost twice as likely to think highly of the President’s driving skills than voters aged 18 to 39, who were more skeptical (25% to 14%).
  • The stereotype that women are worse drivers is alive and well: Warren (9%) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (5%) found little support for their driving acumen among Americans.
  • Generation Z thought Democrats (80% combined) are better drivers than Trump (7%).

When asked which 2020 presidential candidate they would most want to go on a road trip with, Americans confessed:

  • Trump led the field, with three out of 10 Americans wanting to go on a road trip with the President. The commander in chief is also the favorite for one in five American adults aged 39 or younger.
  • Among the Democratic candidates, Sanders led as the choice of 14% of Americans. Bloomberg followed with 10%. Klobuchar was dead-last as the pick of just 3% of Americans.

Survey Methodology: On behalf of Metromile, Inc., ENGINE Insights conducted a nationally representative survey from Feb. 24 to 26, 2020, of 1,004 adults aged 18 years and older. Aggregate level results have a maximum 3% margin of error at a 95% confidence level.