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Connected Car News 3/22 ElectReon, Faurecia, FaceDrive, GTAT, Maxim, Nokia 7 LG

In connected car news are ElectReon, Faurecia, FaceDrive, GTAT, Maxim, Nokia and LG.

Hit the Electric Charging Road Jack

ElectReon has completed a test of dynamic wireless charging of a 40 ton long haul electric truck on the island of Gotland, Sweden. This marks the world’s first truck operations on a public wireless electric road and is an important milestone for the Smartroad Gotland project and for electric mobility. The test verified that the road infrastructure successfully functions in real life conditions and that the system is not affected by snow or rain.

The test was conducted on a public stretch of electric road, that was deployed in November 2019, between the airport and the town of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland. It took place for a week and a half in winter conditions with rain and snow.  Initially, the management unit was installed on the side of the road, connected to the electric grid and the coils under the road. Next, the communication with the coils was tested and then the static charging of the truck via its five receivers. Finally, the system was operated for dynamic charging of the truck on a 50 meter section at a speed of up to 30 km/h. The cloud based system was automatically operated and remotely monitored.   The results of the test are satisfactory, the system operated while the truck was on the move and all the receivers functioned and transferred 45 kW to the truck’s battery. During the coming months the transferred power and vehicle speed will be increased gradually in order to reach the goal of 125 kW and highway speed. Furthermore, additional electric road segments will be deployed and an electric bus will be in commercial operation as an airport shuttle.

Faurecia Joins eSync Alliance

The eSync Alliance announces that Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, has become its latest member.

The eSync Alliance is a multi-company initiative for end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) updating and data services for the connected car. The Alliance is based around eSync, a multi-vendor OTA platform of server and embedded software, which provides a secure bi-directional data pipeline between the cloud and electronic end devices in vehicles. eSync can deliver and update software and firmware over-the-air, while collecting real-time operational data from in-car devices. Leveraging a global network of co-operating suppliers, the eSync system can help prevent increasingly costly and inconvenient vehicle recalls, as well as creating new opportunities for carmakers to enhance vehicle software and features on vehicles in the field.

Facedrive Acquires HiRide

Facedrive Inc.  the first Canadian peer-to-peer, eco-friendly and socially responsible ride-sharing network, has entered into a Share Exchange Agreement to acquire 100% of HiRide Share Ltd (“HiRide”), a socially responsible ride-sharing and car-pooling app which shares Facedrive’s “people and planet first” principles.

GTAT & On Semi

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) and ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), today announced the execution of a five-year agreement, valued at a potential of $50 million. With this agreement, GTAT will produce and supply its CrystX™ silicon carbide (SiC) material to ON Semiconductor, a global leader in driving energy efficient innovations, for use in high-growth markets and applications.

Maxim ASIL-grade Camera Protector

Maxim’s MAX20087 camera protector IC is the industry’s only ASIL-grade camera protector (complying with ASIL B through ASIL D) with integrated I2C-based diagnostics. As a dual/quad device, the MAX20087:

  • Provides two or four 600mA protection switches in a 4mm x 4mm, 20-pin TQFN package
  • Supports four cameras simultaneously; two of the devices in parallel on the same bus support eight cameras
  • Protects each output individually from short-to-battery, short-to-ground, and overcurrent conditions

Nokia Upgrades 5G

Nokia has announced that it is working with one of the biggest operators in the world to upgrade its IP transport for 5G services. Nokia will help Korean operator LG Uplus automate its IP transport and core networks, allowing the operator to launch 5G services faster while providing subscribers higher speed and unprecedented quality, reliability and security.

This software-defined networking (SDN) automation deployment is specifically designed for 5G cloud architectures. The solution will help LG Uplus deliver an evolving portfolio of 5G services to consumers and enterprise quickly and at a massive scale.

Nokia deployed its Network Service Platform (NSP) solution that is a flexible, modular and programmable approach to help LG Uplus automate network operations and ease integration with their Nokia FP4-based IP routers and multiple vendor platforms to accelerate 5G services rollout. Additionally, it will allow LG Uplus to constantly meet stringent 5G requirements in terms of bandwidth, latency and resiliency, ensuring maximum service quality, reliability and security, while improving operational efficiency and agility.

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