What Cars, SUVs or Minivans Present & Future Have the Most Best Cup Holders?

In the United States, we drink a lot in our cars so much so that one cup holder per person is not enough. We have our coffee, sports drink and water for each person. The more riders in the vehicle the more cup holders we need. Because more parts of the car are becoming electric-it is important to not spill water or any liquid in your car. For example the electric center shift knob in the middle of the BMW i3 when was exposed to liquid and shorted out. All it takes is a rough turn and liquid spilling over electronic components can be disastrous. So what cars present and future have the most and best cup holders?

What SUVs and Minivans Have the Most Cup Holders in Descending Order?

At the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2017 Subaru revealed three-row SUV made big news with the release of the Subaru Ascent topping out with 19 cup holders.

The Hyundai Palisade three-row SUV launched at the LA Auto Show in 2018 has 18 cup holders.

The VW Atlas has 17 cup holders

The Honda Odyssey is set at 15 cup holders while the Honda Pilot has 16 cup holders.

The Ford Expedition also has 15 cup holders. The Toyota Sienna, Nissan Titan and Nissan Pathfinder have 15 cup holders.

The Lincoln Navigator, Toyota Tacoma and Infiniti QX80 have 13 cup holders each.

The V2 Tiguan has 12 cup holders.

For some it would may not be the number of cup holders–but the size of the cup holders.

Ford worked to get six super-sized cup holders into the Ford Fusion The new cup holders are now one in front of the other, with the front cup holder 6 inches forward from their location of the previous models.The six cup holders in the console, front door pockets and rear center armrest can hold large soft drink cups, large bottles and wide cups.

What car of the future will be the most cup-holder-luxurious?

Recently, I attended the reveal of the nanovan–by startup company Canoo.

The EV skateboard architecture creates the interior of a large SUV on the footprint of a compact car with super roomy interior. Instead of having set cup holders built into the vehicle, the canoo has pegboards that allows for placement of vases, clocks, phone cases or cup holders along the doors of the vehicle. According to Richard Kim designers of the canoo, with double rows of cup holders in the pegboards—the canoo can accommodate 32 cup holders!

Sorry, you can’t buy a canoo it will only be offered through a subscription service with every included, registration, insurance and EV charging.

Cano isn’t your mother’s minivan it goes at speed up to 125 mph. It drives like European sports cars. It may be a popular vehicle for Uber and Lyft drivers who will cater to many passengers who like to use multiple cups and holders….

Of course, car owners can buy after market cup holders to augment their current cup holders.You can clip on a cup holder to the air vents or clip on to the door such as the $10.95 Ledge.

What cars have you found to have the best cup holders? How much does the size or placement of cup holders affect your car buying decision? We welcome your comments below.

Some cup holders pop out like a CD drive—but aren’t made that way any more. You are welcome to tell us about your positive and negative cup holder experiences. Personally I find it amusing that cup holders are place right next to the USB ports on my present vehicle…..