Connected Car News: Iteris, BorgWarner, Continental, GKN, Delta & Infineon

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In connected car news were Iteris, BorgWarner, Continental, GKN, Delta and Infineon.

Iteris Mobile App Real-Time Intersections

Iteris, Inc.announced that it has launched a new mobile application that streams real-time video and data from intersections equipped with Iteris video detection systems.

The Iteris Video Viewer displays a live feed from intersections that have Iteris‘ Vantage Next®, Vantage Edge® or VantageRadius® systems installed, enabling transportation agencies to easily access data and insights previously only available from their transportation management center (TMC). The app also enables agency personnel anywhere in the field to assess a situation at any site and develop and coordinate an appropriate response.

The mobile, tablet and desktop-accessible app provides live video of individual approaches in a variety of matrixed views, as well as the ability to view and export data on vehicle volumes and diagnostic status. Adding intersections is easy and intuitive, providing fast access to video and data while in the field.

BorgWarner Gets OEM Contract for e-Turbo

BorgWarner has secured a contract with a major European OEM to supply its high performing eTurbo™ on a passenger vehicle. This business award marks the company’s first serial production contract for the eTurbo, with production slated to begin in 2022. With the eTurbo’s key performance and energy-usage benefits, BorgWarner is boosting vehicle performance while aiding vehicle manufacturers in meeting more stringent future global emissions regulations, and improving fuel efficiency.

The eTurbo is comprised of a mechanical turbocharger with an electric motor directly coupled to the shaft which can serve as either a motor or a generator. The integrated solution delivers the traditional benefits of a standard turbocharger with the added advantage of electrified boost assistance for superior response. Additional benefits include the ability to capture excess turbine energy to generate electrical power and reduced emissions through aftertreatment management and precise air/fuel ratio control.

The eTurbo delivers a more than 200 percent improvement in transient boost response along with steady state torque improvement. This enables further engine downsizing, resulting in better fuel economy and reduced emissions with no loss of performance and is especially suited for Miller Cycle engine concepts.

Beyond the vehicle performance aspects, the eTurbo can harvest excess exhaust energy and directly convert it to electrical energy to be used for accessory power or charging the battery, thus even allowing for reduction of battery size. The eTurbo also can help drive on-demand exhaust gas recirculation by increasing engine backpressure to reduce emissions. The electrical function can be turned off to return it to the traditional turbocharger function.

Conti Offers Online Platform for Automation and Standardization of Software

The technology company Continental presents a new online platform that automates and standardizes software development and integration into the vehicle. With the Continental Cooperation Portal, carmakers and suppliers save time and money in the vehicle development process, reduce costs for all involved parties, and increase software quality. In doing so, Continental offers a solution for the need of vehicle manufacturers to integrate an exponentially growing amount of software into future vehicle generations. As a system integrator, Continental is simultaneously creating the conditions for the development of connected vehicles, whose electronic architecture focuses on high-performance computers (HPCs) and replaces the traditional, distributed control unit architecture.

​​​​​​Due to many manual processes and a lack of standardization, the process leading up to integrated software has been extremely time-consuming up until now. The applications were tested manually after their delivery, possible errors were corrected, and then the whole process was started from the beginning again – an approach that is quite inefficient in modern vehicles that use software from up to 50 suppliers. The Continental Cooperation Portal will automate this to-ing and fro-ing with all the software suppliers with the result of only transferring error-free applications into the actual development system. Additionally, the online platform will reduce the need for correction loops and free up capacity for implementing other control unit functions.

GKN & Delta Partner for 3-in-1 Drives

GKN Automotive, the world’s leading supplier of electric drive, all-wheel drive and driveline technology and systems, and Delta Electronics Inc., a world-class provider of power and thermal management solutions, announced their collaboration on the joint development that will enable the rapid acceleration of next generation integrated 3-in-1 eDrive systems of power classes from 80kW to 155kW.

The joint development of advanced eDrive technology will see inverters supplied by Delta Electronics Inc. integrated with GKN Automotive’s eMotor and gearbox systems in a 3-in-1 solution. Further aligning the two companies is a shared dedication to systems weight and packaging volume reduction, and a focus on simplifying OEM assembly processes for easier and better-quality component installations. The collaboration between these two industry-leading companies will significantly increase their technical capabilities and accelerate time to market

Infinitum Launches IEx Motor

-Infinitum Electric, creator of the breakthrough printed circuit board motor (PCB), announced the launch of its IEx Series motor, an IoT-enabled electric motor that’s a third of the size and weight of conventional motors while delivering class-leading efficiency and IoT capabilities. Infinitum has reached OEM sales agreements with Twin City Fans, Comefri and ACME Fan for the new IEx Series motor and the first shipment of motors is scheduled for June. The company’s first product is a 15-horsepower (HP) motor designed for the HVAC plenum fan market, with the 10HP and 5HP model being released by the end of 2020. Infinitum has also kickstarted research and development efforts in other market segments like oil and gas, aerospace and electric vehicles.

Infinenon Linear Voltage for Auto

Infineon Technologies AG is taking the next step towards smallest power supply devices for automotive electronics. As first chipmaker, the company set up a dedicated production process for flip-chip packages that is fully aligned with the high quality requirements of the automotive market. Infineon now launches the first respective product: the linear voltage regulator OPTIREG™ TLS715B0NAV50.

With flip-chip technology, the ICs are installed upside down in the package. With the heated part of the IC facing the bottom of the package and being closer to the PCB, thermal inductance can be improved by a factor between 2 and 3. The higher power density enables a significantly smaller footprint than conventional package technologies.

The footprint of Infineon’s new linear voltage regulator (TSNP-7-8 package, 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm) is more than 60 percent smaller than that of an established reference product (TSON-10 package, 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm) while the thermal resistance stays the same. This makes the new device particularly suitable for applications with very limited board space, such as radar and cameras. The OPTIREG TLS715B0NAV50 provides 5 V with a maximum output current capability of 150 mA.

Flip-chip technology has been used in consumer and industrial markets for several years. Due to increasingly strict space requirements, particularly in the growing number of radar and cameras.

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