Tech CARS Winners: Fisker, Rivian, Newman, Morris, Goldberg, AGL, Auto Futures, SiriusXM, Teraki & Petersen

AUTO Connected Car News honors new technology and people who encourage others to make it happen by the 2019-2020 Tech CARS Awards. Votes were cast online using CrowdSignal by AUTO Connected Car News’ readers many of whom are active members of the automotive business.

“We’re pleased that our winners this year show more electric cars and women in leadership roles,” says Lynn Walford, executive editor of Auto Connected News.

Winning for the Best Newly Announced and Anticipated Electric Vehicle Coming to Market SUV or Similar is the Fisker Ocean beating out competitors by more than double. The Fisker Ocean is the most sustainable EV using recycled materials and will have solar panels to help charge the vehicle.

The Rivian R1T wins Best Design of an Electric Truck with Off-Road Expected in the Near Future. The Rivian R1T is an all-electric pick up truck with an expected 400 mi range, with a quad motor system, wading depth of over three feet and towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.

The Car Technology Leader Celebrity or Spokesperson award goes to Jennifer Newman, Editor-in-Chief, for encouraging more women in automotive.

“I’ve worked with Jennifer Newman and she is delight to work with,” says Walford, “Newman is a certified child passenger safety technician has been crusading for child and family safety for years. She is the first female editor of and works within the community to promote more women in automotive.”

The winner o Best Southern California Automotive Event is “The Future of the Automobile — Petersen Automotive Museum,” the event featured VW’s Klaus Bischoff, Henrik Fisker, Stewart Reed, Rod Chong, McKeel Hagerty, and Kristin Kolodge all predicting automobile futures.

Video is proving to be more important to marketers, the winner of Best Video of a Trade or Auto Show is Auto Futures – Messe Frankfort featuring Alex Kreetzer and a multitude of videos

Winner of Best New Software Concepts Designs is Teraki AI & edge data processing software makes applications and algorithms.

Publicity Publicity Publicity & Partnerships

Best Publicity Campaign for Automotive Launch or Event winner isĀ  Stacy Morris, Futurista Communications for the Canoo launch event. Morris created a gathering in which reporters could learn everything they needed to know about the ground breaking Canoo.

Best Publicity for Automotive Startup winner is Jillian Goldberg – GuardKnox. Goldberg is a one woman publicity power house gives the media endless story possibilities.

The Best Industry Partnerships and/or Collaboration is Automotive Grade Linux. The group is creating software for important automotive functions while still maintaining automaker branding.

In car payments are making purchases more convenient, the Best Connected Car Way to Pay for Parking Donuts & More is SiriusXM e-wallet powered by Visa validated by biometrics.


We also point out some the worst events and problems automotive technology media.

The Most Ridiculous Coverage of Anything Tesla Related winner is Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes in the shape of Cybertruck.

The Edsel Yugo Award for the Worst, Horrific Actions by a Person in the Automotive Tech Industry – First place winner/loser is President Donald J. Trump for rolling back emission standards and imposing tariffs. Second Place winner/loser Elon Musk for the broken Cybertruck bullet proof window.

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